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Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

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It’s easy to get swept up into the magic of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. We can’t get enough of Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie! Of course, we’re willing to be that we’re not the only fans out there, which is why you’re here! You want to find the perfect Nightmare Before Christmas gift to surprise someone special in your life. You can find collectibles and apparel based in one place!
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Loungefly Sally Heart Mini Backpack
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Ceramic Deadly Night Shade Cookie Jar
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Nightmare Before Christmas Dark Jack Mug
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Nightmare Before Christmas Blazer-update
Made By Us
Sale - 17% Exclusive
Adult Jack Skellington Tux Shirt
Sale - 50%
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Slippers
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Adult Nightmare Before Christmas Cast Orange Sweatshirt
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Nightmare Before Christmas 7 piece Ankle Pack Socks
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Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin King Boxer Briefs for Men
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Jack Skellington 18 Inch Plush Backpack
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Nightmare Before Christmas Diorama Statue
Clearance  - 38%
NBC Halloween Town City Hall Cookie Jar
Sale - 18%
Products 1 - 60 of 340

Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise

They say Christmas is a time for friends and family. But there's a way to get started early and it is all thanks to Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas!' There are lots of ways to get facts about Nightmare Before Christmas, but that's only going to make you look forward to more Nightmare fun! Fortunately, we have a ton of great Nightmare Before Christmas gifts that will have you celebrating all year long. 

Our site offers a massive collection of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise. You can start with toys from the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. They include musical gifts for girls, the Nightmare Before Christmas necklaces to make playing pretend perfect, and several more on our Nightmare Before Christmas gifts and merchandise page.

Get ready for birthday and Christmas gifts with one glass with Sally, the Pumpkin King, and other characters that you can use to decorate for a dark holiday celebration with our Nightmare Before Christmas decorations so you can have a year of stunning Nightmare Before Christmas decorations everywhere! Of course, you can't go wrong with the ultimate gifts decor: Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POP! figures. Grab all your favorite characters for your friends and family. 

Whether you love the music from the Nightmare Before Christmas or need a new lesson on Sally, you can find a ton of great tributes to the nightmare fun of Tim Burton's film with some of these gifts. Celebrate your holidays with a spooky twist with The Nightmare Before Christmas gifts!

Nightmare Before Christmas Gift ideas

Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Ideas

When something amazing comes out, it tends to stick around in our minds for a really long time. Decades later, we can still love it just as much as we did the first time around. Can you believe that it's been over 25 years since The Nightmare Before Christmas taught us to proudly proclaim "This is Halloween!" and ask "what's this?!" Despite more than a few years having passed, we still can't get enough of Jack Skellington and the rest of the Halloween crew. That's why we know that you'll love giving the gift of our spooky collectibles to your friends and family…or even to yourself—we know you deserve a visit from Jack Skellington, gifts and all!

Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Decorating for the holidays can be a glorious time…but it can also be quite the storage issue, not to mention the time commitment to put everything up and then take everything down once the holiday is complete. Fortunately, The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations manage to satisfy decorating needs for two holidays at once! Need to put up some scary items around the house? You can't go wrong with Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween decorations! Is it time to put up the holiday lights and trim the tree? Well, some Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments will go great next to your Santa Claus especially some Jack Skellington ornaments with him in his Santa gear! The best part is that since Halloween and Christmas are pretty close together, no need to take them down!

Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines

Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines

One of the best aesthetics of The Nightmare Before Christmas is its use of stop-motion. It involves manipulating figures and capturing thousands of pictures to give the illusion of the figure actually moving around. Pretty innovative, we like to think! Sure, we've got other styles that have pretty much taken over but being able to use the old techniques with modern technology is what made Nightmare Before Christmas possible. Why are we even talking about the history of stop-motion? Well, collectible figures are a big part of any popular license out there, so when you've got one that depended on figurines of a sort to begin with, that makes these Nightmare Before Christmas figurines even better. You'll feel rather exclusive because these figures are like bringing home a real-to-life part of the film!

Funko POP! Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POP!

If we're talking about things that are going to last a long time, we're definitely talking about Funko collectibles. Combine that with Nightmare Before Christmas and you've got the making of a movie of your own! Take a look at some of our Jack Skellington and Sally bobbleheads and other Nightmare Before Christmas Pop! Vinyl options. You'll find they are that perfect blend of creepy and cute, just like all of Tim Burton's work! Heck, you can grab your phone's camera and create a stop-motion movie featuring the giant-headed characters. Actually, that's an excellent idea, we'll be right back!

