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If you were a member of a teenaged superhero team, how would you choose to decorate your base? Not with a bunch of stuff from your hero mentors, right? Well... maybe, but we think you'll love your own merch instead! Deck out your home with these Teen Titans Gifts to show everyone who the real heroes are!
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Teen Titan Adult Beast Boy Costume
Teen Titans Raven Women's Costume
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Teen Titans Robin Costume For Adults
Girl's Teen Titans Raven Costume
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Kids Teen Titan Slade Costume
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Teen Titans Beast Boy
Products 1 - 13 of 13

"When there's trouble, you know who to call!" If that doesn't call back the theme song of the epic TV series and have you doing a little dance in your seat, we're not sure what will! We've all grown up with the superheroes of the DC Comic world and watched as the youngsters tend to get into more trouble than the evil that they save... but the Teen Titans would show up to change all of that! From the Titan's tower, these teenage heroes gather up and are ready to unleash some serious do-gooder justice... if only they can live up to a whole host of established heroes that they're constantly compared to!

First, you've got Robin who is just trying to get rid of that whole "Boy Wonder" thing and be his own hero. Let's not forget that this hero has saved the Bat's butt more than a few times, so it is hardly fair to pretend that this amazing acrobat and martial artist can't do plenty of heroics all on his own. Even better, he knows how to lead a whole team. No need to rush off into the shadows and brood about how gothic he is, right!? 

Next up is Starfire. Here's an alien lass who is trying her best to understand all the weird stuff that Earthlings like to do. And food? So many options! She would love to live up to her folks and all of the astonishing powers that she possesses... but she's got so much to learn... and so much dessert that she needs to taste! 

In nearly the polar opposite of the bubbly personality of Starfire is Raven. Talk about responsibility. Hand a lass command over a whole demonic world of shadow magic and then expect that everything is always going to go as planned... meanwhile, she's got one heck of a father that's planning on gobbling up her power and she's expected to have a good, calm mind while perfecting amazing powers like teleportation and even healing!

If you think it is tough having a difficult lineage that is tearing you in half, imagine if half of your body wasn't even what you were born with! Cyborg was going to be a star athlete until an accident required him to be turned half machine. Shunned by folks afraid of the robot uprising, Cyborg needed to learn how to handle all this new stuff while making new friends and proving he had the stuff of heroes in him. 

And last is Beast Boy! Imagine you were bright green and had a preoccupation with turning into smelly gorillas. Sure, you'd be a hit at the zoo or with animal lovers, but it is a pretty tough life to be on your own otherwise. Still, a carefree and optimistic attitude brought him a home with the Titans and a chance to do some real good. 

Now, with all these great characters, how can you not want to show the Teen Titans that they are your favorite crew with some of these fantastic Teen Titans Gifts!?