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Are you thirsty for some new home décor? Satisfy that craving with a Funko Vinyl Soda collectible! From the company you love comes these vintage twists on some of your favorite fandoms. The hunt is even more exciting with a 1 in 6 chance of receiving a unique chase variant inside the retro-printed can. It’s time to make room on your shelves because once you get a taste for these little sodas, it’ll be hard to resist cracking open another one!
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

Funko has been delighting fans with their reimagined character figures since 1998. From Betty Boop to Baby Yoda they know what collectors are looking for. And with their Vinyl Soda line, they play right to the classic collector’s wants. Heading back to their roots with figures from vintage franchises, the Vinyl Soda line is sure to earn its place on every collector’s shelves.

Not sure what makes these little vinyl collectibles so special? We’re here to fill you in and then get you set up with your new collector’s item!

Part of the charm of a Vinyl Soda figure lies in its rarity. While the line contains 9 franchises, each character represented in each collection has no more than 10,000 units (some only hit 5,000)! So, collectors of all things DC or Hanna-Barbera will be quick to snatch up one of the soda cans that hide a figure inside.

So, there are limited quantities of Wonder Woman and Lion-O available. What’s more? Each Vinyl Soda comes with the 1 in 6 chance to score a Chase variant of the beloved character! Which means under every vintage pop-tab you could find a collectible that’s even more sought after!

What do you get if you find a Chase variant? Essentially each Chase variant comes in a color that’s different from the standard. Instead of Bob’s Big Boy in red checkers, you may open your soda can and find a blue-colored character. And instead of a classic He-Man with golden hair and a silver chest guard, you’ll find a lime green figure that looks like a radioactive He-Man!

But wait, there’s more! Along with the chance to find a rare version of the chosen character, you’ll receive a collector’s disc inside each of your Vinyl Sodas. Plus, you get the packaging itself! Each playfully colored can features the original character from the cartoon or comics you love. And we’re sure you’ll want to keep it right next to the vinyl figure in your collection. Honestly, have you ever had a soda that provided so much fun?

In our selection of Funko Vinyl Soda collectibles, you’ll find some of your favorites. Choose from Batman and Robin or Wonder Woman. Maybe pick up the prehistoric duo themselves, Fred and Barney. Delight in the charm of Bob’s Big Boy (and maybe indulge in a burger the little mascot would be proud of). Or see if Skeletor, He-Man, and Lion-O would enjoy spending time with the rest of your Funko collection. No matter who you bring home, we know you’ll enjoy the satisfying reveal of each new Vinyl Soda you collect!

Funko Soda Figures

Funko Soda Figures

Since 2010, Funko's POP figures have been claiming space on collector's shelves. With stylized versions of everything from Mickey Mouse to Pennywise, though, it's no surprise! The line caters to every fan and entices with limited editions, revamped classics, and chase variants. But how does a company stay ahead of their own curve when exclusives are already their bread and butter? Give the people something even sweeter to crave: Soda!

Funko's vinyl Soda launched in 2020 with a new shape, retro characters, and a vintage-style soda can package that added some blind-box intrigue to every purchase. From classics like Hanna-Barbera and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to pop culture phenoms like Stranger Things and your favorite anime characters, Soda covers it all! So, whether you're shopping for the next Vinyl Soda for your collection or hoping to score a unique gift for a collector in your life, you've come to the right place. Just follow along with this short guide to hear a bit more on the Funko Vinyl Soda figures we have in store for you!

Funko Vinyl Soda Figures

Funko Vinyl Soda

If you're new to Funko Soda Vinyl, it's important to know, you're not getting a soft drink when you order a can. Even Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey isn't coming with liquid, no matter if you get the chase variant carrying overflowing buckets of water. As delectable as the Funko pop cans might make Fantasia characters look, they're vinyl. Do not consume. Instead, crack the top to quench your thirst in a completely different way: reveal the figure that's sure to keep you fizzing with excitement!

Funko Vinyl Soda

Funko POP Soda

Perhaps your anime collection is rife with Funko POP figures. Freshen your display with a Soda Funko that doubles All Might's strength in a new body! Imagine parallel universes where Quirky characters look like vintage cartoons but kick just as much tush. The fun of Funko Soda, POP, and all their collections are an endless way to collect, celebrate, and think of your favorite franchises. And we can get you started or help you carry on the bubbling tradition!