Jack and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines

Jack and Sally Figurines

There's no question that Jack Skellington isn't quite complete without Sally. (And, given how often her stitches go loose, Sally has a tough time being complete without Jack, too!) But, when they are together, everything does seem right with the world. When you bring both of them together in your own home with some of our Jack and Sally figures, you'll feel the same support they give each other! Not only that, but they have a way of keeping all those goofy monsters from acting up, so you can combine these figures with a Nightmare Before Christmas ornament set or movie moment scene to bring the whole movie to life on your mantle place!

Nightmare Before Christmas Clothing

As much as Jack would like it to be otherwise, it can't always be Halloween. (Believe us, some of us wouldn't mind it either, but it would detract from the holiday fun to just make it every day.) Still, if you're the type that wants to bring some of that spooky spirit with you all year 'round but wearing Jack and Sally costumes might be pushing it just a bit too much, there are ways to do so that won't give you too many crazy looks. Gear up in or gift away some of our Nightmare Before Christmas clothing and ensure that you've got a cackling good time every month of the year. Bonus? You'll quickly recognize other fans of Jack Skellington from that 'ooh, what's this?!' look that you'll see in their eyes!

Nightmare Before Christmas Sweaters

Nightmare Before Christmas Sweaters

Apparently, people of flesh and blood will occasionally get chilly. That's something that Jack doesn't really have to deal with—proven by the fact that his Santa suit was rather slim in terms of heavy fabric—but that isn't likely to help most of us average humans! Fortunately, there are ways to tackle all of the chill while also looking especially cool. You can wear your love for Jack Skellington and the rest of the haunting crew right on your sleeve with a Nightmare Before Christmas sweater. We've got comfortable sweaters that just feature some of the Burtonesque details or you can go into true holiday fashion with some Nightmare Before Christmas sweaters! Could there be better ugly Christmas sweater options than ones that blend in some Halloween fun?!

Nightmare Before Christmas Socks

Nightmare Before Christmas Socks

You might have noticed that some of Tim Burton's style occasionally involves tongues or tentacles. We totally understand where they would come into play. They're obviously pretty creepy, after all! But from Beetlejuice to Corpse Bride and, of course, the realm of Jack Skellington and company, those creepy details often look just a bit like cozy socks gone wrong! It can't be just us that sees the similarity! Whether you agree or not, we can offer up plenty of creepy-cozy socks to go along with your Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas or to make your Jack Skellington slippers even more snuggly. Even when you can't go running around in your favorite Halloween costumes, you can still channel the fun of the season by showing off your ankles covered in these iconic film scenes or Jack's grinning face.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Of course, it is a great gift to show someone that you love Nightmare Before Christmas just as much as they do. But, until we manage to actually find that mysterious door that leads us to Halloween Town, there is one other way to make that gift even greater! That, of course, involves helping your loved one feel like they're part of the adventure by letting them dress up as part of the cast! There are plenty of ways that you can craft your own costume to get the job done with stitches or a particularly vampire-like jacket, but going with one of our fun costumes will have you ready for some Nightmare Before Christmas party games or full-on Halloween parties before anyone can say Oogie Boogie Man!

Sally Costume

Sally Costume

Start off with Sally because, honestly, she's the most important character. Sure, there wouldn't be much of a tale without the Pumpkin King leading the charge. But, without Sally, we wouldn't have Halloween or Christmas! This is the gal who has her heart in the right place…usually. With one of our fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costumes, you'll feel like you've been stitched together just right and that will help Jack Skellington remember what's really important about the holidays—all of them! So, just remember some of those key phrases: "It's going to be a disaster!" and "It seems very wrong to me. Very wrong!" will probably be the most useful.

Jack Skellington Costume

Jack Skellington Costume

The Pumpkin King is the uncontested master of Halloween. He knows all the best practical jokes. But he's also filled with confidence…at least once he's got an idea of how to make things even better. Halloween has gotten just a bit too humdrum for him, so the idea of taking over Christmas sounds brilliant. When you're in one of our debonair Jack Skellington costumes, remember that confidence. When Sally says she's got a terrible vision, you say, "that's splendid!" and when she says things are going to fall apart, just chuckle and point out your plan. If you follow everything, you're going to make a perfect Sandy Claws! (Just remember: false confidence makes the skeleton-man!)

