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Scarecrow Costumes

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Whether you're looking for the perfect cute scarecrow costume for a fall photoshoot or a creepy scarecrow costume that'll send shivers of fear everywhere you go, you'll find an easy scarecrow costume for anyone on your list this year. 
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Products 1 - 15 of 15

Forget "if you only had a brain" let's all sing "if I only had the perfect Halloween costume". Why? Because the solution to this is much simpler than traveling down the yellow brick road to talk to an elusive Wizard. You'll find all the Scarecrow Costumes ideas you'd ever need on this page!

When it comes to finding a costume for your kids, choosing a kids scarecrow costume is a fantastic choice. Take a baby or toddler scarecrow costume, for instance. A baby scarecrow costume should make easy diaper changes and stay far, far away from anything scary. And the littlest member of your crew is rocking those adorable patches and burlap, a cute photoshoot is only a few pumpkins and dried cornstalks away! 

Speaking of families, the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow costume choice makes for a great group costume. You've got a scarecrow costume girl, now Mom and Dad can go as the Tin Man and  Cowardly Lion and big sis can go as Dorothy. The family dog can even come along as Toto, how awesome is that? 

Scarecrow costume ideas for adults allow you to dress up in shabby chic fashion in a range of styles. We like to say that classic costumes like the scarecrow costume, are classics for a reason. A female scarecrow costume can take plenty of forms. Everyone has a different take. Some Scarecrow Costume Women like the colorful patches, shaggy straw accents. Some are looking for the bare shoulder and flared skirts of the sexy scarecrow costume. And of course, there is the scary Scarecrow costume to consider. 

In the back of our minds, a spooky scarecrow just might come to life, climb off his pole, and come looking for some company during the Halloween season. An adult scarecrow costume can be customized to be as creepy as you want with accessories like scarecrow costume makeup or cover your whole head with one of our full-coverage scarecrow masks that look just like an aged burlap sack. A mens scarecrow costume could be really cool when paired with a pitchfork prop or scythe. Either way, a scary scarecrow costume is sure to send shivers through any crowd on Halloween night!

If you're looking for the perfect Scarecrow costume, you'll find them in all sizes and styles on this page from a toddler girl scarecrow costume to a burly scary look that's straight out of a horror movie. And since they're so timeless, you can even wear your Scarecrow costume year after year!