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We know you've been searching for the perfect Spider-Man toys. Well, we're here to help you out! From play sets to web shooters, we've got you covered. Search below to find the best Spider-Man gifts for kids.
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Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Strange
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Spider-Man Shriek Figure
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10963 Duplo Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventur
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Spider-Man Kids Headphones-update
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Marvel Spider Man Villains 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzl
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Spider-Man 3 Walkie Talkie Set
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Spider-Man Miles Morales Figure
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Spider-Man Laser Tag Blasters
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Spider-Man Pillow Buddy
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LEGO Venom Bust Building Set
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Marvel Spider-Man Super Web Slinger Blaster
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Spiderman Toy Bowling Set-1
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Products 1 - 45 of 45

The iconic Spider-Man along with his friends and foes are encapsulated here in toy form! He's been battling numerous villains for years in the pages of comics, and the movies of the last decade have brought his popularity to all new heights! Most recently, movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home, where our friend Spidey (Tom Holland) teams up with Nick Fury and goes off to fight the evil Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Whether you're looking to recreate any of his classic action scenes, looking for a gift for the children in your life, or are just adding to your killer collection of action figures we have the Spider-Man toy that is right for you! 

LEGO Spider-Man Sets

Spider-Man LEGO Set

Legos are a wonderful way to fuel your imagination, and superhero Lego sets are even better! You can create a firefighter all the way to a fire-powered hero with all complimentary tools and gadgets. If you are looking to elevate playtime with some officially licensed products, we encourage you to check out our Lego Spider-Man Sets.

Spider-Man Action Figures

What is it about action figures that pull you into another world? They are not only a blast if you are a fan of Marvel figures and toys but are also fun to play with—multiple points of articulation and all. Whether you want to buff up your action figure army or simply have a good time, check out these Spider-Man Action Figures.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Action Figures

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Action Figure

Playtime becomes next level when you play with Marvel Legends Spider-Man Action Figures. They are not only highly detailed but generally come with multiple accessories that you can use to put them in all sorts of sweet poses. We hope you enjoy playing with these Marvel Legends Spider-Man Action Figures.

Spider-Man No Way Home Action Figures

Spider-Man No Way Home Action Figure

We love the latest Spider-Man movies. Marvel has been cranking out hit after hit, and Spider-Man: No Way Home was no exception. Seeing all those iterations of Spidey was terrific. If you are also a fan of Spider-Man and want to take a piece of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider with you wherever you go, you must web up one of our Spider-Man No Way Home Action Figures.

Spider-Man Collectibles

Because Spider-Man has been on so many adventures, he arguably has the best rogue's gallery in the comic book game, which goes for television and movies. From Venom plushies to dolls of your favorite characters, we have everything you need to turn a great collection into a super one. Check out our Spider-Man collectibles if you want to make your gallery one to behold.

Spider-Man Funko POPs

Spider-Man Funko POP

Why are Funko POPs so great? Why is Spider-Man so amazing? So many questions but so little time. We have a plethora of different versions and styles of Spider-people to choose from—from different reality versions of Spidey to cool twists on villains we love to hate. No matter what kind of Funko you want, there is bound to be one for you. Turn your desk amazing with our Spider-Man Funko POPs.

Spider-Man No Way Home Funko POPs

Spider-Man No Way Home Funko POPs

Spider-Man: No Way Home was an excellent movie for a ton of reasons. We would happily list them all, but we figure you have other things to do this year. That's okay; we have the short version—an officially licensed Spider-Man No Way Home Funko POP. Peter's inside-out outfit, aka the Black Spider-Suit, was so unique and creative! Okay, we promised we'd hold our horses (or spiders, if you will).

Spider-Man Plush Toys

Sometimes we all need a friendly hug after a long day. Peter Parker probably needs the biggest hug of all, with all that cardio-intensive web-swinging and crime fighting. Spider-Man is a busy guy (he's impossible to get ahold of), so send him some love with these Spider-Man Plush Toys.

Spider-Man Web Slingers

Do you remember in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse when Gwen came swinging in her fantastic costume and saved the bumbling Spider-duo? How amazing was that? We can't give you super gadgets, but we have the next best thing—our Spider-Man Web Slinger.

Spider-Man Statues

Spider-Man has been around for a long time. Because of his storied history, there are a lot of fantastic characters to choose from when checking out our Spider-Man Statues. Do you want an iconic shot of Doc Ock or an epic pose of Spider-Man swinging? What about a statue of Miles Morales in action? Give some reverence to the Spider family and pick up our Spider-Man Statues.

Spider-Man Puzzles

Puzzles are a great challenge to your mind. That feeling of completing a game or a puzzle is like nothing else. It's probably how Peter Parker felt when he first created his web shooters. These puzzles are a bit less complicated but are just as fun! Puzzles are also an excellent way to have a good time while bringing the family together, and how better to just do that than with our Spider-Man Puzzles?