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Whether you've got a kiddo who'd like to be plush and cute or you're inspired by Game of Thrones and would like to go on a fire-breathing rampage, a dragon costume is just the thing for you. Shop our selection of dragon costumes for kids and adults right here to see our top items!
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Products 1 - 60 of 74

Every one of us has been asked what we want to be when we grow up. We've probably even gotten used to asking our tykes the same question. All sorts of possible answers are pretty good, but there's only one answer that is correct: a dragon. 

We're pretty sure that if anyone thinks about it, a dragon is a better option over every other possible occupation or creature out there. Not only do you get to fly, but you've got all sorts of other interesting magical powers. Breathing fire is only half of it, in fact. There are a ton of other options since every dragon is just a little bit different from all the others. 

If you're talking about your standard European dragon, you're looking at four legs, mighty claws, a set of enormous wings, beautiful scales, and quite the torch of a flamethrowing breath weapon. You might even have knowledge of a few magical spells and probably own a castle or cave that is fully decked out in the shiniest of treasures. 

But, maybe you're a fan of the Asian dragons. In that case, you're more of a wyrm. That means you can still probably fly, but you do so by swimming through the skies. You're filled with ancient lore and a mysticism that is more meditative than magical. 

Then again, you might be one of the quirky and even more unique dragons from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. We can't even begin to talk about which one is the best over there. Obviously the Night Fury is pretty amazing. Fast, sleek, and a beautiful creature with one heck of a breath attack. You can't get much better than Toothless and his white-scaled buddy, the Light Fury. 

Crossing worlds over to Westeros, the Mother of Dragons has—or, rather, had—a trio of dragons of all sorts of different colors. Viserion went the way of winter, but that doesn't make his brilliant blue any less attractive. 

Oh, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. If you really want to be a dragon, you need to get some practice flapping those wings. Hop into one of our dragon costumes and you'll feel right at home in the skies in no time. We have a huge variety of adorable dragon kigurumi to keep you comfy while acting out your dragon dreams as well as some Spyro costumes that will have you commanding the Skylanders in no time. 

Your kiddos can learn to soar right alongside you thanks to our dragon costumes for kids. Start your little ones in a toddler dragon costume that is soft and plushy. (It'll make hugging a dragon even better than you imagined.) When they grow—and you know dragons grow way faster than we'd like—we have several varieties of child dragon costumes that will fit every style. Keep it fun with a cute dragon costume or help get them ready to take over their very own kingdom with some of our scary dragon costumes!