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Horror Collectibles

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Ghosts in a haunted house. Zombies after an apocalypse. Manic killer on the loose—we love the thrill of watching scary movies. The scarier; the better. Watching a movie through the cracks of your fingers, half-covered by a blanket or hiding under a date's arm is more exciting; it creates more of an experience! Horror flicks are some of the most memorable because they're bloody and bloody awesome. (It's the only way to see Johnny Depp eviscerated on a waterbed.)

If you feel the most alive when screaming at the TV "what are you doing? Turn a light on" or no dumbie, don't go in that ridiculously-creepy cabin" then it's safe to call yourself a horror movie fan just like us. Whether Hannibal Lector is your idea of the most iconic serial killer or supernatural monsters give you the best jump scares, then you came to the right place. We have horror movie collectibles to satisfy your thirst for terror. Line your den, bookcase or office desk with these collectibles to show off your flair for all things fear. We have Pop Vinyl figurines, action figures, Head Knockers, bobbleheads and resin busts depicting many horror characters from different movies and television shows! 

If you loved Netflix's 2016 breakout hit, Stranger Things, then be sure to browse our wide selection of Stranger Things merchandise. We have the complete Funko series and you can collect all the different Elevens. We have the classic 'Eleven with Eggos' Pop illustrating a roughed-up Eleven wearing a baseball jacket and pink dress holding a waffle. We also have the 'Eleven Elevated' Pop depicting El from season 2, complete with dark eye makeup and a bloody nose. Show friends and co-workers that you're a mega-fan by collecting all the Pops in the whole series; we even have a Hopper holding a donut Pop vinyl. 

If you find classic horror movies cinematically breathtaking and just downright entertaining then check out all of our iconic horror movie figurines to decorate display cases in your game room or entertainment center. We have high-end statues featuring hand-painted details digitally mastered sound effects, like the Freddy Krueger premium motion statue. Freddy is one of the most charismatic killers with some of the best one-liners (Chucky is a close second). This deluxe statue says 9 digitally mastered sound effects from the movie, Nightmare on Elm Steet. Another great option for classic horror movie fans is the Friday the 13th 7-inch Jason action figure. Not only does it come with 3 alternate heads to switch up the figure's face, but it also comes with 3 weapons and a gracestone—it's like 3 figures in one! 

Have our horror movie collectibles sent chills down your spine? Are you planning on acquiring a caboodle of fictional murderers and other dark phantoms to decorate your desk? Send us a picture so we can see the spooky squad! If there are horror movie collectibles you'd like to see us carry, give us some recommendations. We want to provide the most horrifying!