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Plus Size Costumes

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Your search for a comfortable, well-made costume stops right here! Our plus size costumes go all the way up to 8X! So, whether you're looking for mens plus size Halloween costumes or sexy plus size costume, we've got funny and trendy options you'll love. Make Halloween oh so much more fun with our adult plus size costumes!
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

People come in all shapes and sizes. The world would be pretty darn boring if they didn't. After all, every single body is uniquely their own body, which is something to be celebrated. Why is then, that clothing and costumes come in just a single size and style. It seems a little silly, doesn't it? Well, we don't believe that! We think that everyone should be able to dress up in the costume they want! From those with curves to those who are just way taller than the rest, we carry a ton of different plus size Halloween costumes to choose from! In fact, we pride ourselves as having the best selection of plus size costumes for adults on the web!

When we say that our selection is the best, we mean it. We carry some sizes that other places just don't carry. Some of our most popular costumes come in sizes that range from 2X all the way up to 8X, giving you more sizing options than anywhere on the internet. Many of them are even Made by Us exclusive costumes, which means they're made with quality in mind. They're also made with different body shapes in mind, to help you achieve a fabulous look to take to your next costume party!

Aside from having the best selection of sizes, we also have some of the best variety around when it comes to adult plus size costumes! That means you can find some of the characters you love, in a size that fits you. From superhero styles, to classic anime costumes, we have a bit of everything! We carry plus size Goku costumes from Dragon Ball Z and we have classic baseball outfits from A League of Their Own to Where's Waldo... just as an example of our awesome variety.

What about sexy plus size costumes? You know, something to help spice up your look for the Halloween season or the next cosplay event? Yep! We carry plenty of sultry outfits designed for people with curvy figures. That means you can get an outfit that you feel confident wearing to showcase your wilder side. From designs of sexy supervillain styles, to more classic outfits like pirates and witches, you can find the look that suits you!

Our collection of plus size Halloween costumes is always growing! We strive to provide the best selection that we can, so our designers are constantly working out new ways to create the best costumes on the web. And if you want to see us make something new, then be sure to contact us! We love feedback from our customers and we're always hungry for brand new ideas to delight out customers with!

Plus Size Costumes

We all want to look nice now and again. There is no better feeling than putting on the perfect outfit or costume. Sometimes jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable, but there are times when you want to go all out. We know that finding suitable clothing can occasionally be a headache. That's why we present our Plus Size Costumes for those who want to get not only fresh but also want fit and flattering clothes.

Plus Size Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is terrific for more reasons than we have time to name. When dressing up as your favorite TV or movie character, you not only get to become a new person, but you can also leave your current life behind for a moment. If you have trouble finding the perfect look for the next convention, try out one of our unique and varied Plus Size Cosplay Costumes.

Plus Size Superhero Costumes

Superheroes are a Halloween costume staple. Whether it be a Marvel or DC Costume, there is sure to be a character that one can relate to. Want to be exciting yet more carefree? Dress up as Spider-Man. If you want to go for a more warrior look, grab a Wonder Woman Costume. Our Plus Size Superhero Costumes are a fantastic way to channel your inner superhero.

Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Ladies, how are you doing? We hope you are well. You're here because you saw we have Women's Plus Size Halloween Costumes, right? You might have been thinking, "How will these costumes fit?" Or "How is their character selection?" Well, the answer to both of those questions is great! Our Women's Plus Size Halloween Costumes are just what you'll need to channel your inner hippie or Mad Hatter.

Plus Size Witch Costume

Plus Size Witch Costume

Historically, witches have had a bad rap, and we have no clue why. We think witches would make great neighbors. They would take care of all of those pesky kids running around, and we bet they have the best parties. Though we would eat anything. But hey, we might be wrong. If you love witches and want to be the best on the block, check out a Plus Size Witch Costume.

Plus Size Velma Costume

Plus Size Velma Costume

Velma Dinkley has always been a popular costume. There is something so endearing about her quirky look. Maybe it's because we know she is normally such a sweet and timid character. Sometimes soft-spoken folks make you wonder if they have a wild side. If you are a Scooby Doo fan and want a mysterious look, pick up a Plus Size Velma Costume.

