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If you know someone that loves Spider-Man as much as we do, you've come to the right place! We have Spider-Man gifts for men, women, and kids of all ages inspired by the web-slinging superhero himself. Just search through our selection of Spider-Man gifts, there's something for every Spidey fan here at!
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Boys Spider-Man Sketch T-Shirt Update
Sale - 77% Exclusive
Spider-Gwen & Miles Morales Spider-Verse Throw UPD
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Spider Man Boot Adult Slipper
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Cakeworthy Unisex Spider-Man PJ Set
Sale - 40%
Spiderman 2-Ring Inflatable Pool
Sale - 47%
POP Marvel Spider Man No Way Home Doc Ock
Sale - 17%
Spider-Man Imposter Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack Entertainment E
Sale - 17%
Spider Man No Way Home Micro Raschel Throw Blanket
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Adult Cakeworthy Spider-Man Flannel Shirt
Sale - 27%
Cakeworthy Unisex Spider-Man Color Block Sweater
Sale - 50%
10963 Duplo Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventur
Clearance  - 25%
Spider Man Spidey Splash 46 x 60 Silk Touch Throw
Clearance  - 63%
Kids Spider-Man Romper
Clearance Exclusive
Toddler Web Spiderman Action 4 Piece Sleep Set
Clearance  - 40%
Spiderman 20.5" Plush Backpack
Sale - 40%
Venom Poison Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Figure
Sale - 12%
Sale - 35%
Marvel Mysterio 616 Glow in the Dark Pop Vinyl Figure
Sale - 29%
Spider Man 17 Inch Plush Backpack
Sale - 25%
Sale - 30%
Products 1 - 60 of 284

Peter Parker has got the whole nerd thing down. He's a little TOO into science class, girls usually try to avoid him, and sports really aren't his thing. If only everyone knew that he was the guy web-slinging through the streets of New York in the Spider-Man suit to keep them all safe from costumed weirdos with superpowers, then maybe he'd get a little more respect. Then again, maybe not. J. Jonah Jameson can't wait to print a slander story about old Spidey...

But, hey. We know that Peter's really a good guy and you probably have someone in your life who knows how awesome Spidey is. There's no way he'd let the world come to destruction. He's helped the Avengers in Infinity War where he, unfortunately, faded away. But thankfully that's not the end of Spider-Man since he makes a comeback and teams up with Nick Fury to fight off Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. That's why we carry everything awesome based on the superhero, so you can give the gift of Spider-Man, and spread the word. Shop from our collection of Spider-Man gifts for Spider-Man toys, wallets, water bottles, plushies, bedding, and even action figures. When you give the gift of Spider-Man, you're giving a gift that keeps on giving. 


Marvel's Spider-Man Gifts

Spider-Man Gifts

It's time to save the neighborhood, maybe even the world (at least if Iron Man has anything to say about it). Naturally, everyone is going to turn to Spider-Man. He and the rest of his Spider-verse of allies might be the only folks with the supernatural abilities necessary to save the day...not to mention the quirky sense of humor to make the whole process entertaining! But what's a spider to do without the geeky gadgets necessary to bring home the win?! Well, have no fear! We're happy to step in as the support team with our line of Spider-Man gifts! Now, we might not have the sci-fi tech to get you actually web-slinging yourself across the city, but we do have a ton of Spider-Man merch that will bring your favorite comic book character to life. Scroll through our list of unique Spider-Man gifts to locate the perfect thing to bring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to life!

Spider-Man Toys

Just think how excited Spider-Man gets every time he puts together some new gadget! Inventing those web-shooters was definitely a win that would have him writing home about. (Well, assuming that he was going to tell Aunt May about the invention.) Naturally, the first step is playing around with it, though! We know that Spider-Man isn't above hanging in his room and testing out his new toys, and we don't think that you or your family should feel embarrassed about it, either! We've all been there. You spot your kiddo playing with a cool new gizmo and start dreaming up your own story. Well, there's no shame in wanting to join in the fun! These Spider-Man toys might be designed for kids to enjoy, but they're just as fun for the adults! (If nothing else, you can pretend you're just keeping the kiddos company!) Take a look at our collection to add to your own collectibles.

