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4 Pc Toddler Boys PJ Masks Rescues Sleep Set
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PJ Masks Owlette Puffer Jacket
Sale - 45%
PJ Masks Toddler Boy's Swim Trunks
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3 pc PJ Masks Personalization Ornament Set
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Mens PJ Masks Romeo Wig
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Adult PJ Masks Luna Wig
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PJ Masks Catboy Power Up Accessory
Sale - 60%
PJ Masks Sky Pirate Battleship
Coming Soon
Owlette Plastic Easter Basket
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Catboy Plastic Easter Basket
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Disney Adult PJ Masks Night Ninja Costume
Made By Us Coming Soon
Paw Patrol Walkie Talkies Main UPD
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PJ Masks On the Way 3D Lunch Box
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PJ Masks Catboy Mask
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PJ Masks 3 Section Plate
Products 1 - 50 of 50

Kids are notorious for their short stature, adorable faces, and big imaginations. Leave it up to children to turn an everyday mundane object, like a pencil, into something way cooler like a slingshot or a pretend sword, just by using their childlike resourcefulness. If your little one is particularly skilled at using their imagination to come up with fantastical scenarios or to change a normal object into something more magnificent than it's intended purpose, then chances are they are pretty big fans of the popular Disney show, PJ Masks, a show centered around magical transformations and  

It's an animated children's program about kids who live normal lives during the day but once the sun goes down, their typical lives morph from traditional to extraordinary. No longer are Connor, Amaya, and Greg learning how to count to one hundred in their kindergarten classes. Once the sun sets, that's when the transformation begins. Suddenly, Connor changes into Catboy, the heroic leader of the group, Amaya changes into the acrobatic Owlette, and Greg becomes Gekko, a color-changing reptile with suction cups on his hands. Since these three form a  superhero kiddo group, it's only natural that wicked villains pester them from time to time. Scoundrels like Romeo, Night Ninja, and Luna Girl are some of the mischief-maker bad guys who attempt to ruin PJ Masks heroic plans, but they never prevail thanks to the team's heroic talents. 

All of our PJ Masks merchandise makes a great gift for young fans of the popular show. Our PJ Masks costumes will allow kids to transform into their favorite cartoon character from the TV series. Girls will love the prestige Owlette costume because of the pretty tutu attached to the leggings and the included shiny mask. If it's particularly chilly on Halloween night, pair the costume with the Owlette puffer jacket as a way to stay warm and disguised at the same time. If your little one is the kind of kid who likes wearing a different costume every day of the week, then our costume hooded sweatshirts are right up their alley. All of our PJ Masks zip-up hoodies feature either half-masks on the hoods or attached wings on the sleeves. 

Feeling like part of the casts of PJ Masks doesn't have to be reserved for the chilly fall and winter months either. Kids can feel like a brave superhero in the middle of the sweltering summer by getting dressed in a caped tee. We have officially licensed caped tees for both boys and girls which feature cartoon images of the animal-themed squad right on the front and a cool cape in back, attaching to the shirt via hook and loop fastener strips on the sleeves. Finally, kids can see the world through the eyes of Catboy, Owlette, or Gekko by slipping on our PJ Masks sunglasses. Featuring 100% UV protection lenses and a cool character forehead piece, these sunglasses can protect from the sun while serving as a handy costume accessory. 

What PJ Masks gift will you pick up for the little fan that you know? Whatever it is, we hope it inspires endless hours of creative play and a million smiles and laughs!