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The giant beasts of the past will always astonish and draw in that geeky love. Whether you're a little tyke that's developing their very first mastery of esoteric knowledge or an adult that still holds onto the fascination of the prehistoric rulers of the world, our Dinosaur Gifts are a perfect treat to your dinomania!
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

"What is your favorite prehistoric period?" It is a question that not everyone would be expecting and it would probably take a second to register the question. "Jurassic?" is probably the answer—maybe a quick answer due to the epic films—but it is still an excellent one. The golden age of the giant herbivores that would enthrall folks for generations and the first appearance of real to life bird-like dinosaurs, complete with feathers and the mysterious connection between the lumbering dinos and the twittering birds we know today. 

All of that information may seem like a bit of a quirky history lesson... but you and yours might actually be ready to raise a finger to start with some clarifications, corrections, or just be so enticed by the beginning of the conversation that you've got a ton more to say! That's right: we've got Dinomania. These massive monsters and tiny terrors have been on our minds maybe even before we first found the fossils to let us know that they used to be around. If you can trust ancient legends of flying reptiles and paintings of these lordly lizards, we've been in love with them practically forever! 

Why might that be!? Well, part of why we love dinosaurs is that it is often one of our first realms of expertise! Kids love them because they get to feel like a genius with their ability to say complicated names and dinosaur toys are great because they're huge, monstrous, and amazing. (Plus, we don't have to be so afraid of them because they aren't actually around anymore... but they used to be. A perfect combination of safe fun and thrilling terror.) Almost a third of all kids between 2 and 6 develop an intense interest in dinosaurs... and, for some, that love lasts for several years of their childhood or even adulthood. (Who doesn't want to feel smarter than their parents or teachers, after all?)

Some kids might say they want to be a dinosaur, but they might not just say "dinosaur." They might get really specific with clear names or color patterns. (They might even roll their eyes at the restriction of just the Jurassic Period.) Sure, we expect that kind of specificity when it comes to their favorite Pokemon, a detailed discussion that might confuse (or even annoy) some of us parents. But, the ability to know that this dinosaur looks like this and that that dinosaur used to live here... well, that's just a profound talent in history and science!

With all of this dino love, it's clear why we have to offer up some amazing dinosaur gifts. We've got cute dinosaur onesies to turn your darlings into dinos (everything from the triceratops to the tyrant lizard, itself) and even a few dragons to keep that imagination alive. Stuffed toys, mantlepiece collectibles, puzzles, games, and even some great dinosaur-themed food service options make our line of dinosaur gift ideas perfect for any occasion and all of us afflicted by dinomania! 

Dinosaur Gift Ideas

Oh, Dinosaurs! There is so much we know about them, but even more that we don't. The first time someone told us that birds come from dinosaurs, our collective minds blew. Who would have thought? We not only think dinosaurs are majestic creatures, but we believe they make splendid gifts. Do you have a friend who has everything and needs nothing? Change their minds this year with our Dinosaur Gifts. Not only are some items officially licensed, but some are exclusively Made By Us! Get your loved ones the perfect gift this year, and check out our Dinosaur Gift Ideas!

Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur Toys

When you were a kid, dinosaurs were an essential part of the toy bin ecosystem. They sat comfortably with army men, Transformers, and whatever cartoon you were into at the time. Those all-out battles were epic, especially when the Transformers started turning into giant laser beams for the dinos to use. Was that only us? It couldn't be—who doesn't like dinosaurs with lasers on their head? In all seriousness, dinosaurs have always been significant stimuli for kids' imaginations. If you have a young one who is a fan of these old and remarkable creatures, make sure they check out our Dinosaur Toys.

Dinosaur Funko POPs

Dinosaur Funko POP

In most cases, walking into a room with a bunch of roaring dinosaurs would be a bad look. We aren't sure why anybody would do that, but hey, we never cloned dinosaurs either, so we are sure someone could have their reasons. If you are looking to do so something similar but 1000x safer, then you should pick up our Dinosaur Funko POPs. Not only are they officially licensed, but we have more than our fair share, so you'll always have fantastic options to choose from. Not getting mauled by dinosaurs is nice too.

Dinosaur Board Games

Dinosaur Board Game

Board games are a terrific way to bring people together. It is doubly applicable when it comes to bringing family together. We get so busy sometimes that we forget how fun that is. The only thing better than spinning that wheel of LIFE is doing it with the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. When it comes to Jurassic LIFE, your best bet is to run and hide, especially when it involves enormous dinosaurs and what-not. If you are looking to bring your loved ones together for a good time (safely), you have to check out our Dinosaur Board Games.

Dinosaur Costumes

Have you been looking for a Dinosaur Costume, but nothing tickles your fancy? Don't worry—we have more than a few exclusive Dinosaur Costumes for you to choose from. Do you want to be a stegosaurus this year instead of a velociraptor? No worries, we have what you need. Does your kid want to match with you this Halloween? Well, that is just perfect because we have some adult and kid costumes that are sure to knock both of your claws off. Regardless of how you decide to look this year, make sure when you suit up, it's with our Made By Us Dinosaur Costumes.