Cool Spider-Man Toys for Kids

Cool Spider-Man Toys for Kids

We'd say that kiddos love to play superhero, but that's just a fact for everyone. Still, when you get a couple tykes together and hand them fun Spider-Man tech, the fun is always better. A pair of walkie talkies let your kids plan their epic strategy while Spider-Man themed flashlights make sure that sleepovers are a dream come true!

Spider-Man Toys for Toddlers

Spider-Man Toys for Toddlers

While the youngsters are still figuring out what kinds of toys they really love, you can give them an early hint with these Spider-Man gifts for toddlers. We carry Marvel plushies that make for huggable friends during those troubling naps, and have Spider-Man games to pool time accessories to keep them entertained during the day!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Toys

<em>Spider-Man: Far From Home</em> Toys

Nobody is totally comfortable leaving the house for a long time. We want to bring a few things that give us the safety of home! Fortunately, whenever you have to go Far From Home like Spider-Man, we've got everything from LEGO sets to action figures to make the trip more fun.

Best Spider-Man Gifts for Adults

Best Spider-Man Gifts for Adults

Don't let anyone suggest that Spider-Man toys are just for kids. (What do they think these are, breakfast cereals?!) When you're looking for a Spider-Man gift for adults, you need look no further than our Nerf and laser-tag guns! Let everyone in on the fun. (Or better—surprise them!)

Unique Spider-Man Gifts

Spider-Man isn't your typical superhero. He's got a quirky attitude and a great sense of humor that has kept him topping the popularity charts since the 1960s. In fact, he's slinging shade at the villains of New York even more often than he's shooting webs at them! Since he's such a unique character, it's pretty important to have equally unique and funny Spider-Man gift ideas! It all starts with picking out your favorite Spider-Man theme. If you're talking about a birthday party with your friendly neighborhood superhero, you can put a spider web spin on that old tail on the donkey game. (There's nothing like some web-like gauze for a blindfold, and it's much more fun to pin eight legs instead of one little tail!) Stretch your imagination and make a marvel at home with décor options that will have folks wondering which universe they came from! Take a look at our funny Spider-Man gifts to start the smiles!

Spider-Man Bedding

Unique Spiderman Gifts

In order to feel like a real superhero all day, you need to have a good rest. That means more than just taking down the villains. It means having a comfy set of sheets to snuggle into at night. From comforters to pillow covers and the plushiest of blankets, Spider-Man bedding is a winner!

Spider-Man Home Décor

Best Gifts for Spiderman Fans

You've been hearing all your life that the fastest way to a geek's heart is through their tummy. Well, it turns out that you can get there even faster when you decorate your home and kitchen with the right Spider-Man décor and appliances. No one has ever rejected a Spider-Man waffle!

Gifts for Spider-Man Lovers

Spiderman Gift Ideas

If you've got a friend who just lives for Spider-Man, you might note that everything about them is on that theme. Before they run out to get a full tattoo—or especially afterward—choose some of our cool Spider-Man gifts that put a Spidey skin on their favorite electronic devices. From Bluetooth headphones to automotive decals, Spider-Man looks great on everything.

Spider-Man Gift Box

Spiderman Merchandise

Have you ever thought of throwing a Spider-Man themed party? With all of the great movies and board games out there, it would be an instant win! But you wouldn't want to just have the place decorated in webs and Marvel colors. You can keep the fun going long after the party when you pick out several small Spider-Man gifts on sale with our Spider-Man gift bag ideas.

Spider-Man Funko POP! Figure

Funko POP! Spiderman

What are Funko POP! figures, anyway? If you haven't already heard of them, they're likely about to be your very best friends. These adorable figures are among the cutest collectible figures that have ever been made. Big heads on little bodies with a seemingly simple artistic design, they've got a knack for bringing all of your favorite characters to life right in your own home. Keep them in their boxes or set them out in stylish scenes! There are thousands to pick from. But when you're talking about Spider-Man Pop! figures, the whole world expands. We've got the Gamerverse Spider-Man figures that your video game fanatics will flip for, to start with. Then there are additional versions of Spider-Man from other corners of reality. And everything gets really interesting once Venom gets his symbiotic tentacles in on the fun. Take a look at our variety of Spider-Man Pops! and boost your collection to superhero levels.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Funko POP!

<em>Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse</em> Funko POP!

