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Batman Toys

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Products 1 - 12 of 12

If you're all about the Batman (and let's face it who isn't!) you might be a bit overwhelmed with the awesomeness of our Batman toy selection.  Batman, Robin, Joker, the Penguin, all the iconic characters are captured in toy form! We've got all your favorite POP! collectible Batman figurines so you can complete your collection with a little bit of bat swag!

Batman Collectibles

So, you're shopping for Batman toys and collectibles? Well, you don't have to search for the Bat Signal up in the sky to find the best items for sale. Because we're stocked up on Batman action figures, Batman Funko Pops, and the coolest Batman collectibles! Whether you'd like a picturesque Batman statue to show off your love of all things DC at work or need to pick up some new Batman toys for your kids at home, you'll find what you're searching for right here. For more tidbits and juicy details on the top-selling Batman toys, just check out these product highlights to get your shopping started!

Batman Toys

Batman Toys

Batman toys first arrived at the dawn of the action figure age alongside other popular toy lines like G.I. Joe and Major Matt Mason. Of course, toys have come a long way since then, with Lego sets, plush toys, and RC cars joining action figures as top-selling items. We offer the latest Batman toys on the market today, with a bevy of Batmobiles, Batman Lego Sets, and Batman RC Toys. We even have exciting toy lines for preschoolers with Batman Imaginext sets and Batman Duplo Sets. Check out these top toy ideas to see if any of them are something you should be grabbing for your little one!

Batman Toys for Kids

Kids love superheroes, 'nuff said. But, thanks to lots of movies and cartoon series featuring the Dark Knight, Batman toys have become basically the most popular superhero toy theme of all time! Kids have loved playing with Batman action figures for decades, and thanks to modern toys there are lots of creative ways for little ones to explore and roleplay the action of Gotham City. Your little one might enjoy building Batman's vehicles with Lego sets, piloting the Caped Crusader around with a radio-controlled vehicle, or cozying up with a cute Batman plush figure!

Imaginext Batman

Imaginext Batman toys are one of the most exciting play options available for little kids! Designed for preschoolers, Imaginext playsets have intuitive play features that are perfect for kids ages 3-5. But kids up to 8 or even older love playing with them, too! We feature the Batman Imaginext Ultimate Batmobile as well as a Batman Dueling Duos Playset. The Batmobile set offers transforming, disc-shooting action, while the Dueling Duos set includes 4 figures, a Batcycle, and a Joker submarine vehicle!

LEGO Batman Sets

Batman has been one of the most popular Lego themes of the 2000s, and if you take a look at all of the Batman Lego Sets that have been offered over the years, it's an impressive lineup. Even for a superhero as renowned as the Dark Knight! The Batman vs. The Joker Batmobile Chase is one of the newest playsets available and shows off why Lego Batman sets are so great. A Lego 4+ set, it features a too-cool Batmobile, a wacky Joker Hot Rod, and minifigures for Batman, Batgirl, and the Joker!

Batman Car Toys

Batmobile toys are always a popular choice for kids. But when you combine the awesomeness of Batman's ride with radio control driving it makes for a toy that's sure to be a hit with little Batman fans! We sell some exciting Batmobile RC car options, and the Launch and Defend RC Batmobile is a great choice. It features USB charging and a range of up to 100 feet. And, to really ratchet up the superhero action, it includes a 4-inch Batman figure that ejects from the vehicle's cockpit!

Flying Batman Toys

Radio control helicopters are toys that have been exceedingly popular in the past few shopping seasons. So, you better believe we have some action-packed helicopter toys that feature the one and only Dark Knight! The Batman Helicopter Toy imagines the Batcopter as a tactical vehicle with twin coaxial rotors that power it to an impressive altitude of 32 feet. We even sell a Flying Batman Figure that adds helicopter blades to an action figure so the favorite hero can fly around Gotham City!

Die-Cast Batmobile Toys

For as long as Batman has been a live-action star in tv and movies, Batmobile toys have been one of the most beloved toys of the franchise. It's easy to see why, because no matter the iteration of Caped Crusader, he always has a cool car! Jada Toys offers a great selection of Batmobile diecasts and we feature several of these great cars on our site. The Animated Batmobile is one of the top Batman The Animated Series toys, and the famed Dark Knight Tumbler Die Cast is an all-time best seller.

