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If you're looking for the perfect present for the gamer in your life, then check out our Super Mario Gifts! We carry tons of great products based on the iconic Nintendo character. From Mario apparel to timeless collectibles based on the video game series, we've got it all!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Mario has come a long way, hasn't he? Yes, our favorite plumber seems to have grown up before our very eyes since his debut into gaming! He started out as a scrappy carpenter trying to save his girlfriend from Donkey Kong and then he teamed up with his brother to make a lucrative plumbing business. Then, after getting sucked into a wild adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom, he decided to indulge in some hobbies! Since then, he's been racing go-karts, playing tennis, and doing all sorts of cool things! And we've been along for the journey since 1981! We're always anticipating his next great adventure, which is why we love our lineup of Super Mario merch to help us get our Mario fix in between Nintendo releases!

We're definitely not the only ones who love the iconic plumber. Mario might be the most recognizable character in the world, just behind Mickey Mouse and we're betting that someone special in your life loves Mario too! The great news is that we have a huge selection of Super Mario gifts to help you find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life.

Of course, we have to start with classic Mario gifts! Since we grew up with the original Super Mario Bros from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (remember those little rectangle controllers?). We have plenty of apparel, including shirts, socks, accessories, and even costumes based on the video game legend. We also have some great options for the school-bound Mario fan, since we carry a ton of different Mario backpacks to gear them up for class.

Over the years, Mario has met plenty of new friends and gained new companions. Don't worry, because we didn't forget about Mario's pals! We have a ton of great Mario gift ideas based on his best buds. We have Luigi backpacks for those Luigi fans in your life, but we aso have a ton of cool Princess Peach gifts, including plush dolls and licensed apparel. And we even have some great Yoshi swag here, from puppets to bathrobes!

We're sure that any true Mario fan will be ecstatic to receive any of these great Mario gifts on their special day!

Super Mario Toys

So, you're shopping Super Mario. Well, no matter if you need to buy a gift for a Mario super fan or are looking to 1-UP your own style with cool Mario swag, we've got you covered. You can see from browsing our site that we've got lots of Super Mario toys, collectibles, and apparel. But, with so much cool Super Mario merch to choose from, you might find you need a little assistance in deciding just what to get. We're here to help, and we've got this handy Super Mario gift guide with all of the info you'll need. Check it out for extra detail on items that are sure to inspire Mario fun!

If you're searching for a gift for a child, toys are the obvious go-to choice. Super Mario toys are some of the most popular items on our site for kids and collectors alike. It's easy to see why, because bringing Nintendo video game action into the real world is an excellent thought. And it's something we're sure anyone who's ever played will appreciate. Take a look at these ideas for Mario plush figures and Super Mario diorama sets to get your toy shopping started!

Super Mario Plush Toys

Super Mario Plush Toys

Are plushies our favorite toys? We won't deny it! Toy fads come and go over the years, but a soft, huggable plush is always a great option. Both for kids to play with and for adults to collect and display as Super Mario decorations. So, when it comes to a fandom like Nintendo, we make sure our digital shelves are fully stocked with the coolest Super Mario plush toys available!

Serious Super Mario fans will want to start with a Mario Plush and a Luigi Plush, obviously. Each one features a modern rendition of the character in huggable plush form. Once you have the Super Mario Bros together, there's no limit to the possibilities for your collection. You can add brick and mushroom plush toys for gameplay staples, friends like Yoshi or Donkey Kong, or get bad guys with plushies like a Bowser Plush!

Super Mario Playsets

Super Mario Playsets

With so much going on in the digital world today, it's always a great idea to give kids options for activities that don't involve screen time. And when it comes to kids who've been playing tons of Super Mario, a great way to get them to log off is with a Super Mario playset! Super Mario 2.5" playsets have been a fan favorite for kiddos and collectors alike. We highly recommend them both for play and display!

Super Mario diorama sets and playsets from Jakks are hugely popular, and we've got some great options available right here at These interactive sets provide a variety of characters and pieces from famous places in the Mushroom Kingdom, which means they offer lots of ways to creatively play. The Acorn Plains 5 Figure Set (pictured) is a great gift set to start with to get a Mario figure. Then be sure to shop all of our Super Mario sets to build up the character roster for even more fun!

LEGO Super Mario Toys

The Lego Super Mario theme launched onto the Lego scene in a huge way in 2020. It was a big deal, and not just because Nintendo was getting their first brick-based characters in Lego form. The collaboration of Nintendo and Lego created a new form of play. Because it's basically a playable video game in the real world!

These unique Lego sets feature figures and pieces that vary a great deal from traditional Lego pieces, while still staying true to the interlocking brick principles that make the toys a fan-favorite worldwide. These innovative sets feature pieces to build real-life versions of 2D Super Mario levels. The pieces in each set are rebuildable to create new levels, and each of the Super Mario Expansion Sets are cross-compatible. This means you can buy multiple sets to make expanded levels that feature all the fun gameplay from Super Mario video games!

Perhaps the most incredible part of these sets is that the interactivity doesn't stop with the brick building. The Super Mario Figurine is powered up! Larger than traditional Minifigures, it features LED displays, sound effects, a scanner, and Bluetooth connectivity. This high-tech Mario figure is what lets the player interactively take on each course. It reads codes on action pieces to change Mario's expressions, collect coins, and battle bad guys.

If you're shopping Lego Super Mario for a kiddo or yourself, you'll want to start with the Mario Starter Course Set. But we totally recommend getting an expansion set right away to keep the fun going for hours! Let's take a closer look at our top Lego Mario Expansion Sets to add friends, foes, and lots of exciting gameplay twists to the Nintendo brick fun.

