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Horror Movie Costumes

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Costumes are a standard for any fun event. But what's even better? Inspire some thrills and even a couple of screams when you dress up in a Horror Movie costume! We have looks from all your favorite spooky films, too. Just think of the thriller that sends chills up your spine and choose a matching scary movie costume to have an epic time at your next Halloween party or movie marathon!
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Products 1 - 41 of 41

Finding the right costume doesn't have to be a scary experience. All you've got to do is think of your favorite things! Anything that gives you goosebumps of excitement or makes you scream with delight is sure to leave your heart racing. So, (super) naturally, Horror Movie costumes are the way to go. The hardest part is deciding which scary movie costume to choose!

Fortunately, we have a ton of options that are sure to make you smile from ear to ear. Obviously, we have to start with some of the most iconic horror films out there to find the inspired costume we know you'll love.

Perhaps your favorite series is named after the ultimate holiday. Halloween! We have fantastic Michael Myers costumes that will have you feeling like you're part of the spooky season. Featuring the mysterious mask and intimidating overalls, you'll be recognized in a second. Add in a mock machete with your Halloween movie costume and you're a shoo-in for any costume contest.

If you like more obscure holidays that come around more than once a year, how about you turn your gaze to the frighteningly fun Friday the 13th? When you pick up a Jason costume, you'll have a detailed hockey mask and a bloody good time. We just recommend you avoid lakes or hyper-intuitive psychoanalysts while you sport your Friday the 13th costumes. (Maybe avoid space, too.)

We all know what happens when scary movies meet the supernatural. Well, we have the Nightmare on Elm Street costumes of your dreams! From detailed accessories that feature the clawed glove and latex masks that help you transform into the iconic villain, our Freddy Kreuger costumes are top-notch. Jump into the world of the Dream Master and show that you're the master of this costumed domain.

Of course, that leads us right up to one of the most popular horror movie costumes out there: Ghost Face. Inspired by all the rest of the classic movies, Scream leaves us crying for more! Whether the call is coming from inside the house or you just love the draping sleeves and creepy look, we have a huge variety of Scream costumes that will let you transform into the look of whichever version you'd prefer.

And there are even more to choose from, still! From Chucky costumes and horrific clown masks to movie-quality latex masks, you'll find just what you're looking for. Cosplay the characters you love to scream about or create the ultimate horror movie group costume when you pick from each area of this so-fun-it's-scary category.