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If you know someone that's a fan of classic 80s horror movies, you might be looking for a few Freddy Krueger gift ideas. Whether you're looking for a replica Freddy Krueger glove for them to display or a comfortable Freddy Krueger sweater for them to stay cozy while on their next horror movie binge, we have all of your favorite Nightmare on Elm Street merch here!
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Nightmare on Elm Street Women's Blazer update2
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Men's Freddy Krueger Blazer
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Adult Freddy vs Jason Ugly Halloween Sweater 1
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Freddy Krueger Dress Costume-update
Freddy Krueger Plus Size Dress Costume
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Freddy Krueger Pet Dog Costume
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Adult Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Halloween Sweater
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POP Freddy Krueger Vinyl Figure1
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Adult Freddy Costume
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 46 of 46

Out of all the fictional monsters that haunt our dreams, Freddy Krueger is by far the scariest because he LITERALLY could haunt our dreams if he wanted to. The Springwood Slasher is a fan favorite for many reasons. Not only is he frightening but he's also charismatic and his methods of killing are unique. If you happen to be a fan of the ultimate dream demon, or you know someone who loves the whole Freddy franchise, then you need to check out all of our unique Freddy Krueger gifts!

Now you can turn your desk, dresser, or shelf into something that nightmares are made of by adding a Freddy Krueger vinyl figure or Wacky Wobbler to it. We also sell realistic masks for hardcore collectors that will easily turn your face into a scarred and charred vision that no one will be able to forget. Of course, you can get Freddy's glove and iconic sweater here too. You'll love turning your everyday life into a horror movie with these Freddy Krueger gifts!