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Clowns conjure up a ton of emotions. Whether you love them, like to laugh at them, or tremble in fear at the very sight of them, those wacky characters are deeply ingrained in our culture. That's why our variety of clown costumes are an easy way to stand out in any crowd. From classic circus clown costumes to sexy clown costumes, we have a bit of everything that you could want in our collection!
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Products 1 - 15 of 15

Clowns have a long history in human culture. Would you believe it that clowns existed all the way back in the days of Ancient Egypt? They probably looked a lot different than modern clowns, but it's kind of wild that the tradition of clowns began in ancient history! Through the years, we've the seen the classic character go through various evolutions, including the silly jester days of the Medieval times, where silly characters would dress up to entertain kings to the opera of Pagliacci, which tells the tail of a very sad clown. Of course, there are also circus clowns who hop around and toss pies at each other for our amusement and even the freaky clowns that we inspired by Stephen King's frightening classic, It. Whether you like to laugh at them, cry with them, or even if you're deathly afraid of them, clowns are interwoven with our society! Our selection of clown costumes tries to encapsulate all shades of clown!

Our amazing roster of costumes begins with a wide variety of adult clown costumes. That includes plenty of men's clown costumes to help you indulge in your inner comedian, along with some sexy clown costumes for anyone who really wants to put a brand new spin on the classic goofball outfit. We also carry some options for the young jokers out there, so your child can suit up in one of our kids clown costumes to bring a few smiles and laughs to any party.

Of course, we have to talk about the elephant in the room... scary clown costumes. Despite their history of being harbingers of good times, many people are quite afraid of clowns. Perhaps it's the strange face-paint that makes them look like a strange reflection of normal human, or maybe it's all of the books and films that portray clowns as evil. Either way, it means that one of our scary clown costumes is a great choice for anyone look to frighten a few folks when Halloween comes around. We carry tons of terrorizing clown costume to help you get a uniquely scary outfit. We even have Pennywise the Dancing Clown costumes for anyone who's a big fan of the Stephen King character.

If you already have the clown duds needed, then perhaps you just need some clown accessories to really whip your outfit into shape. Well, it just so happens that we have some of the best clown accessories around. You can find a great Clown makeup kit or a silly clown wig to round out your costume! Just browse our selection and you'll be able to craft the perfect clown costume for any occasion!

Clown Halloween Costumes

Clown Halloween Costumes

When October rolls around, it's time to don the pom-poms and paint the town red, green, blue—whatever color your clown heart desires! Our clown Halloween costumes are your ticket to a night of mischief and merriment. Whether you're bobbing for apples or dancing under the disco ball, these outfits are designed for laughs, scares, and everything in between. They’re versatile too; perfect for a family-friendly affair or a chilling Halloween haunt!

Clown Costumes for Adults

Our clown costumes for adults are proof that the fun doesn't have to end just because you've grown up. Slip into something a bit more comical with our array of adult clown costumes and spread joy, or perhaps a harmless prank or two, at any event. These costumes are perfect for the life of the party who loves a good laugh or the entertainer who wants to add some flair to their act. Bring on the circus of life with a costume that's as vibrant as your personality!

Women's Clown Costumes

It's time to put a feminine twist on the classic clown caper with our women's clown costumes. From the whimsically eerie Frightful Clown to the heart-stopping style of an evil clown, we've got the look that'll make you the queen of any scene. Add a dash of dark circus chic with our Creepy Clown Costume or step into the monochrome magic of a Vintage Clown Costume. With any of these exciting options, you will be the spectacle everyone can't stop talking about!

Men's Clown Costumes

Step right up to a crazy carnival of style with our selection of men's clown costumes! Whether you're channeling the silent charm of a Vintage Pierrot Costume or sparking laughs in the plaid clown men's costume, we've got the garb to help get your giggle on. Perfect for any costumed event, from birthday bashes to the big top at Halloween, our clown costume men's collection promises to give you a look that will make you the main attraction.

