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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Costumes

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Deep in a snowflake, Whoville resides in the shadow of Mt. Crumpit, where the Grinch tends to hide. But here in this collection of costumes, you’ll find that the Grinch and his Whos are ready to climb outside of their snowflake to join you for a good time! So choose from something you see here for a holiday filled with cheer!
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

There are plenty of classic Christmas stories and characters to celebrate. But for you and yours, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is truly unbeatable. There is joy and villainy. Those that are good get better, and those in the shadows find the light. It’s a tale of finding meaning in something you steadfastly love and a ride through rediscovering something that is more than it seems. And, honestly, there’s something about it that just makes you feel all sorts of smiley.

Don’t keep the wonderful world of Whoville for Christmas alone. Bring the Grinch and sweet Cindy Lou into your Halloween too! With our selection of How the Grinch Stole Christmas costumes, you’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate the story that never fails to delight! Not sure which costume would fit you or the occasion, right? Read on for some Grinch costume ideas that we’re sure you’ll like!

Heading to a costume party with your partner in crime? What pair could be better than the Grinch dressed in lime and Cindy Lou Who with her twisty hair piled high? Put together a couple’s costume you’re sure to adore with Grinch costumes and Cindy Lou costumes in sizes fit for you and so many more! Inspired by the live-action film, our Cindy Lou looks are a surprising treat while available Grinchy suits feel like the trick to completing your Halloween recipe. Dress toddlers, kids, and any adult in the costumes we stock right here!

Looking to keep your Grinch or Who costume a little lowkey? Explore all our accessories! A Grinch mask will do nicely with any disguise. Don a good Santa hat with a vibrant green beard for a look that truly tells no lies.

No costumed event to attend? Cuddle up in a Grinch Kigurumi for movie watching instead! Or, skip the costume vibe altogether with an accessory for your everyday clothing. A fuzzy Grinch cap or stylish green scarf may be just the thing!

Whatever How the Grinch Stole Christmas costume idea you have in mind, we’re here to help bring it to life! Explore here for exclusives that are nothing but fun. Then dive deeper into our site for even more Dr. Seuss delights!

Costumes, clothing, accessories, and gifts, there’s a Grinch and Who option for everyone on your list! So, join the Grinch, just like we did, and believe Christmas is more than a gift from a store. You see, we know it’s much more, as you can see too with all we have here. Turn any Grinch gift into a feeling that you can carry with you all year round. And appreciate its surprising ability to be a tale where great Halloween inspiration can be found!

Grinch Costumes

We don’t just celebrate the holidays around here. We get into them—fully wrapped up, immersed in our favorite holiday worlds, and ready for another year of memory-making. It’s a lifestyle. One that’s very similar to the how the Whos down in Whoville go all-out for Christmas! And after that one fateful season, alongside the Grinch.

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you cover every inch of your home in twinkle lights and learn how to make Cindy Lou's hair a part of your winter routine. Likely, you rebrand Christmas as Grinchmas and delight in the perfect balance of mischief and magic that the Dr. Seuss story taught us all.

If that sounds like you, or like something you want to get involved with all you need is the answer to “Where can I get a Grinch costume?” And it’s HERE! Along with all your Grinch Christmas stuff like bingle balls and who-floo fluff (ornaments and cozy blankets). Check out the following guide for a closer look at some of the Grinch costume options we have to offer alongside our holiday gift ideas!

Adult Grinch Costumes

Traditions don’t always start with adults. A kid’s love of LEGOs may start an annual Christmas Eve build-a-thon. Meanwhile, your childhood love of plushies may cause Nativities and Christmas Villages to fill with the cuddly companions.

But chances are high, that parents start our love of the Grinch when they read us How the Grinch Stole Christmas! or turned on one of the film adaptations. And now, it’s your turn to kick off the Grinch holiday festivities, and Grinch costumes are a perfect way to do it!

Grinch Onesies

Grinch Onesies

Do you and yours already enjoy a holiday season filled with movie marathons and steaming mugs of cocoa? Perfect the experience with apparel to match each marathon theme, including, the, the, the Grinch! Available in our full loungewear collection, this velour hooded Grinch onesie ensures you never need to question what to wear for the occasion.

The Grinch Costumes

The Grinch Costumes

Turn Christmas magic into Grinchmas miracles instead with Grinch costumes for adults. The Grinch Santa costume pictured here is sure to inspire Christmas Eve visits that are just a little wackier than if St. Nick dropped down the chimney. And with options up to a 3X plus size Grinch costume, our selection helps more fans become the beloved grump!