Adult Dinosaur Costumes

Adult Dinosaur Costumes

We adults pretend we don't love dinosaurs too, but we aren't fooling anybody. We all recall the playground days when everybody picked their favorite dinosaurs and went wild. That was super fun until we all realized there were 17 T-Rex and 14 raptors on the playground. It was hard to convince anybody to be an herbivore back in those days (except for the one kid who always wanted to be a stegosaurus—we love that kid). If you are a dino fan looking to relive the good ole days, you must check out our Adult Dinosaur Costume.

Inflatable Adult Dinosaur Costumes

Inflatable Adult Dinosaur Costume

Yeah, we are a little biased, but we think our Inflatable Adult Dinosaur Costumes are the cream of the crop. We know there is a dinosaur analogy somewhere in there, but we'll leave it for you to figure out. Anyways, if you are looking to switch things up this year, our inflatable costumes are a perfect way to do just that. Being able to puff up accordingly really helps the intimidation factor for these costumes. Half the fun of dressing up like a dinosaur is swinging your (figurative) tail around. Switch it up properly this Halloween with our Inflatable Adult Dinosaur Costume.

Kids Dinosaur Costumes

Kids Dinosaur Costume

Children always have a blast wearing Dinosaur Costumes. It's not hard for them to put on a Pterodactyl Costume or a Therizinosaurus Costume and to play the part. Kids are super lucky. Not only do they have the imagination to really enjoy their costumes, but they are young enough to suspend disbelief for the sake of a good time. It is comforting to know that these little imaginative ones are our future. If you have a child who is a fan of Jurassic World or dinosaurs, make sure you stimulate their minds and pick up our Kids Dinosaur Costume

Dog Dinosaur Costumes

Dog Dinosaur Costume

What if dinosaurs were like the dragons in Game of Thrones? For example, there would still be dinosaurs; but they would only grow to the size of a small pet. That sounds great to us! Who wouldn't want to take a baby Indominus Rex for a walk? Don't get us wrong, we love our canines out of this world, and we love taking care of them but gliding around with a Pterodactyl wins out no matter what scale you use. If you have a pet you are looking to dress up this Halloween—you have to get your hands on this Dog Dinosaur Costume.

Dinosaur Accessories

Finding the proper accessory can mean the difference between having a pretty good costume and having an outfit that people will remember for years to come. But what if you don't want a memorable costume? That is totally fine, too! Just pop on a mask or a pair of dinosaur shoes, sit back, and relax. You might still get a few compliments for passersby, but you could either nod respectfully in thanks or roar in their face—we are sure they'll get it, regardless (and if not, it'll still be pretty funny for you). Have the perfect outfit this Halloween, and check out our Dinosaur Accessories!

Dinosaur Masks

Dinosaur Mask

Masks are a splendid way to turn a great costume into an amazing one. There is something about pairing a Dinosaur Mask and Costumes that makes the two more significant than the sum of their parts. Don't have a costume to pair? That is totally fine, as our Dinosaur Masks work excellently alone. Really, there is no wrong time to wear a dino mask—even if it's just to scare your kids in the morning. They might be terrified, but they'll get over it eventually. Make sure your family is ready for a dino attack and pick up our Dinosaur Masks.

Dinosaur Shoes

Dinosaur Shoes

Dinosaurs tend to have big shoes to fill, metaphorically and physically. Luckily, nobody expects you to put on a pair of Triceratops’ sneakers. Now, if you want some triceratops on your kicks, we can help you there. We have more than our fair share of Dinosaur Shoes, and we know our dinosaur fans will love each one. Our shoes are great to pair with your Dinosaur Costume, or simply wear them around the house with a Dinosaur Mask and enjoy how cool your feet look. Step out right this Halloween with our Dinosaur Shoes.

Dinosaur Decorations

Decorating can sometimes be a whole ordeal, especially for those who don't do a lot of interior design. Pairing this neutral color with those bold colors while making sure your accent wall matches can be a nightmare sometimes. If you know you want to decorate your house this Halloween with some officially licensed Dinosaur Merch, your best bet is to check out our Dinosaur Decorations. Not only can you add a little flair to your home, but you can also retain your sanity and actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. Make sure you sit in style and enjoy your home with our Dinosaur Decorations.

Dinosaur Halloween Decorations

Dinosaur Halloween Decoration

Interior decorating is one of those things that seems more straightforward than it really is. We mean, how hard is it to move a couch here and an end table there? To be honest, it's actually pretty hard. Knowing what color your drapes should match your lamp can be challenging if decorating isn't your thing. Well, for all of our dino-heads out there, we have exactly what you need to decorate your house without breaking the bank on an interior designer—our Dinosaur Halloween Costumes. Check these decorations today before they are all extinct!

Dinosaur Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories are a necessary part of any type of cooking, whether it be catering, a personal chef, or simply cooking for yourself. Honestly, you don't appreciate having the right tools in the kitchen until you realize you don't have something you need—right in the middle of preparing a meal. Having to drop everything because you don't have a can opener is maddening. If you are a fan of dinosaurs and want to be prepared for whatever your meal prep may bring, you must check out these Dinosaur Kitchen Accessories.