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Bring life to your favorite weirdo creatures when you try our Minion costumes on for size. Whether you want to run around in prehistory as the first dinosaur subordinates or help the newest villain rise to power, our Minion costumes for kids and adults are perfect for any occasion. So, channel your inner banana-loving, mischief-makers and dive into fun as a Minion!
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Products 1 - 15 of 15

How do you imagine that the Minions came to exist? Do you think that Universal developers were just staring at the breakfast aisle and suddenly wondered if a bunch of bananas could become the new hit for an upcoming film? Or could those seemingly immortal creatures have just shown up in droves, seeking worthwhile employment? No matter how they were inspired, we know that Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and the rest have lept into our hearts and become the ultimate in kooky characters! 

That's why there's nothing more FUN than suiting up in a Minion costume! Whether you're looking to help your tykes find the perfect Minions Halloween costume for the October holiday or trying to find the ultimate in Minions birthday party madness, you need look no further, for we are here to serve! 

Of course, before you dive into the Minionese dictionary to figure out what the heck you are doing, we can help answer a few of your questions! The Minions started as a handful of folks who were really just out there hunting down the most powerful being they could find. Why? Well, you'd think it was for survival purposes, but given the fact that they can withstand lava and lightning bolts, they probably didn't need any help there. That means they're just really helpful! They started as a family of 230 and grew to 10,400, serving the epic Gru in Despicable Me

Though, you still might be asking what the Minions even are! They're short little dudes with yellow bodies that carry between cylindrical to spherical... (or whatever you call a rounded cube). One or two eyes with an epic goggle accessory and a pair of worker's overalls make up their iconic look. From there, they are masters of the Minionese language... which seems to be what happens when several of our own languages get together for banana daiquiris. 

Of course, it isn't critical to know all the details about the Minions to enjoy their zany fun. All you need to do is slip into our collection of Minions costumes and you're good to go! Upgrade your Halloween or themed Birthday Parties with our Minion costumes for kids and adults. We have Inflatable Minion costumes to help you look just like the rotund weirdos as well as all of the Minion accessories you'll need to create your very own Minion character. With all that at your disposal, you might even be on the hunt for a nefarious (and kind-hearted) villain to help lead you into the next age. Naturally, you'll find some Gru costumes to couple with your Minions in our Despicable Me category! So, as the Minions say, "Pwede na!?" because, we think you're ready to start with these Minion gifts.