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Christmas Ornaments

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Did you know Christmas trees were originally decorated with fruit, candies, and pastries? You can still decorate that way, but this year choose a non-perishable option from us! When you shop our selection of Christmas ornaments, you’ll find everything from traditional baubles to a unique Christmas ornament shaped like a merman. So give our selection a look, and create a set of mix-and-match ornaments that'll make this year's tree really special!
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Bob Ross 5 INCH Molded Ornament Main UPD 2_Update
Noble Gems Glass Baby Girl Ornament 4pc Set
Clearance  - 17%
3" Pickle Glass Ornament
Sale - 10%
Horror Ornament Antic Skull Mask
Made By Us
Clearance  - 47%
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Ornament
Clearance  - 47%
Joe Biden Ornament
Sale - 47%
Ice Cream Sandwich Ornament
Sale - 23%
Haxan Green Witch Horror Ornament
Made By Us
Sale - 13%
Holiday Krampus Ornament
Sale - 20%
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ornament Update
Sale - 23%
Salutations Santa Christmas Ornament
Clearance  - 77%
Cannabis Happy Holidaze
Father Christmas Glass Globe Ornament
Clearance  - 65%
Products 1 - 60 of 108

Is there anything quite as spectacular as a fully decorated Christmas tree? Covered in twinkling lights, tinsel, velvet bows, and sparkly baubles of all shapes and sizes, we don’t think any other decoration can truly compare. That’s why, you’ll find our selection of ornaments offers a wide variety of traditional, unique, and truly entertaining charms for your Christmas tree!

Christmas trees of all styles make a stunning display in any home. To make that fluffy tree the star of the show though, it needs the right decorations. So, give our selection of ornaments a look to find this year’s addition or get inspired to re-do the whole thing! With decorations for different holidays, fandoms, and interests there’s something for everyone! And once you have the baubles and charms picked out, make sure to check out our other Christmas and holiday décor!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are quintessential to holiday decorating. Some a nostalgic heirloom, others—like a Baby Shark ornament—a fresh wave of excitement! Either way, the twinkle lights shimmer in our eyes as we hang each bauble and Bumble ornament on its boughs. Whether looking to deck the halls with the magic of memories or the sparkle of new traditions, we have the modern and classic treasures to transform your tree into a story of holidays past and present!

Nestle glittering donuts or cupcakes on your tree to compliment your gingerbread Christmas village. Pair pop culture pals with the cozy faux fur bands of Christmas stockings hanging nearby on the fireplace. Or let simple, whimsical, and wild ornaments combine under the glow of a unique tree topper that ties it all together!