Funko Soda Cans

Funko Soda Can

Some collectors adamantly believe the collectible stays inside its box. Others say the prize comes out. Soda collectors, however, get it both ways! It's part of the allure. You can keep the lid sealed. Value the mystery contents over the answer you'd get. Admire the printed artwork over the figure. Or you pop the top and celebrate each collectible piece in all its glory! Either way, the fun doesn't grow stale and your display stays unique!

Where To Buy Funko POP Vinyl Figures?

Up Funko Pops

All this Funko discussion have you ready to collect them all? Of course, it does! There's nothing quite as tempting as a treasure hunt, after all. And to call Funko figures anything less than treasure would be like calling Carl Fredricksen and Russel's adventure to Paradise Falls a staycation. It wasn't, despite having every comfort of home! The question is, however, where do you get the Funko gems you seek?

Well, you've found where X marks the spot, and we've done the digging for you! Of course, you may already have Carl and Russel Sodas on the shelf. The Up treasures you want might be POP figures. Perhaps you heard of a very specific character now available but can't find it here. Never fear! We're always expanding our Funko selections! Our POP catalog promises to please while our Soda selection is all about quenching your thirst for more. But whether you're after Funko POP, Soda, or even plush you're in the right place! So, collect your favorites today and check back often to discover newer treasures!

Funko Soda Batman

Funko Soda Batman

DC Comics have been important to Funko POP’s success since day one. It makes sense that Soda's launch included DC's Caped Crusader. And though the line continues to grow, Batman and his pals haven't left! In fact, they've multiplied to include niche favorites (Bat-Mite) and as many versions of quintessential characters as possible! So, whether you’re looking for a partner for the original Batman Soda figure holding pride of place on your shelf, or chasing a complete DC Soda collection, we're here to help!

Soda Figures

Vinyl Soda

As a Batman fan, you're familiar with the many incarnations of Gotham's most notorious. And chances are, you want to celebrate each version for its distinctness. Luckily, when you shop our selection of Soda can Funko figures you can! Color your collection with Gotham's greatest ghoul, Joker! With his vainest version and his most enigmatic available, plus a chance to score chase variants of both, you can bring every side of the villain into the light!

Gotham is great, but there's an entire universe to explore! After all, Batman may not have been your introduction to the world of superheroes. Aquaman's half-human Atlantean origins might have been where you got your toes wet. Perhaps it was Green Lantern that opened your eyes to the possibilities, though. Or maybe you're a Marvel defector that can't shake the habit (we've got you). But, whatever your story, the power of Funko Soda lets you commemorate it all!

Funko Soda Chase

Funko Soda Chase

If you're a Funko collector, you're familiar with the draw of chase figures. If not, you still might have heard a friend get excited about the surprise that arrived with their last Funko purchase. I got the 1:6 Jose instead of Donald—the chase commences for your Disney-obsessed friend! Either way, we're here to clear up the details hinted at above.

Some Funko Soda figures come with the chance to receive a super limited edition or alternative to the figure printed on the Soda can. And shopping our selection doesn't reduce your chances to claiming the chase! So, go hunting for your friend—find the Donald or Panchito to their Jose. Or start a new journey with any available chase-marked Soda figure!

Vinyl Soda

Funko POP Soda Can

When it comes to chase variants, the surprise is kept until you open the can. You may know the odds of getting Endgame Iron Man without his helmet (it's 1 in 6) but with the lid secured, it remains a mystery. The sparkling can simply display the name of the character and the number of produced pieces in the same playful styling (blocked letters, bright colors, character artwork) as a figure without a chase. That said, Soda cans become as display-worthy as prop replicas!

Funko Sodas

Funko POP Soda Figures

Of course, the can is only the beginning. You might have the will to keep the cap closed, but chances are you want to know which version of Deadpool is waiting inside the Soda can! Does the Merc with a Mouth come ready to fire or cuddle? He's sure to fit your already impressive Deadpool collection either way, but this time the anti-hero can't break any walls. You'll have to assist now and every time another fabulous Soda figure joins your display!