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Everyone deserves a good costume on Halloween, even the four-legged members of your family. Get your furry friend dressed for their favorite holiday with any of the pet costumes available in our collection! We offer some of the best dog costumes with everything from mailmen uniforms to adorable animal looks that are ready to complete your group costume or win your pup the award for Best Dressed at the costume party!
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Dog UPS Costume
Beast Dog Costume
Popeye Pet Costume
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Frozen Olaf Dog Costume
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Elf Pet Costume
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Marty McFly Dog Costume Back to the Future
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Evil Clown Pet Costume
Products 1 - 60 of 171

When it comes to group costumes the possibilities are endless. However, there are times you might find yourself short a member or two of the party, so the ensemble cast from your favorite tv show may not be complete. Luckily, when you shop our collection of Halloween costumes for dogs, the most loyal member of the family can fill whatever role you need. Of course, you may just be looking for an entertaining way to get your doggo involved on the Halloween fun. All of our dog costumes are here to make that easier than ever before! So, whether you’re finishing a group costume or just want to walk a giant tarantula down the block, we have you covered.

As man’s best friend, dogs deserve as many costume options as people and you’ll find our passion for pets has helped us bring together that diverse selection. Love the idea of dressing your pup up for Halloween—or just a wildly fun photoshoot—but not sure what outfit would suit your four-legged pal? Maybe you know exactly what you’re after? Either way, read on to learn a little more about everything we have in store for you and your constant companion.

Your dog’s bark is probably worse than their bite, but with a mail carrier costume from our collection you can put your mailman and the entire neighborhood at ease with a good laugh. Whether they’re yapping or dozing outdoors, these hilarious looks are as exciting as the birthday cards your mailman delivers. But the comedy doesn’t end there…

Your pup can become the wild animal, creepy crawly, or prehistoric predator of their dreams with our available costumes. Make your neighbors’ days as you walk a tiny lion down the street. Turn your dog’s bark into a roar with a dinosaur costume. Or encourage the bees to stick around by turning your pooch into the biggest queen bee they have ever seen!

Give your favorite Disney film a bit of a makeover with costumes inspired by their classic characters. Take your little Princess Ana out for her first trick or treat with her fluffy friend dressed as Olaf. Or make sure Space Ranger Buzz has his best friend along for every adventure with a Woody costume for dogs.

Take your Halloween pupper further into the cine-verse with costumes that complement everything from your Star Wars group costume to your Ghostbusters team look. Yoda and Slimer are ready to treat every Halloween reveler to their sweet and cuddly makeover with costumes available here!

From classic witch costumes to trendy options that are perfect for Halloween, Christmas, or any costume-worthy occasion, is here to make sure you, yours, and even the pets are dressed to impress!