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Stranger Things Gifts

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Funko 5 Star: Stranger Things Mike Figure
Sale - 30%
Stranger Things Trucker Hat
Sale - 13%
Funko 5 Star: Stranger Things Will Figure
Sale - 30%
Funko 5 Star Stranger Things Lucas Figure
Sale - 30%
Women's Waffle Eggo Box PurseMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Kellogg Eggo Waffle PurseMade By Us
Sale - 25% Made By Us Exclusive
Products 1 - 60 of 80

Stranger Things Merchandise

It was a weekend in the summer of 2016. Nothing could tear us from the comforting glow of the television and Netflix's new nostalgia-inducing sci-fi horror show, Stranger Things. It's uncommon for a show to hook us so quickly but we were enthralled from the opening credits when the synthesized music played and the glowing block letters flashed on the screen. The vision was so awesomely 80's, it immediately brought us back to the glorious days of childhood. (Ahhh, the good ole days.) The longer we watched, the more absorbed we became. We didn't leave our couch all weekend. We binged all 12 episodes of Season 1 and beat our TV show-binge record (something we're very proud of as you can tell.) We did the same when Season 2 premiered and we aren't sorry about it one bit. It's an overwhelmingly likable show in large part because of the adorable child actors mixed with the mystery of Hawkins Lab and the horror of a kid-snatching monster from another dimension so it instantly became a classic among horror and sci-fi fans like us and you too apparently.

Show your love for Stranger Things by purchasing merchandise recreating favorite moments or characters from the show. We're the one-stop-shop for Stranger Things gifts because we have everything from Funk POP Stranger things to clothing and costumes. Fans of all ages can find something here. 

Funko POP! Stranger Things

Watching Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Eleven loyally look for their BFF Will, is the show's most inspiring aspect. If you loved the group's dynamic and Dustin's adorable curly afro and gap-toothed smile (just precious) then you'll love all the POP vinyl figures. Serious collectors can grab the complete collection in one quick and easy purchase. If you demand justice for Barb (R.I.P. Barb) then advertise it with a POP. Get a few of them so you have a better chance of receiving one of the cool limited edition CHASE figures.