PLus Size Clown Costumes

Bold and brimming with fun, our plus-size clown costumes ensure everyone can join the jamboree. Step into the spotlight with the Men's Killer Clown Costume or sprinkle some spooktacular style with the Women’s Plus Size Creepy Clown. And for those with a penchant for the playful, a plus-size jester costume is a delightful mix of sass and class. Whether you're dancing at a carnival or hosting a Halloween haunt, these costumes will let you make an entertaining entrance!

Inflatable Clown Costumes

Inflate the fun with our inflatable clown costumes! These outfits are big party-starting statements. Picture this: you roll into the room, and suddenly you're not just part of the party—you ARE the party. Our Inflatable Evil Clown Costume is just the beginning. Imagine bopping around as a larger-than-life character at festivals, friend gatherings, or even the office Halloween party! No doubt about it, these inflatable outfits are about to blow up your fun quotient.

Clown Costumes for Kids

Roll out the fun carpet, because our clown costumes for girls and boys are here to turn any day into a circus! These outfits are where giggles and glitter meet – a perfect combo for little jesters who love to steal the spotlight. Each stitch and sequin is designed with kiddie comfort and fun factor in mind. Whether to whoop it up at a birthday bash or to out-spook their friends on Halloween, our kids' clown costumes are your go-to for a magical, laughter-filled escapade.

Girl's Clown Costumes

Ready to twirl and whirl? Our clown costumes for girls offer a kaleidoscope of fun! Perfect for the little lady ready to take center stage at any festivity, we sell girls' circus clown costumes that blend playful patterns and bright colors – a recipe that just begs for a day full of giggles and joy. Whether it’s for trick-or-treating or an afternoon of circus-themed roleplay, these costumes are a ticket to merriment and a world of wonder.

Kid's Clown Costumes

Our kids clown costume collection is a patchwork of pure pizzazz! With options like the Colorful Clown Kid's Costume and the silly clown get-up, there's a world of fun at their fingertips. These ensembles are more than just outfits; they’re a chance to step into a day of imagination and excitement. From the buzz of the school carnival to the spotlight of a Halloween parade, these costumes are just the splash of cheer every kiddo needs!

Toddler Clown Costumes

Our toddler clown costume line-up is ready to transform your little ones into the cutest show in town! From the adorable Toddler Mime Costume to a colorful girl's tutu clown costume, these outfits are designed for maximum 'aww' effect and comfort. Watch your tots become the life of the party or the smallest stars of the spooky season. It's all fun, laughs, and memorable snapshots with these charming toddler outfits!

Infant Clown Costumes

For the tiniest jesters in the bunch, our baby clown costumes are snuggle-worthy and snapshot-ready! From the classic joy of our Infant Clown Costume to delightful clown onesies and swaddles, we have options to wrap your little one in comfort and cuteness. Whether they’re the main giggle-getter at the family get-together or being carried in a Halloween parade, these costumes will have everyone cooing over your delightful little clown.

Clown Costumes for Dogs

Who let the clowns out? Woof, woof! Transform your furry best friend into the star of the show with our clown costumes for dogs. Let them unleash their inner circus star with the spooktacular Killer Clown Costume or the mischievously fun Evil Clown Pet Dog Costume. These adorable costumes make your four-legged pals the bark of the town, perfect for costume parties, parades, or just for capturing the cutest photos to share with friends and family!

Clown Costume Accessories

No clowning costume is complete without the bells and whistles—or should we say, the noses and wigs! Our clown costume accessories are the cherry on top of your fun-inducing getup. Pop on a classic red clown nose for that instant nose-honking appeal. Don't forget to step into the oversized red clown shoes, because when it comes to clowning, bigger is always better.

And, of course, no clown outfit would be complete without a wacky wig. Whether you want a mop of curly blue, a red clown wig, or a wig that’s as colorful as a rainbow, we've got your noggin covered. Clown masks, wigs, and zany clown shoes are waiting to add that final touch of hilarity to your look. Add these items to your cart and you'll be ready to accessorize and mesmerize!