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Kids Minecraft Creeper Romper
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Minecraft Axe Insulated Lunch Tote
Sale - 47%
Minecraft Bee Lamp
Sale - 20%
Minecraft Axe Patch Laptop Backpack
Sale - 30%
Girls Minecraft Ocean Fun Sleep Shorts Set
Sale - 50%
Minecraft Creeper Lamp
Sale - 10%
Boy's 3 Piece Minecraft Overworld Trouble Sleep Set
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Minecraft Isometric Full Bed Set
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Minecraft Gold Sword Accessory
Sale - 13%
Minecraft Creeper Icon Lamp
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Minecraft Sword Accessory main1
Minecraft Pickaxe Accessory
Sale - 33%
Deluxe Minecraft Armor Kids Costume_Update
Sale - 11%
Minecraft Enchanted Purple Sword
Sale - 33%
Minecraft Gold Pickaxe Accessory
Sale - 13%
Child Minecraft Classic Skeleton Costume
Sale - 14%
Minecraft Deluxe Child Zombie Costume_Update
Sale - 11%
Minecraft Kids Armor Classic Costume1
Sale - 17%
Kid's Minecraft Netherite Armor Jumpsuit Classic-update
Sale - 17%
Minecraft Enchanted Diamond Armor Deluxe Kid's Costume
Sale - 11% Exclusive
Kids Minecraft Creeper Jumpsuit Costume
Sale - 17%
Prestige Minecraft Child Armor Costume
Sale - 38%
Minecraft Prestige Child Zombie Costume_Update
Sale - 14%
Minecraft Creeper Classic Girls Costume
Sale - 40%
Minecraft Kids Netherite Armor Deluxe Costume-update
Sale - 11%
Creeper Prestige Boys Costume_Update
Sale - 20%
Minecraft Zombie Pigman Classic Child Costume
Sale - 29%
Minecraft Child Armor Classic Costume
Sale - 43%
Minecraft Creeper Vacuform Mask
Sale - 38%
Minecraft Fox Light
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Products 1 - 60 of 87

The world of Minecraft is one crazy place! It might be a fun place to visit, but we wouldn't want to live there in real life. You spend hours of labor digging up diamonds, so you can finally build the dream house you've always wanted, only to have some big green jerk waltz over to it so he can blow it up. No thank you! But we found another way to bring our love of the video game into real life.

These Minecraft gifts include everything from Creeper apparel, to lamps, to Enderman mask and even a toy weapon or two! The best part about all this stuff? You never have to worry about a Creeper blowing up your things, since they don't exist in the real world. (Or at least, we've never come across any).

Minecraft Merch

If you've got a kiddo who's obsessed with Minecraft, you may be shopping for a Minecraft gift that's sure to be a hit. when it comes to a popular game like Minecraft, fans will absolutely want to buy everything they can find that features images and logos from the game. We offer a wide selection of items inspired by that obsession, with Minecraft shirts, hoodies, drinkware, home goods, and more! Check out these top gift ideas for more info on the coolest Minecraft merch around. Any kiddo that loves the game is going to be over the moon for Minecraft pajamas that are sure to become their brand-new favorites.

Adults who love hopping into the world of Minecraft during the evening and weekends are sure to appreciate owning Minecraft merchandise that shows off their fandom at home. We have a stellar selection of Minecraft gift ideas that exude the cool factor the game is known for. Whether it comes to a selection for the home, office, or a dorm room, we have Minecraft licensed gear that's sure to be just the thing!

Minecraft Clothes

Minecraft Clothes

A Minecraft shirt and hat is an outfit any child gamer is going to love. They can proudly wear their Minecraft apparel to school to show off to their classmates that they're an expert gamer. They'll also be very happy when they get to slip on their favorite Creeper t-shirt and start playing online. We offer great t-shirts, hats, and accessories inspired by the game, so just shop our entire selection to pick out the best items for your kiddo!

Pickaxe Coffee Mug

Minecraft Coffee Mug

So, you can ask any gamer—writing code or TPS reports isn't quite as much fun as crafting a castle or cathedral in Minecraft. But there is a way to be inspired by the game at work. Just make sure you're sipping your coffee out of a Minecraft mug! This Pickaxe mug features a diamond ore block and the all-important pickaxe implement as the handle. It holds 18 ounces of hot joe to keep you caffeinated but works for any other beverage as well!

Minecraft Pajamas

Minecraft Pajamas

You might think a pair of pajamas inspired by a character named "Creeper" might inspire nightmares, but we're sure any little Minecraft player will tell you "No way!" That's because your kiddo is going to dream up new ways to defeat the mob when they sleep in a comfy Minecraft sleep set. The Creeper TNT set seen here comes with 2 pairs of PJs with vivid, fun imagery right out of the game.

