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Minnie Mouse Costumes

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Oh! Hello, there. We see you’ve found our Minnie Mouse Costumes. Aren’t they darling? When you or a loved one are looking to become the world’s sweetest mouse you absolutely must start with the right dress and complimenting bow. Here you’ll find options for you, your friends, and all the little cuties in your life!
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Girls Minnie Mouse Classic Costume
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Girls Deluxe Disney Minnie Mouse Costume
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Infant Sweet Minnie Mouse Costume
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Minnie Mouse Costume for Dogs
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Infant Deluxe Red Minnie Mouse Costume
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Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premium Costume
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Minnie Mouse Headpiece
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Disney Minnie Mouse Vintage Flower Hat
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Minnie Witch Hat
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Minnie Black Sequin Ears Headband
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Minnie Mouse Plush Headband
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Minnie Santa Cap
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Products 1 - 48 of 48

There are few more iconic mice than Minerva “Minnie” Mouse. The Disney darling has been around and loved for so long that she has been given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — quite an impressive feat for a mouse. When you really get to know Minnie’s story, you’ll find there is so much more to this funny animal than her signature looks and sugary-sweet disposition.

Since 1928 Minnie has been partners with Mickey Mouse. Their romance has become a legend in its 91-year life, as one would expect such a lasting relationship to do. However, did you know that while Mickey Mouse might be Disney’s leading man, Minnie Mouse has the fleshed out back story and family? Minnie has also continued to adapt to her changing world with character changes and wardrobe redesigns that keep her relevant to the times. Which is why, you can continue to find fans proudly wearing her ears, bow, or polka-dots wherever you go!

When you’re ready to become Minnie Mouse, a good rule of thumb is fun, flirty, cute, and polka-dotted. Be sure to add a bow or flower-topped bowler hat to really complete your look. Of course, there is room for variation, as Minnie has gone through her fair share of changes through the decades, and we’ve got a few standout options for the less traditional Minnie as well.

For the adults looking to dress as their favorite mouse, we have Minnie costumes that beg to return to the era of Minnie as a Damsel in Distress with their retro vibes. You could also become a Minnie ready for a glamorous night out in her signature red or a snuggly night-in in cozy pajamas. If you want to mix things up, a sleek and sassy Minnie can also come to life with the costumes in our collection.

When it’s time to get the little ones in on the act we have options that are sweeter than Minnie’s voice. Whether they want to look like Princess Minnie or take to the racetrack as Roadster Minnie, you can get them ready as either. Oh, and don't forget a trick-or-treat bag inspired by your little one’s favorite mouse to complete their Halloween look.

Our collection of Minnie Mouse accessories will give you the option to bring Minnie into your everyday wardrobe as well. Choose from a number of headbands featuring Minnie’s famous bow or go vintage with a flowered hat. Your little one can even wear Minnie’s classic polka-dots as a jacket when they head to school or daycare.

If you’re looking for your next Halloween costume or just a fun accessory for a regular Tuesday afternoon, you’ll find a Minnie Mouse treat for you or your loved ones here on!

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes

Step into the magical world of Disney with our collection of Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes! Perfect for fans of all ages, these costumes let you become part of the timeless charm of Mickey Mouse's beloved companion. Our Minnie Mouse collection features stylish dresses that capture Minnie's iconic look with a modern twist. From classic red and white polka dots to chic pink designs, each piece is crafted to make you feel like a queen of the cartoon world!

Women's Minnie Mouse Costumes

Women's Minnie Mouse Costume

Embrace the spirit of Minnie with our Women's Minnie Mouse Costumes. Tailored to make you the star of any Halloween event, these costumes blend classic Disney elegance with modern fashion. Adorned with flowers and polka dots, they're perfect for parties, themed events, or just for fun. Our range includes a variety of sizes and styles to help you find the perfect Minnie look.

Girl's Minnie Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse Costume Toddler

nsform your little girl into Disney's sweetheart with our Girl's Minnie Mouse Costumes. From playful toddler Minnie Mouse costumes to charming outfits for older kids, each costume is designed with comfort and style in mind. They're not just dresses; they're a ticket to a world of imagination and joy. Let them delight as they twirl in polka-dot wonder and Disney ears!

Minnie Mouse Costume Accessories

No Minnie Mouse costume is complete without the perfect accessories! Our Minnie Mouse Costume Accessories bring the finishing touch to your look. Once you pick out the perfect outfit, all you need to do is add the shoes, the makeup, or perhaps a matching handbag and you'll be one step closer to living out your Disney dreams. Of course, if you want even better ideas, look at these!

Minnie Mouse Ears Headbands

Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

Our Minnie Mouse Ears Headband is the quintessential accessory for any Minnie costume. Adorned with a charming bow and available in various colors including classic pink, it's perfect for completing your Minnie look or adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday wardrobe.

Minnie Mouse Flower Hats

Minnie Mouse Flower Hat

Elevate your Minnie Mouse costume with our Minnie Mouse Flower Hat. This chic accessory blends Minnie's classic style with a fresh, floral twist, making it a stylish addition to any costume. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement piece that celebrates Minnie's fun-loving spirit!