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Deciding what makes a good gift for an American history buff can feel as intimidating as deciphering colonial records in their old-timey English. Make your search easier by giving our collection of Colonial Gifts a look! You'll find costumes that can transport you and yours back in time and even historical figurines perfect for settling a new colony on your desk.
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George Washington Men's CostumeMade By Us
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Deluxe Captain Hook Plus Size Costume Update1Made By Us
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Mens Napoleon Costume

Mens Napoleon Costume

Men's Colonial Pilgrim Shoes

Men's Costume Colonial Pilgrim Shoes

Boys Benjamin Franklin Costume
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Boys Benjamin Franklin Costume

Captain Blackheart Plus Size Men's Costume-update1Made By Us
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Mens White Renaissance Shirt Main UpdateMade By Us
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Mens White Renaissance Shirt

Womens Salem Witch CostumeMade By Us
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Colonial Lady Girls Costume Update Main
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Colonial Lady Girls Costume

White Pirate Mens Shirt Main UpdateMade By Us
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Boy's George Washington Costume
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Women's Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume
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Pioneer Woman Adult Costume1
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Pioneer Woman Adult Costume

Adult Rodeo Cowgirl CostumeMade By Us
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Adult Rodeo Cowgirl Costume

Amish Prairie Woman Costume For AdultsMade By Us
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Black Pirate Costume Boots
Colonial Lady Costume For Women
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Kids Captain Hook Costume4Made By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
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The Colonial Period of the United States is among the most interesting parts of American history. That is pretty obvious since it is the start of the country but there are also a ton of interesting things that were going on outside of just the revolution. Folks were busy coming up with new ways to settle a strange land, figuring out how to establish themselves as a people without the direct guidance of the crown, and it goes without saying that things could have been a lot better in terms of interpersonal relations. 

Now, we could dive into a whole history lesson on the Colonial days... but we expect that if you've come to this page, it is because you already know a ton about the events! Perhaps you found your way here because of the epic hip-hop opera that is Hamilton. Maybe you loved Colonial days even before it was cool. Perhaps you've got a tyke who is prepping for a class report and wants to make a video lesson that will rock everyone's socks off! Well, without a trip through time, Bill & Ted style, you might need to come up with a few ideas! 

That's where we come in. We're filled with great ideas to help you bring all of the Colonial fun right to your beloved fans of the birth of our nation! With our Colonial Gifts, you can offer up everything from the look of a powdered wig and ornate coat to quirky games with a Colonial theme and even a few action figures of the first American presidents! 

Maybe your favorite history buff will want to display the whole collection of the founding fathers and watch their bobbleheads nod in agreement over the preamble address of the Constitution. Perhaps the lack of Hamilton tickets means that you'll need them to have the fun of reenacting the hip hop groove! Gather up these Colonial collectibles and decorate your den with a look that the early Puritans would claim is perfection! 

If you really want to go a step further, give the gift of a Colonial costume. From Washington costumes to getting decked out in a Benjamin Franklin costume, the gift of history is something that everyone can enjoy. (Especially when you get to become a brilliant inventor or a historic figure that virtually everyone would recognize!) 

Page through our Colonial gift options and you're sure to spot a few things that you're sure to enjoy. After all... we have a sneaking suspicion that was these kinds of styles and collectibles that really had King George hoping that we'd be back!