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Everyone loves a good book! From the very first storybooks that our parents read to us, to epic novels, to coffee table books, you can never have too many. We carry a wide variety of books, including Dr. Seuss books for Read Across America, along with plenty of graphic novels, pop culture encyclopedias, Harry Potter bookends, and more! They make great gifts for World Book Day.
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Behind every good movie lies a great book. Well, that's not always true. Let's just say behind every good movie, a great coloring book follows. 

The thing is, there are just certain stories that totally capture our imagination. These are stories of love, adventure, and wonder. Wild creatures that wander at the edge of our imaginations and come alive on the page, making both kids and adults wonder if they could actually exist somewhere. And whether you're looking to add some unique text to your own bookshelves, looking to add something for a child's library, or a gift for that person in your life who seems to have everything, we've got unpredictable books that are sure to keep you off-guard. 

Are you ready to amp up your own library? Keep your books propped up with comic bookends from all sorts of franchises. From dragon egg bookends from Game of Thrones to classic comic logo bookends that'll give your comic books the respect they deserve. Classic comics have beautiful accompanying pieces such as the hardcover DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman and the DC Comics: Super-Villains

Or maybe you've read and watched all the Harry Potter books over and over again. Add more to the stories with Harry Potter themed books. You can choose from the Hogwarts Library series written by J.K. Rowling that includes The Tales of Beetle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Our Harry Potter books don't stop there though. We have coffee table books like the hardcover book Film Wizardry, The Character Vault, and the Artifact Vault. With this collection's gorgeous cover, you can easily have one of the most beautiful Harry Potter collection out there!

Looking for a gift for someone who's recovering from an illness or who simply needs to take a load off? Coloring books are a great way to go! From Supernatural, the Star Trek, to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even the classic movie Alien, people are sure to love coloring the pages of their favorite stories. 

And if coloring isn't your speed, you've got to eat. We have cookbooks that cover every theme from Star Wars, Walking Dead, and even Fallout Boy. With bright pictures illustrating the food and clear instructions, you might want to whip up some of the delicacies before you gift it to the book's recipient. Maybe you ought to order two copies, just in case you get hooked on the recipes from these books. 

Of course, we can't forget the kiddos out there! We have all sorts of children's books from classics like Madeline and Goodnight Moon. And then there are the books inspired by everything from Disney movies, Star Wars movies, and even The X Files! 

No matter what your interests are, there's always more to learn. Put these beautiful books on your shelves, in your kiddo's room, or on your coffee table to share this info with the world. From silly coloring books to seriously gorgeous illustrated and over-sized hardcover books, there's something for everyone here! 

FUN New Books

Fun New Books

There is nothing quite like opening a new book. From the soft whoosh of the pages to the smell of fresh ink and paper, it's difficult not to get excited about adding another book to your collection. That's probably part of the reason you're here. That, and you've heard about us—we specialize in fun, well, everything! You know when you're looking through our selection of books, you'll find something to entertain yourself and your friends. You'll find a wacky story for your child's back to school gift and a book that's sure to inspire your next Star Wars cosplay. So, whether you're looking for your toddler's next favorite bedtime story or a unique gift for the family member that already has it all, you've turned to the right page!


Do you think that the new fantasy novel sitting on your bedside table is the ultimate page-turner? Think again! Cookbooks are the real deal! Whether you're learning the basics about how to pick the right ingredients or mastering prep methods and wild flavor combinations, cookbooks are here to take you and yours on an incredible adventure. Put an apron over your foodie clothing and get ready to sort through our available cookbooks. From recipes that are out of this world to the cartoon snacks that make your mouth water, we have the cooking inspiration you've been looking for!