Creeper Fleece Blanket

Minecraft Blanket

When it comes to Minecrafting, there's no season because players play all through spring, summer, and fall. When it comes playing during winter, though, gamers might have to fight off a chill. Which means it'd be a great idea to have Minecraft throws at home! Pictured here, the Creeper Digital Fleece Throw features great graphic art inspired by the game and cozy plush fabric. It's great to wrap up in whether seated at the computer or snuggled up for a snooze!

Minecraft Lamp

Minecraft Lamp

Minecraft décor is a fun way to add a geeky touch to any room, and we offer several Minecraft lamps that are great for players who can't get enough of the game. The Creeper Lamp, seen here, features the iconic green blocky head of the exploding creature, and is a favorite choice of kids for their bedrooms. We also tell a TNT block lamp and a Minecraft Logo Light that are a great way to decorate a computer room to set the mood for gaming!

Minecraft LEGO Sets

The immersive gameplay of Minecraft means that sometimes a kid can get a bit too much screen time when playing online. But LEGO has made it bit easier to get kids to log off by creating Minecraft LEGO sets as a real-world alternative to video game play! These intuitive playsets feature players' favorite characters and scenes with lots of imaginative features that truly capture the sandbox play style of the beloved game franchise.

LEGO Minecraft Toys

LEGO Minecraft Toys

LEGO Minecraft toys like the Minecraft The First Adventure set, pictured here, really bring the action of the hit video game to life! The set includes figures for the Steve and Alex characters as well as skeletons, a dyed cat, a horned sheep, and a flowery moobloom. The assembled set offers a 3-level structure complete with hidden traps and fun features like a waterfall elevator and explosions!

Minecraft Dungeons LEGO Set

LEGO Minecraft Set

The spin-off video game Minecraft Dungeons has made it to LEGO form, too, with cool sets like the Jungle Abomination LEGO Minecraft Playset seen here! Assemble the Jungle Abomination monster and it has movable parts to take on the good guys. A Minecraft explorer and archaeologist are included to face off as well as a Creeper, a skeleton, and an iron golem to really up the ante.

Minecraft Figures & Plush

Minecraft is famed for its immersive, expansive sandbox style game world. So, whenever a player has an opportunity to bring a bit of that digital experience into the real world it's something they're sure to love. A great way to do that is with Minecraft action figures and toys. Kids always enjoy roleplaying game moments with Minecraft toys, and adult players will like having a collectible figure or plush to decorate their computer desk.

Minecraft Mini Figures

Minecraft Mini Figures

Since the game features a wide range of characters, animals, and hostile mobs, Minecraft lends itself perfectly to collectible figures. Buying Minecraft toys that are nano-sized makes assembling a huge collection all the easier, and thanks to Jada Toys you can do just that with Minecraft Nano Metalfigs. These clever die-cast toys come in 1.65" scale and feature great paint details to accurately recreate each characters' look from the game.

Minecraft Plush Toys

Minecraft Plush Toys

For a Minecraft toy that's sure to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, just think about getting a Minecraft plush figure! We offer plush toys for some of the cutest critters from the game, like a Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy and an Ocelot Stuffed Figure. Either is an adorable option! Of course, we have the more sinister characters available, too, like a Creeper plush that can be proudly displayed by Minecrafters extraordinaire.

Minecraft Accessories

Everyone loves to build up some fun and there's no better place to do that than the wonderful world of Minecraft. Of course, there are a ton of great gifts you can grab from this blocky world, too! We have lamps to illuminate your kid's room while exploring around and Minecraft apparel that will have them feeling the fun all day long. Don't forget the Minecraft Nano Figs, either. They aren't just for Minecraft Dungeons!

Minecraft Sword Toys

Minecraft Sword Toy

One of the biggest moments when starting fresh is when you craft up your very first enchanted sword in Minecraft! Those zombies better be running for the blocky hills at that point because your adventuring will really go up a notch. So, whether your tyke is getting ready for a costumed event or if they just need some extra inspiration when getting their exercise, these foam Minecraft Tools are great!

Minecraft Costumes

Minecraft Costumes

They always say that you should dress for the job you want! Well, if your tyke aims to become an epic Minecraft explorer, there's no better place to start than Minecraft Steve's outfit. With our collection of Minecraft costumes, that's just what your kid (and you!) can do. From hissing Creepers to the epic Ender Dragon, you'll find an entire cast of Minecraft character costumes right here for the whole family.