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Scary Halloween Costumes

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Kids Trick R Treat Sam Costume
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Halloween Kills Mens Coveralls
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Terrifier Art The Clown Costume
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Halloween Kills Kid's Coveralls
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The Purge Killer Mask
Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask
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Blood Tears Halloween II Mask Update
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The Purge Nun Mask
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Universal Monsters Werewolf of London Mask
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Universal Monsters Gillman Adult Mask
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Ghost Papa IV Mask
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Adult Jeepers Creepers Mask
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The Creeper Scooby Doo Mask
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Products 1 - 60 of 79

Sure, we can see how glamorous costumes are fun to wear on Halloween. Glitzy dresses and shimmering jumpsuits featuring lavish and ornate details have the potential to make women feel like royalty (especially a queen or princess costume), while men feel particularly masculine in a pirate or football player costume. But we must know; where's the fun in that? It's Halloween after all, the only special day that involves fright and horror and we think being scared is all a part of the fun. If you're someone who likes to either a) scare or b) be scared then this category of costumes is right up your alley. We have scary costume ideas for the whole family too so the entire clan can run amock as some of the most feared characters in pop culture. In this category you'll not only find scary costume ideas for kids and adults, you'll also find ghoulish accessories like blood makeup and masks to create a chilling transformation.

If you know a boy or girl who cackles like a witch after they jump out from a dark corner to frighten you, then a scary costume is a great choice. We have many options for both boys and girls too. Girls who don't mind things that go bump in the night will immediately be drawn to a scary doll or classic zombie costume because they feature both cute and creepy aspects. Teen girls will instantly take a liking to the tween mummy costume because being all wrapped up in a fashionable dress that's also a little frightening is fun.

Women can generate both screams and scares by wearing a female Freddy Krueger costume which features a jagged striped sweater dress and a clawed glove. Creepy clown costumes, possessed nun disguises and sleek skeleton maxi dresses can also be found in this category too.

Boys who enjoy shocking and startling their little sister or a friend will love our selection of scary costumes because they all feature classicly spooky elements like tattered tunics and faceless masks. We also have plenty of classic werewolf costumes that come with fur accented garments and a snarling wolf mask. Speaking of masks, we have tons boys will find amusing. Take a moment to check out our line of officially licensed Goosebumps masks. (The Slappy the Dummy mask really freaks us out.)             

Men who can't get enough of the horror movie genre will immediately be drawn to our selection of officially licensed Michael Myers costumes which feature a cargo jumpsuit and the iconic mask. Pick up a machete or hatchet prop to add some authenticity to the look. Scary movie fans will also take an instant liking to our Pennywise costumes and masks because there's nothing scarier than a clown who lives in the sewer and eats children.

Don't forget to tell us about how your scary costume worked out by writing a product review. Was your costume a part of a group or couple's costume? Attach a photo so we can see because there's nothing more FUN than being a little scared on Halloween!