Funny Cookbooks

Maybe you're not a huge fan of structured recipes. Measuring out baking soda so your cookies don't fall flat or marinating chicken overnight can feel like too much work. But we know a solution that's sure to help you become the cook you've always wanted to be without infringing on your desire to have fun: funny cookbooks! Instead of reading a dry list of ingredients (or a list of dry ingredients), you can be entertained by your favorite comedy duos or quippy jokes along the way. Be Jake makin' bacon pancakes with an Adventure Time cookbook, prepare each recipe with the appropriate tools, and become a fan of cooking with recipes.

Nerdy Cookbooks

To be fair, all cookbooks are a bit nerdy. No chef ever stayed cool while compiling their recipes. They nerded out for sure! But we know what you're looking for when you search for nerdy cookbooks: you want the pop-culture-themed recipes from your favorite fantasy worlds and television shows. You're not after a straightforward roast chicken recipe. You're after the rough and tumble feast that was somehow rustled up in an apocalyptic parallel universe. And we're here to serve! Not only will we show you where you can find the recipes for iconic meals, but we'll also set you up with the drinkware and dishes that make the meal feel authentic!

Coffee Table Books for Nerds

Do you strive to be the host with the most? Before sending those invitations, plan a menu featuring themed hor d'oeuvres, a specialty beverage, and a few too many courses that show off the best recipes in your cookbooks? When the party arrives, do you go all out with the home décor to turn each room into an immersive experience? If so, you won't want to overlook the detail that's missed by so many hosts. Add a coffee table book to your planning. Our collection had your brand of enthusiasm in mind when we got to filling it with unique and (dare we say it?) nerdy options. We're sure whatever you choose will entertain your guests and earn you that coveted gold star in hosting!

Coffee Table Books for Nerds

Star Wars Coffee Table Book

From the original trilogy to the world-expanding additions, Star Wars has a way of drawing people in. While you're warming the coffee pot and your visitors are mingling before book club, let them fly to that galaxy far, far away with a coffee table book. Already have one for your living room? Gift your fellow wannabe Jedi pals with the Star Wars gifts that keep giving, then you'll both be able to enjoy the fun when you're at home or hanging together. Whether it's a graphic novel adaptation or an adorable hardcover comic book featuring Vader with his kids, you're sure to enjoy our available Star Wars coffee table books!

Disney Coffee Table Book

Disney is a staple in your household. Movie night almost always involves a classic animated film or the newest live-action remake. You've got your Disney costumes for playtime with the kiddos and Halloween parties. Your shelves are full of Disney collectibles and your kitchen is ready to serve any character from their own themed mug. Add even more Disney to your world with a Disney coffee table book that's as entertaining as it is classy! Even a formal sitting room can become a Disney haven with a hardcover coffee table book featuring the art of your favorite movies. So, whether you need a gift for another fan or just one more piece to keep your collection fresh, our book selection has you covered!

Hardcover Book

What makes a coffee table book so classy, you ask? Well, we suppose it has something to do with their purpose of inspiring conversation and typically featuring works of art. But part of it must be down to its looks. The thick or thin volume bound with a hardcover just looks sophisticated when it's sitting there waiting to be opened. So whether you're looking for a coffee table book or saving another book from becoming a coaster, you can't go wrong with a hardcover book from our collection!

Interactive Books for Toddlers

Books for toddlers are some of the best books in existence. They're full of pictures, rhymes, and stories that teach essential life lessons, so it can be a bummer if you don't have an excuse to pick out a few for your own bookcase. Of course, we're big believers in embracing whatever makes you happy. So whether you're fostering a love of reading or you just want to giggle along with Pete the Cat and a ravenous caterpillar, check out our collection of interactive books for toddlers. Featuring options from the classics to book sets with reading buddies, you're sure to find the perfect toddler-friendly gift!

Interactive Books for Toddlers

Board Books for Toddlers

Turning pages can be rough work, leading to missed details and confusion for a reader, then ultimately a dislike for the activity. Luckily, for toddlers, board books exist to make getting on the right page easy! Get your little one reading like a pro with some favorite board books from our collection. They'll be ready to go on a bear hunt, bear included, in one book gift set and ready to play pretend with everyone's favorite toys in another. Wherever your toddler is on their literacy journey, expand their world with books made just for them!

