Christmas Stockings

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Whether they’re nailed to the wall, laid under the tree, or hung by the chimney with care, Christmas decorations aren’t quite complete without a stocking for St. Nick’s visit. Make sure you have the perfect stockings for you and yours this holiday season! Whether you’re looking for something traditional or themed you’ll find the stocking and stocking hanger to make your holidays merry and bright in our selection of Christmas stockings!
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Unicorn Stocking

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Shimmer & Shine 19" Printed Stocking
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Products 1 - 60 of 74

From the tradition of Saint Nicholas giving gifts to those in need to Odin rewarding generous children for feeding his horse, there’s a good deal of debate surrounding Christmas stocking origins. Was it the man who inspired Santa Claus or a group of Grandmothers that filled socks with gifts first? We may never know for sure. So, while the story remains steeped in legend and speculation, we’ll just have to agree on one thing: Christmas stockings are a classic decoration that everyone can enjoy!

A Christmas stocking comes in every shape and style imaginable. From a standard sock to a giant plush boot-shaped pouch, there’s a different stocking for every Christmas reveler! Maybe your family has a standard stocking for everyone. Perhaps you’re looking to start a new tradition with stockings that match a franchise you love. Whatever the goal, whether you’re looking for stockings that can be customized or stockings covered in cartoon characters, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re decorating your home from attic to basement in green and red or silver and gold, you’ll want your stockings to match! Pick up Christmas stockings printed to look like gifts or velvety stockings that are sure to shimmer next to tree and fireplace. Spin the tradition just a bit with a simple plush or felt stocking that a crafty hand can customize with names and words that suit your Christmas vibe!

From Harry Potter to Nightmare Before Christmas and Rick and Morty to Disney, there’s a themed stocking that will guarantee Santa knows what everyone really wants this year. Get the house trimmed just right with your garlands and lights, then keep things balanced with a Star Wars stocking hung from a BB-8 stocking holder. Or remember that mistakes are happy little accidents (even if the Christmas turkey is a couple of shades off golden) with a Bob Ross stocking smiling from beneath your tree!

All our available stockings measure between 12 inches and 20 inches, so no matter which design you choose, you’ll have room for all the stocking stuffers! Fill a metallic-finish unicorn stocking with magical gifts for its proud owner. Or keep Llama Llama happy with Mama by filling that stocking all the way up with treats. Before you turn on the Christmas game, make sure each football fan stays merry with an NFL stocking designed for their favorite team and full of sweets to share!

Keep your Christmas socks for your feet and get a stocking perfect for decorating and stuffing! Whether it matches every stocking in the family or each one is unique to the receiver, you can start or continue this treasured Christmas tradition!