The universe can be a pretty weird place. We're all used to Peter Parker, but it turns out there are a ton of other Spider-folk dwelling in different realities. When you jump into the Spiderverse to meet some new friends, you better have a solid guide or you might forget who comes from where! Fortunately, our Spider-Man Pop! vinyls include several Spiderverse folks!

Spider-Man: Far from Home Funko POP!

<em>Spider-Man: Far from Home</em> Funko POP!

From creepy elemental beings to masterful illusionists who put regular magicians to shame, Spider-Man: Far From Home provides a whole host of new Funko figures that we can't get enough of. Playtime with the Avengers was fun and all, but it is time for this Spider-Man to meet a bunch of new friends and fiends. Collect them all before they stealth away into the night!

Wearable Spider-Man Merchandise

Sometimes you just want to wear your love for Spider-Man on your sleeve. It might not be enough only to display it on the mantlepiece. That's where you need to turn to cool Spider-Man gift ideas that will also keep your friends and family warm at night and snuggled in for their favorite Marvel movie marathons. Naturally, we're talking about all things Spider-Man attire! The only question is what style of Spider-Man you'd like to show off. Not only are there Spider-folks from all over the Marvel multiverse, but you've got a ton of options in terms of fashion, too! (We can't all be Spider-Gwen and look fantastic in anything...or can you?!) From comfy hats and cozy pants to the blissful combination of sweaters, sunglasses, and Spider-Man sleepwear, you'll find a bit of the friendly neighborhood hero in every look you like. Rock Spidey couture out on the town or sling in the fun while you're at work with a FUNSuit!

Spider-Man Halloween Costumes

Spider-Man Halloween Costumes

The first step in becoming Spider-Man is finding a friendly, radioactive arachnid to give you a little nibble and transform your very DNA into a superhero. Turns out that is not as easy as it sounds. (And it already doesn't sound very easy!) Maybe the best give you can give instead is a Spider-Man costume so your friends and family can feel and look like the epic hero instead. We have a ton of different Spider-Man costumes for adults and Spider-kids that will make that dream a reality. You might say we have a whole Spiderverse of costumes, in fact!

Spider-Man Clothes

Spider-Man Clothes

If you'd enjoy a night out on the town without a bunch of iconic villains chasing you down, you can channel your inner hero with some of our Spider-Man clothing. Lounge around and relax with some of our Spider-Man sweatpants. Join the rest of the Spider-folk by leaping head-first with our Into the Spider-Verse clothes. Show your love for Spider-Gwen. Wear a comfortable mask with a Spider-hoodie. Or just go completely casual with one of our many Spider-Man t-shirts! There's no limit to the fun in these Spider-Man looks.

Spider-Man Gift FAQ

Curious what Spider-Man fans have been asking? Need to figure out what Spider-Man Christmas gift ideas are out there? Well, check out a list of the frequently asked questions about Spider-Man merchandise and you'll be on the way to slinging up some smiles.

What are the most popular Spider-Man toys?

The most popular Spider-Man gifts for girls and boys are Marvel LEGO playsets. The kiddos can play out their favorite scenes from all the different Spider-Man movies or create their own stories by combining with other sets! Next up for cool Spider-Man gift ideas are Nerf guns! Until we figure out how to create real web-slingers, they're a great way to help your tykes land their Spider-Man attacks! Team up the Nerf fun with Spider-Man action figures and our friendly hero might even earn himself a day off for once!

What are the best gifts for Spider-Man Fans?

Spider-Man is beloved by fans from all across the spectrum. Some jump on the comic book fun. For those folks, you'll be looking for some superhero books to keep their comic collection company. We were a little shocked to learn that Spider-Man novelty gifts are always a favorite. Pick up your Spider-Man socks to keep your friends and family's feet nice and warm and also give them the geek cred that they're yearning for. They might not be climbing up walls, but having a secret identity can be just as fun as sliding down the halls!

Are there any Spider-Man Valentine's Day Gifts?

As a young and active superhero, Spider-Man definitely has love on the mind more often than a lot of the others on the Marvel squad. Maybe that's why he's such a Valentine's Day fan. (Or perhaps it's just because Tom Holland Spider-Man gifts exist!) You can create a unique Spider-Man Valentine gift basket with items like a comfy Spider-Man throw blanket. They are great to help you cuddle up to movie marathons for the holiday. You can also help your big-hearted hero tote their treasures with a Loungefly bag featuring the friendly neighborhood superhero!