Dr. Seuss Board Books

What could possibly be better than a board book? A Dr. Seuss board book, of course! Rediscover the fun of your favorite Seuss worlds with your toddler while they marvel at the colorful pages of our available Dr. Seuss books. They'll be ready to cozy up with a familiar clever fox with his book of tongue tanglers and a good pair of socks. And whether they're heading to preschool on Read Across America Day or staying home for a day full of rhymes and reading, our collection has everything they need to celebrate right!

Kid's Reading Books

Your child is transported to another world, curled up in a blanket fort with a flashlight in hand. Monsters and aliens clash, space travelers and magical creatures go on epic journeys, and your kiddo goes along for every ride while they read each story. For those quieter moments, books let your child imagine just as big and loud as they do at playtime. And our collection of children's books is here to keep that imagination churning. Choose from books that inspire what your kid wants to be when they grow up or books steeped in the fantasy and sci-fi realms you loved as a child. Then when it's time for your little Jedi, superhero, or magician to change out of their costume and settle down for the day, they'll have a book to keep them dreaming!

Kid's Reading Books

Children's Story Books

After mastering board books and repeated rhymes, it's time for your kiddo to conquer the magic of storybooks. From Dr. Seuss to some of the newest literary heroes, our selection has what your young reader is looking for. They'll learn the ins and outs of Jedi training or about all the places that growing up can take them. They'll travel to romantic locations like Paris or Massachusetts. And they'll get the few-page reminder about how much their parents love them and how many wonderful things they can become. Inspire their obsession with reading and watch each new world spread from books to their bedroom décor when you shop our collection!

Funny Children's Books

Looking for an easy way to get your kiddo to unplug? A funny children's book is sure to do the trick! Giggling at dragons that can't handle spice or learning magic with their favorite LEGO trio is sure to inspire play that doesn't involve a screen. Pair their favorite silly book with a funny plush, a STEM kit with dragon-worthy recipes, or clumsy LEGO characters in their wacky worlds. With a funny book and permission to take the lessons from page to play, your child won't ever tire of unplugged playtime!

Coloring Books

We're not sure who decided it was okay for everyone to participate in coloring competitions again, but we're glad it happened. As an adult, you shouldn't actually submit your perfectly-colored haunted house for a trick-or-treat coloring contest—leave that prize for the kiddos. But if you want to set up a prize giveaway for the best colored comic book page with your friends, we say go for it! Or appreciate the tranquility of coloring with a few pages completed with the help of your little Picasso on Sunday morning. No matter if you're looking for a simple craft to do with your children or for keeping yourself entertained, our collection of coloring books has what you and yours need!

Coloring Books

Best Coloring Books for Adults

Looking for the best coloring books for adults? Well, sans floral-patterned curse word pages, we have just what you're after! Recolor the art from your favorite movie, or color-match the characters from the video game you just completed. From the whimsical worlds of Dr. Seuss to the bizarre universes of Rick and Morty, there's a coloring book here for you! So shop our collection, then snuggle up with your coziest pajamas, a fresh box of crayons, and the joy of good old fashioned fun. Then you'll have the perk of telling your kiddos, "this one's just for Mommy!"

Cool Bookends

When your collection was smaller, you could get away with artfully stacking your books on just about any surface. But now your coffee table is reserved for drink coasters and hardbound coffee table books. What about all your literary gems, captivating graphic novels, and stories for all ages? Well, you need bookends! But you don't need to settle for plain, flat metal. Get the bookends that are just as cool as the books held between them!

Cool Bookends

Marvel Bookends

Statues, figurines, and prop replicas decorate your bookshelf. Each collectible reflects a character or story within the countless books. Upgrade your bookends to match the rest of your collection with Marvel bookends available here! Whether they're propping up the first volumes of your favorite serial or a mix of graphic novels and classic literature, each set has the power to keep them standing.