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Mulan Gifts

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The fun of Mulan is about to come to life. And we're not just talking about the live-action movie! With our collection of Mulan gifts, you and your family can join in the magic of this Disney movie together. We have Mulan costumes for kids as well as adults. You'll even find some great Mulan collectibles to join with the rest of your Disney Princess figures. Take a look at our collection and bring honor to your family.
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Pop! Disney: Mulan - Mulan as Ping upd
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Pop! Disney: Mulan - Li Shang

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Products 1 - 34 of 34

Whether you love her in living color or in brilliant animation, Mulan has all of our hearts. It's time to dive into the glorious legend in the best way imaginable: by adding to your Disney collection with some of our Mulan gifts! 

You probably know the story already. Fa Mulan is the daughter of the famous Fa Zhou, an army veteran who is about to be forced to go back to war to defeat the Huns. Well, Mulan is hardly ready to let her father get hurt but she also doesn't want dishonor to come to the Fa family for rejecting the needs of the Emperor. There's only one answer. It's time to talk to the ancestral spirits, join up with the spiritual guardian, Mushu, and fight in her father's name. 

Of course, there's a hitch. Turns out most of the army has a pretty bad case of prejudice against the abilities of female warriors. Well, they're about to learn something new! Mulan ends up being pretty great with sword, staff, and everything else. Turns out that what the army really needed was a few good daughters

But, did you know that Mulan might have been a bit more real than you thought? Turns out that she was inspired by the legendary Hua Mulan. According to the legend of Xu Wei's play, the lady of the Hua family disguised herself as a man, fought in the war, helped to win it, and nobody ever learned the truth! It wasn't until she took the gift of a camel to bring her back home that anyone figured out her secret. 

Now it is time for you to take a gift, too. With our variety of Mulan collectibles, you'll be able to decorate your house with everything Mulan. We have Disney mugs and some of the best Pop! figures to celebrate your Mulan fandom and then 2020 Mulan movie. Showcase the epic moment when Mulan rides into the fray on Khan's back. Show how adorable Mushu is when he's making a racket. Or keep things together with Mulan in her Ping disguise! But, if that's not enough, you'll find some of our collectibles from the Mulan Live movie, too. There might not be as many dragons flying around, but Mulan's sword skills are even more impressive!

Of course, it might not be enough to just give your house a bit of flair with some of our Mulan decorations. You can also dress up in some of our Mulan costumes. We have adorable Geisha costumes inspired by Mulan's look when her family dresses her up. They're perfect for Mulan costumes for girls and we've got them in adult sizes, too. 

Enjoy movie night with the family by snuggling up with a Mulan blanket and celebrate the brand new 2020 film. Who knows, you might even find that it brings a little extra honor to your family. And, if nothing else, everyone could use a little brushing up in their swordsmanship thanks to the inspiration from these Mulan gifts.