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Want to be worthy of Mjolnir? Well, then you'd better be wearing one of our Thor costumes! We carry sizes and styles for kids and adults based on his various costumes from the movies. From Thor: Ragnarok to Endgame, we have a great look for any Thor fan out there! We even have some great Loki costumes for anyone who wants to play a more villainous part!
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Products 1 - 15 of 15

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Those are the bold words inscribed upon Thor's hammer, Mjolnir and he's definitely had to earn the right to use that hammer! In the comics, he was sent to Earth by Odin to learn the hardships of mankind and to reclaim his right to rule. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he follows a similar path... and we've spent plenty of time watching him face tons of trials and tribulations. We think that's he's earned the right to wield the hammer and then some! We've been there during his battles against Loki. We've seen him join the Avengers to defeat Ultron. We've even seen him face off against his own sister, Hela and we're patiently awaiting his next big adventure! It always seems way too long between Thor movies, doesn't it?

Actually, with one of our Thor costumes, you can head out on the next big Avengers adventure yourself, since they're designed to have you looking like a true superhero! We carry a large variety of Thor outfits and accessories, so fans of all shapes and sizes can craft the perfect Thor cosplay costume!

Our adult costumes cover the full range of Thor outfits during the movies, ranging from a more classic look from the original Avengers, to his more recent, gladiator-style look from Thor: Ragnorak. You can even try to take on Thanos in our Infinity War costume! Each of them creates a look that's just as fierce as the God Thunder's outfit from the MCU. Of course, we didn't forget about the kiddos either. We carry plenty of Thor costumes for kids, so your child can become worthy of the hammer as well!

Oh, and about that hammer! If you or your child want to cosplay as the mightiest Avengers (we know Hulk doesn't agree, but he's wrong), then you're going to need a Mjolnir of your own. Our selection of Thor costumes includes a range of toy and collectible weapons to choose from, including the classic Mjolnir and his most recent weapon, Stormbringer. Combine that with our selection of Thor helmets and you have a one-stop-shop for all of your Thor costuming needs.

Not feeling very heroic? That's okay! Not everyone wants to play the hero. Some of us just want to cause a little bit of chaos... like Loki. If you find yourself more interested in playing then just give one of our Loki costumes a try. We carry a selection of Loki-themed costume items to help you transform into the infamous god of mischief.

Whether you want to wield the hammer of Thor yourself, or you just need a look to get you ready to join the Avengers, our selection of Thor costumes is a great place to start!

Thor Halloween Costume

Being the King of Asgard is challenging work. Can you imagine being an all-powerful superhero leader in charge of a whole island of people? Where is Wonder Woman when you need her? Oh, sorry, wrong universe. Luckily, Thor has Valkyrie to help him with the day-to-day of running an entire mystical realm.

Now that we think about it, Namor could give Thor a few tips, but we aren't holding our breath for that movie. Outside of The Hulk, Thor is the strongest Avenger we have seen. Well, Captain Marvel is pretty tough too. Regardless of his rank, he is easily the funniest, best-looking, and most charming person on the squad. If you agree and want some Thor merch, check out a Thor Halloween Costume.

Adult Thor Costume

Adult Thor Costume

Forget Superman and those other powerhouse comic book characters—it's time for Thor to shine! Being the God of Thunder, Thor has no problem lighting up a room. Whether it be his gold armor, or the light reflecting off his Asgardian weapons, one will find it difficult to take eyes off the former Prince of Asgard. If you are rummaging through your adult costumes to find the perfect look, don't fret, just hop on the nearest Bifrost and grab an Adult Thor Costume.

Kid Loki Costume

Kid Loki Costume

Loki is like a big kid. He loves to play mischievous games, all while playing both sides. As a kid, he drove Thor crazy with his mind games and sorcery. Loki even turned Thor into a frog once! As annoying as a little brother that Loki may be, Thor still loves the guy. We love him, too! Even though he may occasionally run with villains, he's just so charming. If you are looking for a movie-quality boy's costume to celebrate the God of Mischief, check out a Kid Loki Costume.

Thor Endgame Costume

Avengers: Endgame was a tough time for Thor. The Avengers had gone through more in one movie than they did in the sum of all their films, and nobody more so than Thor. He lost his entire realm, all his Norse friends/comrades, and even lost his dad and kid brother. We're glad he had Rocket and Groot by his side, or who knows what his fate could have been. Pick up an officially licensed Thor Endgame Costume and bring your favorite scenes to life.

Thor Costume for Kids

It doesn't take help from Captain Obvious to know that before Thor was the King of Asgard, he was its prince. Like most princes, he had a comfortable life, filled with handmaidens, battles, and more mead than teens should have access to. He also had two mystical pet goats who could fly. Norse Mythology is weird. If you need a kid's costume for your young prince and are a fan of the exploits of the hilarious God of Thunder, check out a Thor Costume for Kids.

Thor Accessories

Even being an all-powerful Norse God, Marvel Comics has shown Thor using all sorts of tools. He uses the Golden Apples of Idunn to sustain his long lifespan. He once used a belt that doubled his already mighty strength. Even his armor is forged by dwarves who have been creating weapons for millennia.

But you aren't here to discuss accessories, fruits, or armor. Well, maybe armor, as it's pretty cool. You're here for our toy weapons. Thor has used swords, but his signature weapons are his Mjolnir hammer and Stormbreaker axe. They’ve gotten him through many-a-battle. If you are a fan of the Norse God and want to amplify your Thor Halloween Costume, ensure you're ready for battle with our Thor Accessories.

Stormbreaker Axe

Stormbreaker Axe

Axes can be helpful. Try cutting down a tree without one or summoning lightning. Okay, that last one might be a bit specific to Thor, but you get our point. Nothing pairs better with a Thor costume than his mystical Stormbreaker Axe. Well, maybe Mjolnir, but that is up for debate. If you want a costume weapon to wield while emulating Thor, try a Stormbreaker Axe. It's not sentient, but at least you won't even need the light of a star or a dwarf to forge the thing.

Thor Mjolnir

Thor Mjolnir

You can't think of Thor without thinking about Mjolnir. The mighty hammer is far older than the King of Asgard. It was formed by a dwarf, who is a master forger. Using a chuck or Uru metal imbued with the essence of The Mother Storm (an ancient entity Odin was forced to battle with), Mjolnir was made using a dying star and a lot of Norse magic. Check out a Thor Mjolnir hammer if you want to add a Marvel gift to your costume or collectibles. If thy be worthy . . .