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The premiere superhero family is here! Our Incredibles costumes are officially licensed from the Disney Pixar movie and they come in sizes and styles for the whole family. We carry Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, and Dash. We even have Edna Mode costumes for anyone looking for an outfit of the fan-favorite character of the movie.
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What is it about superheroes? There's just something about them that draws us to them. Is it the superpowers? Maybe it's the larger than life problems that they have to solve on a daily basis. Maybe it's because they always seem to stand for truth, justice, and all of the better qualities within ourselves! Well, whatever it is that keeps us enthralled, we know one thing for sure! When it comes to wholesome superheroes, The Incredibles are definitely at the top of the list!

The Incredibles hit the scene back in 2004. Pixar was ready to continue their hot streak with an animated superhero film and Incredibles turned out to be a smash hit! It followed the tale of retired superheroes who had to keep their powers, and the budding powers of their kids, a secret. Of course, keeping an awesome secret like that turned out to be a bit tougher than expected! In the end, the Incredibles family learns to love themselves, weird powers and all, as they use them to protect the world from dangerous threats! And Incredibles 2 upped the ante by showing us how superhero life can affect family dynamics! We loved both films, which is why we made sure to gather up the best collection of Incredibles costumes on the internet!

There are plenty of reasons to dress up in our Incredibles costumes. The number one reason though is that it makes a great family group costume! We carry all of the main characters from the movie, along with some fan favorites, to make sure everyone in your family can have a great costume to wear.

We have the classic Mr. Incredible costumes, which help transform any dad into the head of the household. We carry multiple Elastigirl costumes, including her gray suit that she wears during her solo career in Incredibles 2. This makes a great costume for any mom! We have classic Dash costumes for any child looking to be a little speedster and we even have some great Violet costumes to help your girl find her inner strength. If you're looking for something a little more "chill," then you can try one of our Frozone costumes! He's a fan favorite and his costume definitely a bit cooler than some of the other superhero outfits. Finally, we even have Edna Mode, the feisty fashion designer! Our Edna Mode costumes are for anyone who loves her straightforward nature and plucky comments!

If you're looking for a great group costume, or you just want to dress up as a character from your favorite Disney Pixar movie, then these Incredibles costumes are a great choice for you. They're a great way to get in touch with your inner superhero!