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Whether they’re heading off to daycare, preschool, or the first day of Kindergarten there are milestones to celebrate in every toddler’s life. Shop our collection of toddler gifts to find the perfect item to commemorate all their big days! With everything from toddler toys to toddler backpacks for their first overnight adventure, there’s something for every precocious tot!
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4 Pc Toddler Boys Paw Patrol Halloween Sleep Set
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Chloe the Cat Comfy Critters Microfiber Fleece Blanket

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Products 1 - 60 of 1,642

Let’s face it, shopping for a toddler can be tricky. Their ever-expanding world and constantly changing interests make keeping up with them harder than it was when they first figured out how to walk! The good news is, whatever they’re into (at the moment) is sure to be pure fun! So, whether it’s time to celebrate mastering the toilet, turning from the terrible twos into the terrific threes and fantastic fours... or even heading off to preschool... you’ll have plenty to choose from thanks to our collection of toddler gifts. 

We’ve gathered together some of the most popular gift options for every growing child. Maybe you’re looking for activities for toddlers that help them work independently or games for toddlers that teach them how to graciously win or lose. No matter what you’re after, there’s a great option here!

One thing’s for sure, toddlers go through clothes in the blink of an eye! Oh, look at that. In the time it took to read that sentence, that jumpsuit is now a hand-me-down! Fortunately, we have a large size range of all our toddler clothing, so you can choose from an extensive collection of toddler apparel to keep their wardrobe fit for every changing need and even get the next size up so they can keep wearing their favorite thing! Start with ensembles and coordinates they can wear every day. You’ll find everything from Disney princesses to DC superheroes. Fill that playful wardrobe with costumes for every dress-up journey and Halloween spree! Pair all their outfits with accessories to match as well! With 5-piece backpack sets decorated in characters from your toddler’s favorite preschool show and footwear that looks like unicorns and dinosaurs, there’s a clothing accessory for every ensemble.

Foster your toddler’s creative side with craft kits, Legos, or play instruments. Let them try their hand at other advanced concepts with STEM toys and playsets that let them explore how things work in the larger world. Maybe it’s time to practice early reading skills. Our selection of picture books will make the journey extra fun! Choose box collections that tell new stories about Shimmer and Shine or that web-slinging Spider-Man. Or pick out another installment from the Pete the Cat series and a book about crayons that teaches way more than colors.

Reward a job well done with a room make-over. Even at 4 years old, a space all your own can be the greatest gift! In our selection of home-goods for toddlers, there’s a full bedding set or pillow that begs to be lived in! Create a superhero command center for your little Wonder Woman or a room full of puppies for the Paw Patrol-obsessed tot in your life! With beds, blankets, and stuffed animals in every theme, there’s something for every toddler room.

No matter what the occasion, finding the perfect gift for your toddler doesn’t need to be difficult. When you shop with us, you’ll find something unique to foster all their special interests and changing needs!