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Bring life to your favorite weirdo creatures when you try our Minion costumes on for size. Whether you want to run around in prehistory as the first dinosaur subordinates or help the newest villain rise to power, our Minion costumes for kids and adults are perfect for any occasion. So, channel your inner banana-loving, mischief-makers and dive into fun as a Minion!
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How do you imagine that the Minions came to exist? Do you think that Universal developers were just staring at the breakfast aisle and suddenly wondered if a bunch of bananas could become the new hit for an upcoming film? Or could those seemingly immortal creatures have just shown up in droves, seeking worthwhile employment? No matter how they were inspired, we know that Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and the rest have lept into our hearts and become the ultimate in kooky characters! 

That's why there's nothing more FUN than suiting up in a Minion costume! Whether you're looking to help your tykes find the perfect Minions Halloween costume for the October holiday or trying to find the ultimate in Minions birthday party madness, you need look no further, for we are here to serve! 

Of course, before you dive into the Minionese dictionary to figure out what the heck you are doing, we can help answer a few of your questions! The Minions started as a handful of folks who were really just out there hunting down the most powerful being they could find. Why? Well, you'd think it was for survival purposes, but given the fact that they can withstand lava and lightning bolts, they probably didn't need any help there. That means they're just really helpful! They started as a family of 230 and grew to 10,400, serving the epic Gru in Despicable Me

Though, you still might be asking what the Minions even are! They're short little dudes with yellow bodies that carry between cylindrical to spherical... (or whatever you call a rounded cube). One or two eyes with an epic goggle accessory and a pair of worker's overalls make up their iconic look. From there, they are masters of the Minionese language... which seems to be what happens when several of our own languages get together for banana daiquiris. 

Of course, it isn't critical to know all the details about the Minions to enjoy their zany fun. All you need to do is slip into our collection of Minions costumes and you're good to go! Upgrade your Halloween or themed Birthday Parties with our Minion costumes for kids and adults. We have Inflatable Minion costumes to help you look just like the rotund weirdos as well as all of the Minion accessories you'll need to create your very own Minion character. With all that at your disposal, you might even be on the hunt for a nefarious (and kind-hearted) villain to help lead you into the next age. Naturally, you'll find some Gru costumes to couple with your Minions in our Despicable Me category! So, as the Minions say, "Pwede na!?" because, we think you're ready to start with these Minion gifts. 

Minion Halloween Costumes

It's that spooky time of year again, and what better way to celebrate than by diving headfirst into the zany world of Despicable Me? Transform into one of Gru's iconic yellow sidekicks with our Minion Halloween Costumes. Whether channeling the playful antics of Kevin, the heartwarming innocence of Bob, or Stuart's ever-charming vibe, our outfits promise a night full of giggles and Minion mischief. For those eyeing the mastermind himself, our Adult Gru Costume Kit awaits.

Do you need funny costume ideas? Imagine arriving at that Halloween bash, rocking Minion overalls and goggles, becoming the life of the party. And if you're teaming up with friends, forming your own Minion crew has never been easier. So, slip into those iconic blue overalls, perfect your Minionese, and make this Halloween an unforgettable adventure. After all, with these costumes, every misadventure becomes a story worth telling. Just don't forget your love for bananas!

Inflatable Minion Costumes

Inflatable Minion Costumes

Go big or go home in our Inflatable Minion Costume! Want to make a hilariously oversized entrance at the next bash? This is the gear for you. Inflate your way into a world of mischief and stand out in any crowd. We mean this quite literally. It's a mega Minion moment waiting to happen. So, grab those goggles, power up the fan, and get ready to roll in true Minion madness. Dive into our epic collection of inflatable costumes and be the Minion that's larger than life!

Toddler Minion Costumes

Toddler Minion Costumes

Banana-loving mischief in tiny form? Check! Our Toddler Minion Costume captures all the cheeky charm your little one loves. Let them toddle around, plotting their adorable schemes, and don't forget to finish with your favorite Care Bear Plush, just like Bob does with Tim. From backyard adventures to themed playdates, this toddler costume promises giggles, photoshoots, and memories of them being the cutest Minion on the block. Let's make their Minion dreams come alive!

