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Why choose a superpower when you can have all of them? If you want to dress up as Supergirl, you'll be able to fly at supersonic speeds and fire up a barbeque grill at a glance with heat vision and lucky for you, you'll look great too. Our Supergirl costume catalog features all sorts of styles for a range of sizes and ages. Kids will love the Supergirl tutu or bodysuit while grownups can rock the Supergirl T-shirt or a sleek Supergirl dress!
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

Maybe you didn't come from Krypton but that doesn't mean you don't have a super side. Let your powers shine when you pick a look out of these Supergirl costumes. Sure the powers of supersonic flight and heat vision would sure come in handy in your day-to-day. Lighting the grill at your Sunday afternoon barbeque would be a party trick instead of a chore. Your daily commute to work would happen in the blink of an eye, no matter what the traffic was like. And while you were there you could listen in on executive meeting with your supersonic hearing so you could know when a promotion was on your way before it was even announced. Think how surprised your boss would be to get a thank you card two minutes after your promotion was official. You'd seem so on top of it that they'd want to give you another!

We haven't figured out a way to bestow our customers with superpowers but in the meantime, we're doing our best to find Supergirl costumes for different sizes and ages, to give our customers a Kryptonian edge. 

Anyone can rock the S-shield on their chest with pride. Are you looking for a sleek, fitted costume that'll feel fancy enough to wear to a club? The Women's Supergirl TV costume has a fitted top with a shiny top that has a long cape, golden belt, and pleated skirt to make you feel tough. This look comes in plus size to make sure all the baddie fighting ladies are good to go. Or maybe you want a more casual look for a school-friendly superhero event or feel extra strong for a 5K when you choose an option such as the Superhero cape costume t-shirt or DC Supergirl Cape dress. You've got options!

Maybe you've got a little Supergirl on your hands. We have tiny, shiny toddle Supergirl costumes for the tough little preschooler in your life. Or shake things up for your middle schooler with the preteen Superhero costume the has a fun pleated skirt and a preppy collar to make her ensemble stand out. 

When you're putting together the perfect Supergirl costume, don't forget to make the costume yours. Put together a DIY Superhero costume with items such as the Supergirl cape and Supergirl tights and high-heeled superhero boots. Want to expand Supergirl into your everyday life? Items such as DC comics or the Supergirl satin and mesh bodysuit will bring your superpowers into your everyday life. 

From costume parties to playtime accessories, we've got all those superhero costumes you need to feel tough and ready for anything. The red, blue, and gold are sure to pop out in any superhero themed party. With every kind of costume you can think of from fit and flare dresses to jumpsuits, and casual t's, you've got options. You could even team up with Superman to make your costume unforgettable! Just remember to brag if you put together a showstopping Supergirl look by leaving a review on the product page!