LEGO Super Mario Toad's Treasure Set

Lego Super Mario Toad

After buying the Mario Starter Course, our top expansion is to add a stop in Toad Village. With this Super Mario Toad's Treasure Hunt Expansion Set, you'll get Toad and Toadette character figures, along with 2 Cheep Cheeps and a Goomba. You'll build the village with a toad house, a tree, and a treasure chest. Sliding and rotating platforms and 10 action pieces add creative fun to the Super Mario gameplay action.

This set is designed with video game-style play in mind. The player controls Mario to find the 1, 2, 3 Blocks. When Mario jumps on them in the correct order, the player wins bonus digital coins! There's no limit to the gameplay with this rebuildable set since it works as a standalone set, provided you have the Mario figurine from the starter pack. But it fully integrates with the starter set, and all of the expansions, too, so that players can create expansive and interactive game storylines.

When you're ready to construct the Toad Village course, just connect with the Lego Super Mario app. It's available on mobile devices for digital building instructions and unique viewing tools. The app works great for kids to help them develop problem-solving skills! Fun for all players and kids aged 8 and up, the Super Mario sets are great for solo gameplay that entertains for hours on end or for competitive play with friends and family.

LEGO Bowser's Castle

Lego Bowser Castle

When you or your kiddo want to really up the action, you'll have to take things to the next level. You're going to want Mario to face off in a boss battle, just like in the Super Mario video games! The best Lego Super Mario set for that is the Bowser's Castle Lego Super Mario Expansion Set. This epic castle set includes a ferocious Bowser figure and figures for Dry Bones, Boo, and Lava Bubble.

You'll get ready for play by building Bowser's castle. It's packed full of details, like castle towers with flag poles, a stone Bowser, and flame and lava pieces. The action of this set comes from dynamic pieces, with rotating and shaking platforms and hidden blocks Mario needs to find to win the boss battle. It's fully rebuildable, too, for Lego fans to put their own spin on the classic Nintendo scene!

You'll need the Starter Course Mario figure to get into the gameplay, and once the action starts, strap in for fun! You'll have to guide the figure through flipping and balancing challenges to defeat Boo and Dry Bones. When it comes time to take on Bowser, Mario needs to stomp on flippers to raise Bowser's arms to find the hidden blocks and shake the bridge until he falls over and is defeated! When combined with the Starter set and any number of Super Mario expansions, Bowser's Castle sets up the most creative and engaging possibilities!

Super Mario Clothes

Sometimes, playing your favorite games and collecting toys and figures just isn't enough for your gaming fandom. And, if that's the case for you when it comes to Super Mario, we have an easy solution. Just get some Mario apparel in your closet! We have Nintendo clothing for all ages, and there's plenty of Super Mario t-shirts and apparel to choose from. Take a look at these top options for some trendy Mario fashion takes!

Super Mario Shirt

Super Mario Shirt

Mario has done lots of big things over the years. Whether rescuing Princess Peach, saving the Mushroom Kingdom, or even super smashing all his Nintendo Bros, he's done it all. But even with all of those exploits, there's one job that Mario is known for. And that'd be the respect he garners as a Mario Kart champion!

If you're a fan of that fast-karting action and are looking for a cool way to show it off, we'd start by suggesting an apparel upgrade. And this Mario Kart Camp Shirt is the perfect choice! This comfy shirt features an all-over print of your favorite Mario Kart drivers piloting their colorful karts. All-cotton, the shirt has the classic styling of a short-sleeve button-up, which means it's an excellent, casual apparel choice for any activity.

Super Mario Opposuit

Super Mario Suit

The Opposuits brand has been making big-time waves in the world of men's fashion. And that's thanks to their signature creation, their amazingly outlandish line of men's suits! Opposuits feature amazing prints and patterns that have led to men shelving their black and charcoal suits in favor of bold colors and epic designs. And now, they're even creating suits that feature fan-favorite pop culture themes. When they teamed up with Nintendo, it was a safe bet that a Mario suit would be available before long. This Men's Super Mario Suit is the result of their efforts!

Mario fans who have to ditch their gaming attire for an occasion where a jacket and tie are required will love this stylish suit. It features an all-over print of Mario along with other memorable characters and critters from the video game franchise. Available in men's standard suit sizes, we also have a Kid's Mario Opposuit available to dress your little guy up like a Mario champ!

Super Mario Decorations

Nintendo fans love bringing their favorite video game moments into the real world. So, we're sure Super Mario fans will love having home décor pieces from the Mushroom Kingdom! No matter if you're decorating a kid's bedroom or the room that houses your Nintendo system, we've got fantastic options like Super Mario fleece throws, lamps, and statues to choose from. Check out some of these top selections to help you decide which items to buy!

Super Mario Throws

Super Mario Throw Blanket

If you're a Mario fan, nothing beats cozying up in front of your tube TV for some retro gaming. And, if you're planning on playing your NES or Super Nintendo, we're sure a Mario-themed fleece throw will add to the fun! Our Super Mario Cartridge Fleece Throw is a fan favorite selection. Styled just like the super famous game cartridge from the original NES, it's a comfy way to go old-school. Another top option is our Super Mario Kart Fleece Throw. Featuring the package artwork from the Super Nintendo game, it's an excellent choice for expert Mario Kart racers.

Super Mario Lamp

Super Mario Lamp

There's no doubt that the escapism of guiding Mario through the incredible Mushroom Kingdom is part of the appeal of Super Mario games. And, with a Super Mario lamp, you can bring some of that distinctive style into your own home! Our Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp is a fun piece for any Mario fan. A kid who spends their days playing Mario is sure to love having it on the nightstand in their bedroom. Or you could use it in an office to add some nerdiness and fun factor to your work routine!