Minion Costumes for Women

Minion Costumes for Women

Mischief meets girl power in our Minion Costume for Women! Slide into that iconic yellow and blue and instantly become everyone's favorite henchwoman. This Halloween outfit is all about playful villain vibes. Complete the look by pairing it with one of our Nerf guns. Grab this woman's costume and make some Minion magic! Whether plotting a playful scheme or just dancing to some groovy beats, this Minion Costume for Women makes every moment hilariously Minion-worthy.

Kid Minion Costumes

Kid Minion Costumes

With our Kid Minion Costume, your child is set to become the cheekiest sidekick on the block. Dive into a world of playful schemes and mischievous giggles because this kid's costume transforms them into Gru's delightful helpers. Imagine backyard adventures, Minion-style dance-offs, and many "Bello!" moments. So, whether for a movie-themed party or just some everyday fun, this ensemble brings the Despicable Me charm to you. Fun, frolic, and a tad bit of mischief? Sorted!

Men’s Minion Costumes

Are you looking to switch things up? Channel your inner Minion with our Men's Minion Costume! Dive into a world of cheeky antics and banana-filled adventures. Whether you're shaking things up at a theme party or going out for a movie night, this men's costume is your ticket to laughter and mischief. Fancy a unique twist? Pair with a knight Renaissance Costume and rock that Knightly Kevin vibe. So, pop on that gear, and let's cause a fun-filled ruckus, Minion style!

Girl Minion Costumes

Enter a world of fun and mischief with our Girl Minion Costume! It's a quirky twist on the classic dress-up. While it checks the box for parents wanting their kids in adorable apparel, it's zany enough for little fans to adore. Capture the spunky spirit of the Minions and the vibrant energy of Despicable Me. Whether you’re going with friends or just want a unique girl costume for dress-up days, this outfit has charm and cheekiness covered. Let the madness begin!

Minion Costume Accessories

Amp your Minion makeover with our range of Minion Costume Accessories! Stepping into the shoes of your favorite yellow buddies has never been this fun. Want to embody the heartfelt Bob? Snuggle up with a teddy bear like our boy Bob, a plush sidekick for all your escapades. If you're feeling the musical vibes of Stuart, then strum along with a toy electric guitar for Stuart. Rock out and let those Minion melodies flow! But what if you're channeling the boldness of Kevin?

We've got something for you! Step into the world of medieval Minion madness with a knighthood for Kevin. Yes, you heard right! Don your blade and embrace the knightly spirit of everyone's beloved tall Minion. With these accessories in hand, you're not just wearing a costume but living the Minion dream. So, whether you're planning a solo escapade or teaming up for an entire Minion saga, these are the finishing touches you've been searching for. Let the adventures begin!

Minion Goggles

Zoom into Minion madness with these zany Minion Goggles! Essential costume accessories for any budding Minion fan, these goggles are the key to transforming any look into a full-blown Despicable Me adventure. Whether piecing together a costume or just sporting them for a laugh, you will feel part of Gru's mischievous crew. So, slap them on, channel your inner Stuart, and let the banana-filled escapades begin! Who knew causing a bit of friendly chaos could look this good?

Gru Masks

Ready your disguise for the big heist and enter the world of naughty plans with a Gru Mask! It's all about the nose and that signature bald look. Ready to rally a crew of playful Minions? This mask sets the mood for some lighthearted plotting. Whether you're snagging the moon or just out for a bit of fun, you'll be the center of the Minion madness. Slap on this mask, mastermind a few pranks, and let the fun take over! Masks just hit a new level of despicable awesomeness.

Minion Gloves

Slide into these Minion Gloves and let the banana-loving antics begin! Designed to capture that iconic Minion hand look, these costume gloves are the ultimate finishing touch for any fan's outfit. Whether miming a Minion dance or just waving hello to fellow Despicable Me enthusiasts, these gloves add more fun. Join the yellow crew, and let your hands do the talking. With these gloves on, it's all about prankish play! Jump into Minion mischief with these Minion Gloves!

Minions Makeup

Who said Minions can't be glam? Bring the little guy's style with our Minions Makeup! Whether aiming for a full Bob blush or just a hint of Stuart sparkle, this costume makeup covers you. Dive into playful yellows, blues, and other Minion-approved shades. It's all about expressing that mischievous side and getting into character. So, dab on, blend in, and let your inner Minion shine through! Costume makeup was never this despicably delightful. Join the Minion mania!