Oogie Boogie Costume

Oogie Boogie Costume

When you're talking about Halloween villains, a ton of obvious creatures come to mind. Vampires! Werewolves! All sorts of strange, exotic, and terrifying monsters, no doubt. But, in Halloween Town, those are just regular citizens. How can you gamble that any regular monster is going to stand up to be a villain mighty enough to really give Jack Skellington the chattering teeth? That's where Oogie Boogie comes into play. You'll be ready to bring chaos to all of the worlds with the roll of a die thanks to an Oogie Boogie Man Nightmare Before Christmas costume. Just watch out for a pair of snake-eyes on those rolls and it might be a good idea to keep an extra spool of thread around, just in case!

Zero Costume

Zero Costume

Who would have thought that a dog would continue to be everyone's best friend even into the spirit realm? Well, frankly, everyone who has ever had a dog knows that! Still, the knowledge of that simple fact doesn't make the little ghost-dog hero, Zero, any less amazing. Not only does the little guy end up being the one who helps point Jack in the right way, he even gets to step up and take over Rudolf's role when Jack's Christmas adventure doesn't go entirely to plan. ('Who could have guessed that?' Sally must be thinking!) If you want to take to the skies and show your canine pride, our Zero costume is the way to go! All you need to do is practice your hovering and passing through solid objects.

Nightmare Before Christmas Home Décor

Nightmare Before Christmas Home Décor

When the door to Halloween Town finally closes and the film's credits end, what is there left to do? You could just hit that replay button and start the fun over, but even Jack Skellington needs to wait a little bit of time before he's ready to hit the streets and scare up some screams. Fortunately, there are a bunch of other Tim Burton films that you can watch. But better yet, you can decorate your home with all things Nightmare Before Christmas and be sure to keep that spirit alive no matter what season you're facing. From collectibles to caps, cups and mugs, blankets and bags, and everything in between, we've got the Nightmare Before Christmas home decorations that'll have you laughing into your afterlife.

Nightmare Before Christmas FAQ

Do you sell officially licensed Nightmare Before Christmas products?

You'll find a ton of great officially licensed items in this category. They include everything from Jack Skellington and Sally costumes, clothing that feature the characters' faces or the creepy Tim Burton aesthetic, and authentic Nightmare Before Christmas figurines and collectible sets from your favorite moments from the film. Deck out your home, office, and even yourself with some great licensed Nightmare Before Christmas gifts!

What year did The Nightmare Before Christmas come out?

The Nightmare Before Christmas started out as a poem written by Tim Burton in 1982 when he was an animator for Disney. Over several years, he tried to develop it as a short film like his creepy poem, Vincent, but it wouldn't pan out until it was finally released as a stop-motion dark fantasy in 1993! Now, of course, the musical film bridges two of the best holidays and even became a 3D release in 2006.

Who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Tim Burton came up with the concept and animation style for the film and also produced it, but it might surprise you to learn that he didn't actually write or direct it! Screenplay credits go to Caroline Thompson (who also wrote Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride) and the film was directed by Henry Selick, who is also known for such stop-motion hits as Coraline and James and the Giant Peach.

What are some of your staff favorite Nightmare Before Christmas gifts?

There are a ton of items that we love. With all the dog-lovers around here, who can go wrong with Zero guarding our books or hanging out in Funko form with Jack? We also love Jack Skellington celebrating the Day of the Dead in addition to Halloween. After a long day, relaxing in some of the loungewear with Nightmare's creepy-but-fun aesthetic can't be beat, so a Pumpkin King robe or Jack Skellington pajamas are just the way to make sure we have the most exciting dreams at night. Last but not least, we love playing games, so we're pleased to have some great Nightmare Before Christmas games!

Who is Jack Skellington?

Practically the epitome of Tim Burton's stretched and creepy style, Jack Skellington is the smart-dressing main character of The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is known as the "Pumpkin King" to the denizens of Halloween Town, a mysterious and fantastic realm where all are constantly preparing for All Hallows Eve. He is the embodiment of the Halloween spirit—just like Santa is to Christmas—and has numerous supernatural abilities to help him inspire the terrifying fun of the holiday. Despite being beloved by all who love Halloween, he feels he's missing something in his unlife and decides to take over Christmas, too! Fortunately, he's got a great friend in Sally who can help put his head back on his shoulders!

Who did the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas?

If you're like us and feel the music from The Nightmare Before Christmas often creeping into your mind, you only have the Grammy Award-winning Danny Elfman to blame! Not only is he a prestigious composer, singer, and songwriter (as well as the lead singer from Oingo Boingo until 1995), he's the brainchild behind almost all of Tim Burton's films and was the singing voice for the Pumpkin King!