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Are you thirsty for some new home décor? Satisfy that craving with a Funko Vinyl Soda collectible! From the company you love comes these vintage twists on some of your favorite fandoms. The hunt is even more exciting with a 1 in 6 chance of receiving a unique chase variant inside the retro-printed can. It’s time to make room on your shelves because once you get a taste for these little sodas, it’ll be hard to resist cracking open another one!
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Vinyl SODA: DC- Batgirl(2015)w/(MT)Chase
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Funko Vinyl Soda: DC- Batgirl

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Products 1 - 60 of 123

Funko has been delighting fans with their reimagined character figures since 1998. From Betty Boop to Baby Yoda they know what collectors are looking for. And with their Vinyl Soda line, they play right to the classic collector’s wants. Heading back to their roots with figures from vintage franchises, the Vinyl Soda line is sure to earn its place on every collector’s shelves.

Not sure what makes these little vinyl collectibles so special? We’re here to fill you in and then get you set up with your new collector’s item!

Part of the charm of a Vinyl Soda figure lies in its rarity. While the line contains 9 franchises, each character represented in each collection has no more than 10,000 units (some only hit 5,000)! So, collectors of all things DC or Hanna-Barbera will be quick to snatch up one of the soda cans that hide a figure inside.

So, there are limited quantities of Wonder Woman and Lion-O available. What’s more? Each Vinyl Soda comes with the 1 in 6 chance to score a Chase variant of the beloved character! Which means under every vintage pop-tab you could find a collectible that’s even more sought after!

What do you get if you find a Chase variant? Essentially each Chase variant comes in a color that’s different from the standard. Instead of Bob’s Big Boy in red checkers, you may open your soda can and find a blue-colored character. And instead of a classic He-Man with golden hair and a silver chest guard, you’ll find a lime green figure that looks like a radioactive He-Man!

But wait, there’s more! Along with the chance to find a rare version of the chosen character, you’ll receive a collector’s disc inside each of your Vinyl Sodas. Plus, you get the packaging itself! Each playfully colored can features the original character from the cartoon or comics you love. And we’re sure you’ll want to keep it right next to the vinyl figure in your collection. Honestly, have you ever had a soda that provided so much fun?

In our selection of Funko Vinyl Soda collectibles, you’ll find some of your favorites. Choose from Batman and Robin or Wonder Woman. Maybe pick up the prehistoric duo themselves, Fred and Barney. Delight in the charm of Bob’s Big Boy (and maybe indulge in a burger the little mascot would be proud of). Or see if Skeletor, He-Man, and Lion-O would enjoy spending time with the rest of your Funko collection. No matter who you bring home, we know you’ll enjoy the satisfying reveal of each new Vinyl Soda you collect!