Plus Size Flapper Dress

The 1920s were a great time. Fantastic fashion, better parties, and not a care in the world. Well, on the surface, at least. Whether you read the book or saw the movie, The Great Gatsby showed up that the 20s were called the Gilded Age for a reason. But you know what? It's Halloween, and we are just trying to dress up and party. If you agree, check out a Plus Size Flapper Dress.

Plus Size Cheerleader Costume

Give us a C, C! You got your C, you got your C. Give us an H, H! You got your H, you got your H. Give us a, well, you know what—we think you got it. We were attempting to spell cheerleader to show you our Plus Size Cheerleader Costume, but that might take a while to read. In short, if you want a cute sports costume, check out this Plus Size Cheerleader Costume.

Plus Size Men’s Costumes

What's up, big fella? All of us big and tall guys have heard that before. You can see why when most people are the same stature you were in middle school. Most people see being big and tall as a blessing. In some cases, it definitely is. The trouble comes when you are looking for a solid costume. Pick up a Plus Size Men's Costume if you want a great Star Wars or Anime Costume that fits as well as it looks.

Plus Size Pirate Costume

Plus Size Pirate Costume

Why do we love pirates so much? They sail around the world, plundering and pillaging whatever they want, whenever they want. They also drink beer all day and sing songs with their friends. Wait that sounds pretty amazing, you know, minus the piracy. Whether making your best Pirates impression or starting your own adventure, do it with a Plus Size Pirate Costume.

Plus Size Vampire Costume

Plus Size Vampire Costume

Vampires are amazing people, creatures? Whatever they are, it's no wonder people have been glamoured by their myths. Who doesn't want to live forever or be able to hypnotize someone at their will? Granted, we would miss beach days. That is a tough one. Grab a Plus Size Vampire Costume if you are less indecisive than us and have a love for that which goes bump in the night.

Sexy Plus Size Costumes

Being sexy isn't just a look—it's an attitude. But sometimes, it's easier to unleash that passion when you wear a sexy outfit. What's more fun than pretending to be a Sexy Police Officer or a Sexy version of Red Riding Hood? If those aren't your speed, try out a Playboy or Sultry Scarlet Singer Costume. We hope that no matter what Sexy Plus Size Costume you put on, you'll feel as good as you look.

Erotic Plus Size School Girl Costume

Erotic Plus Size School Girl Costume

Class is in session. We can't say what type precisely, but we think we will sign up, just in case. The schoolgirl outfit has been a sexy costume staple for as long as we can remember. The only look more appealing may be the Sexy Teacher outfit, but we aren't getting into that debate. If you want a sexy look this semester, check out an Erotic Plus Size School Girl Costume.

Plus Size Nurse Costume

Plus Size Nurse Costume

Somebody call a doctor. No, don't worry, everyone is okay, but you will be killin' 'em when they see you in a Plus Size Nurse Costume. That's figurative, of course. You wouldn't want to get called in on your night off. If you have always dreamed of being a nurse but don't feel like going through all that school before the next get-together, pick up a Plus Size Nurse Costume.

Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn has always been an A-1 Halloween costume. She is an excellent combination of quirk, zany, and playful fun. The infamous DC Comic villain has recently thrown the Joker the peace sign and has become more of an anti-hero. We think it's a good look for her. If you want a good look for yourself and love Ms. Harleen, check out a Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume.

Plus Size Poison Ivy Costume

Why are all of Batman's enemies' genius smoke shows? Ivy, in particular, is also a world-class botanical geneticist who took her love of plants past the next level into the stratosphere. Her translucent green garb is as beautiful as the flora she wields. If you need a costume and are a DC Comics fan, make your best fly trap impression and grab a Plus Size Poison Ivy Costume.

Plus Size Couples Costumes

Couples Costumes are the best. What better way to show you love someone than to dress up like them? Hugs work pretty well too, but you can always hug someone, so blah. To those who think it may be a bit cheesy—try putting on Priest and Nun Costume with a loved one and not having an excellent time. If you want to be the talk of the next Halloween party, check out our Plus Size Couples Costumes.