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Halloween Decorations

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If you're ready to make your Halloween a spook-tacular event, then you're going to need a few of our Halloween decorations! We carry a ton of great options, including scary skeletons, officially licensed horror movie decorations, and a whole selection of Halloween lights. And if you're not into a scary Halloween, then you can check out some of our cute Halloween decor items to curate the perfect look for the season!
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5ft Posable Skeleton
Made By Us
Sale - 10% Exclusive
5ft Hag the Witch Animatronic Decoration
Made By Us
Black Bat-1
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
4.5" Skull Candy Bowl
Sale - 43%
16.5 Skeleton Crew Lantern
60" Blacklight Ghostly Skeleton_Update
Sale - 10%
7" Gold Skeleton Dragon
Clearance Exclusive
Animated Crawling Zombie-0
Made By Us
Buster Bonez
Pair of Spiders
Sale - 57%
Scary Black Spider 3-pack
Made By Us
Sale - 40% Exclusive
24 Inch Gold Skeleton
Clearance Exclusive
Haunted Girl Doll
Sale - 17%
Products 1 - 60 of 606

Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Feeling scared on Halloween is all part of the fun! Some choose to do the scaring by dressing up in a costume or by wearing a mask and surprising an unsuspecting friend. Others seek out scary places by going to a cemetery, buying a ticket for a haunted hayride or walking through a spooky house. Halloween decorations play an important role in frightening others. Have you ever walked past a decorated house and asked yourself, "is that a real person standing in the front yard or just a scarecrow" and felt terror-stricken? That's the beauty of Halloween! If you're someone who enjoys being startled, chances are creating a macabre atmosphere is a fun activity for you. All of us at encourage you to do things that are fun for you, so we have a variety of Halloween decor to choose from so decorating the interior and the exterior of your home for a creepy makeover to celebrate is possible. 

You can turn a beautiful and cheery front or backyard into an eerie scene in an instant by using the tombstone three-piece kit. Each gravestone is molded and painted to look like old weathered stone with phrases like "Rest in Peace" and "RIP" and images of skeletons printed on them. This is an outdoor decoration only because metal stakes are also included with the tombstones to allow for planting inside the ground. We recommend keeping them up near the front door huddled in a group. For an extra touch of scary, stretch spider web decorations over and around the tombstones to make it appear like they've been sitting there for quite awhile. Here's another tip, pick up the posable 50-inch spider (also found in this category) and position it in the center of the tombstones by the spider web so the colossal arachnid looks like it's standing guard. 

The realistic posable skeleton is a Halloween decor item that can be propped up outside or hung up inside. The skeleton (or Mr. Bones as we like to call him) looks especially spooktacular sitting on a patio chair or an outside bench. Use him to freak out your family by positioning the decoration at the piano, making it look like he's ready to play. Pick up a couple skeletons and position them around a table so it looks like they're kicking it. Add skeleton animals to the scene for a cute and unique touch. You could get a skeletal raven or 2 different breeds of dogs...or all of them! Finally, you'll also find a skull mug and test tube shot glasses so you can entertain all the guests attending your Halloween party in the spookiest way possible.

After the scene is set and every home decor item is strategically in place for maximum scare effect, take a couple pictures for social media and don't forget to send one to us. We'd love to see it. Write a product review and give us suggestions of other Halloween decorations you'd like to see us carry!