Cindy Lou Who Costumes Adult

Looking for a Grinchy couples’ idea? Pair your favorite Santa Grinch costume with a Cindy Lou costume! Featuring Cindy Lou Who’s classic style from the Dr. Seuss book and the festive dress and cape worn in the live-action adaptation, you can choose exactly how to dress like a Who from Whoville when you shop our collection!

Grinch Max the Dog Costumes

Maybe you’ve got a different couple’s costume in mind for Christmas celebrations. Stick to the Grinch theme and expand the possibilities with a Max from the Grinch costume! Inspired by the most loyal friend a Grinch could ask for, our Max costumes are must-haves for every pair of pals. Steal the show when you pair styles for kids or adults with our exclusive Grinch getups!

Kids Grinch Costumes

If they’re school-age, Read Across America Day may have landed at just the right time to make Dr. Seuss’s Mt. Crumpit resident your kiddo’s favorite. Of course, the cute gibberish of the Whos down in Whoville could also be the culprit, they simply speak in relatable terms!

Either way, Grinch costumes for kids bring the fun home! From family Grinch costumes for Christmas cards and wacky group Halloween costumes, our selection offers the classic Cindy Lou Who baby costumes and boy’s Grinch costumes they want and need!

Grinch Dog Costumes

Grinch Dog Costumes

We know two very clever ways to get the dog involved with a Grinch-themed costume. You can choose something like our Max costume for toddlers and children or a pet costume that turns pups into the Grinch himself! Either way your “kids” get to play along! You just need to pick between or bring together the two styles for the sweetest duo’s look!

Grinch Halloween Costumes

Grinch Halloween Costumes

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a Christmas tale. But its big meanie turned sweetie is great Halloween inspiration too! And whether your kid wants to be the Grinch for trick-or-treat because they can wear a face full of green makeup or because our fluffy suits might just let them skip a jacket, they’re golden! Just don’t forget a candy pail to collect (not steal) treats!

Kid Cindy Lou Who Costumes

For the quintessential Grinch parent-kiddo costume, a Cindy Lou Who ensemble is a must! You could pick our adult plus size Cindy Lou Who costume for yourself and a charming baby Grinch costume. Or you can get your tiny tot looking like the littlest Who in Whoville with our infant, toddler, and Cindy Lou kid’s costume dresses, wigs, and headbands!

Grinch Santa Costumes

Let’s zoom in on our Santa Grinch costumes that replace separate Grinch and Santa costumes for easy changing! This kids’ Santa Grinch costume simplifies things with a tunic, mask, and hat. While this infant Grinch jumpsuit combines the suit and fur into one cozy piece! So, despite becoming the Grinch, kids (and parents) are far less likely to feel grumpy while changing!

Grinch Accessories

Even the Grinch knows an accessory makes all the difference. That’s why he pairs his quick Santy Claus coat with a Santa hat and ties an antler on top of Max’s little head with a bit of red string. Without each piece, no one would ever believe Santa and his reindeer were making a bonus trip to Whoville.

Our costume accessories ensure you too have everything needed to bring together a convincing look. Check out the following guide on a few must-have Grinch accessories and our full accessory collection to perfect a How the Grinch Stole Christmas disguise and playtime dress-ups alike!

Grinch Masks

Grinch Masks

First things first. Whether dressing in full Grinchy style for a pageant or joining your kiddo’s retelling of How the Grinch Stole Christmas at playtime, a mask is essential! This exclusive plush Grinch mouth-mover mask is sure to help you animate the character in stunning fashion. Pair with our Santa or classic Grinch jumpsuits for a seamless transformation!

Grinch Hats

Grinch Hats

Heading down to the theme parks for their Grinchmas celebrations? A costume may not be the ideal choice for the fun. But something like our fuzzy Dr. Seuss Grinch cap lets you show your love for the Grinch while dressing in your most comfortable apparel! Hop into our Dr. Seuss gifts selection to discover even more Seussical clothing and accessories for any occasion!

Grinch Feet

Our Grinch shoes don’t come two sizes too small. Sure, that could help you tap into his crabbiness, but we don’t recommend it. Instead, try our fuzzy Grinch shoe covers! Available in adult and kids’ sizes, they turn comfortable shoes into furry green feet! Our costume shoe selection has elfish slippers if you want something more like the Grinch’s holiday best.

Grinch Gloves

Last, but not least, the finishing touch to any costume transformation: gloves! Choose fuzzy green gloves (for kids and adults) that match our fluffy Grinch jumpsuits and shoe covers. Or pick up a simpler pair of fitted velour Grinch gloves with pointed fingers—perfect for tapping on rocks as you leer down at Whoville or pluck burnt-out bulbs from twinkling Christmas trees.