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Create your own collection of ornaments or pick a few that suit your needs. However you decide to make your tree sparkle, there’s something special for everyone in our selection! Choose from holiday themed to spooky Halloween ornaments for an eerie tree. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an existing collection, you’ll find an ornament that’s just what you’re looking for.
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Gremlins 3" Plush Holiday Ornament Set (5 Pack) Main
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Noble Gems Glass Baby Girl Ornament 4pc Set
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Bob Ross 5 INCH Molded Ornament Main UPD 2_Update
3" Pickle Glass Ornament
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Horror Ornament Antic Skull Mask
Made By Us
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Captain Spaulding Ornament
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Ornament
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Joe Biden Ornament
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Horror Ornament Pickle Klown Mask
Made By Us
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Ice Cream Sandwich Ornament
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Haxan Green Witch Horror Ornament
Made By Us
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Holiday Krampus Ornament
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ornament Update
Sale - 23%
Products 1 - 60 of 143

The first place you’ll want to start is with, well, a holiday. Sure, Christmas trees are the traditional choice, but if you like keeping your faux fir up all year round, keeping up with the season wouldn’t be a bad idea. So, if you’re looking for decorations away from the standard Christmas theme, you’ll find options from Hanukkah to Halloween to keep things interesting!

Once you know which “type” of tree you are decorating, the real fun begins! Are you going to go with a specific theme? From color to fandom there’s plenty to choose from. If you want to create a zoo on your tree, opt for an animal theme. In our collection of animal ornaments, you’ll find everything from chickens and cats to dinosaurs and flying pigs! Though, maybe you want to go with a theme that lets you enjoy your favorite characters and stories. In our selection, there are ornaments based on movies, TV, and storybooks that are sure to please!

Grab a Bob Ross ornament for one of his avid fans. Maybe a dozen donuts would help plump-up this year’s Christmas tree. Or stick to the classics with simple baubles or snowmen and Santas. When you shop with us, you’ll find the glass blown ornaments or molded ornaments that bring a smile to you and yours!

Ornament Ideas

Kids Christmas Ornaments

It’d be great if our Christmas trees could give us a wish list of ornaments. Especially, when our minds are too busy with gift ideas and figuring out how many kitchen utensils are needed to host a holiday cookie bake-off, to plan how we want to tree the trimmed. A list from the tree telling us how it wants its white, silver, or crisp green boughs to sparkle could save so much time! Luckily, you’re here, and we have ornament ideas to inspire the start or finish of decorating!

Grinch Ornaments

The Grinch always steals the show! And this Grinch ornament from Jim Shore is no different. In fact, whether you have an entire Dr. Seuss theme for your holidays or not, the licensed resin figure is ready to sprinkle some cheer into your décor. With a tree propped in his hands and a grin stretching his face, the ornament tells both sides of the Grinch’s familiar story while its heirloom styling promises to serve up nostalgia for years to come!

Bluey Christmas Ornaments

If you’re looking to combine tradition and trend, fans of Bluey will tell you the Heelers are a great place to start! Based on the beloved cartoon and steeped in the warmth of the animated family’s dynamic, playfulness, and relatability, Bluey ornaments promise to please both young fans and their parents equally! Choose individual figures for each kiddo on your list or explore all our Bluey gifts for options that bring the family together for every celebration!

Santa Ornaments

We think milk goes best with Christmas cookies. But there’s nothing quite like the sight of Santa opening a Coca-Cola and letting its cold bubbles refresh him. And this molded Santa drinking Coca-Cola ornament, is a great choice for anyone that loves the combo of St. Nick and a crisp Coke! Of course, our Santa ornaments don’t quit with a sip of soda. Add to any classic or pop culture Santa collection with our curated Santa Claus gifts!

Rudolph Ornaments

Speaking of classic Santa, can you imagine where the jolly fellow would be without Rudolph? Probably lost in a blizzard somewhere still… Luckily, our collection ensures Santa always has his trusty, red-nosed reindeer around with Rudolph ornaments like this shimmering blown glass bauble. Depicting Rudolph snuggled up with Clarice in their winter gear, this vintage-styled ornament is a perfect choice for collectors, new couples, and any classic Christmas scene!

Funny Ornaments

Funny Ornaments

Humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So, you won’t find a specific list of funny Christmas ornaments here. Because a Queen Elizabeth ornament may tickle your funny bone while an Elvis ornament gets your neighbor laughing harder. Or the timeless Hershey Kisses Christmas Bells commercial may leave your entire family in stitches for reasons too long to explain. And if that’s true, we’ve got a 6pc Kisses ornament set to bring that magic to your décor!

Explore our full collection for options like a 5pc Gremlin ornament set that plays with the idea of the rascals being Christmas presents and pests. Get tongue-in-cheek about a favorite snack with this snowman ornament sculpted like it’s melting after enjoying some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Or go classic comedy with an I Love Lucy bauble that’ll delight fans of any age with its attention to detail. Here, it’s all about you getting to pick pieces that ensure a merry holiday!