Batman Funko Pop! Figures

Funko's collectible Pop! figures have been a smashing success, easily becoming the most popular collectibles of the past decade or so. And since Batman's one of the most popular superheroes of all time, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that they've produced lots and lots of Funko Pop! Batman figures. From the Pop! Heroes 01 Batman to The Batman Funko Pops from the most recent film, there are Batman vinyl figures for all of your favorite Batman comics, shows, and movies. And we sell some of the most exciting ones currently available right here at FUN!

Classic Funko POP! Batman

Batman Funko Pop

This Batman Funko Pop! brings the classic comic book styling of Batman as a recent release in the long-running line of DC Super Heroes Pops. The figure's wearing a classic Batman uniform with a steely black suit and a black cape slightly fluttering to the side. The figure's round white eyes staring out of its Batman cowl truly make it a picture-perfect Pop! to display in your favorite spot!

Funko Pop! Batman Joker 2 Pack

Batman Joker Funko Pop

If you can snag a Batman and Joker 2 Pack of Pops you can save yourself some shopping time by getting both iconic figures as a set. And this White Knight Batman and Joker 2 Pack is a great choice! A Previews Exclusive limited-edition set, each Pop! figure features a detailed character sculpt from the acclaimed Batman White Knight comic book limited series.

Joker Funko Pop! Figure

A Batman Funko figure wouldn't look quite right if there wasn't a Joker figure placed nearby to be his nemesis. And what better Joker Pop! to grab than the unforgettable The Dark Knight Joker! This Joker Funko Pop! Figure recreates the look of the villain from the iconic movie in Funko's signature form. It's even holding a Joker card for the perfect finishing touch.

Batman Who Laughs Funko Pop!

The Batman Who Laughs is the dark multiverse version of Batman and has been hugely popular with fans. The villain has appeared in several comics since debuting in 2017, and Funko didn't wait long to make this excellent Batman Who Laughs figure from the Dark Nights: Metal storyline. With its spiky mask and Joker-esque smile, it's a great display piece for any DC Comics fan!

Batman Action Figures

Batman action figures are, of course, the cream of the crop when it comes to Batman collectibles. And we sell some real doozies when it comes to the most sought-after collectible figures! We offer Batman figures from MacFarlane Toys and Mezco Toyz, two companies who know a thing or two about crafting incredible figures. Check out these top options to see if we have the toys you're searching for!

MacFarlane Toys Batman Figures

MacFarlane Toys Batman

MacFarlane Toys have been wowing Batman fans with the figures offered in their epic DC Multiverse action figure series. These MacFarlane figures feature Batman in a 7-inch scale with premium sculpts and "Ultra Articulation" that offers up to 22 moving parts for maximum poseability. And they're producing figures for some of the most fan-favorite Batmans of all time, from film and beloved comic series! We have great options available, like the Haz Bat Suit Batman Figure from the Justice League: The Amazo Virus storyline and The Batman Action Figure from the 2022 movie. Be sure to shop all of our action figures to see the latest from MacFarlane that we have for sale!

Batman Statues

As the offerings for comic book collectibles have grown over the years, statues have overtaken action figures as the ultimate collectible pieces. While premium toys can feature an amazing amount of detail, they can't quite match a statue crafted out of a durable polyresin. We feature some of the top Batman statues on the market today, with offerings from Beast Kingdom and MacFarlane Toys. We have more info on these top Batman collectibles right here!

D-Stage Dark Knight Batman Collectibles

Batman Collectibles

Beast Kingdom added 2 new Batman statues to their popular D-Stage diorama statue sets in 2022. These statue sets are based on the fan-favorite Dark Knight Trilogy, and of course, featuring the stars of the show Batman and the Joker. The Dark Knight Statue features an amazing recreation of the movie's Batman, complete with a base and backdrop door. The Joker Figure is depicted sitting and comes with a desk. Which means when you combine the two dioramas, you'll have an amazing, sculpted representation of the unforgettable interrogation scene from The Dark Knight!

Batman Black and White Statues

Batman Black and White Statues

MacFarlane's Batman Black and White statue series is an incredibly popular collectible line that has had some amazing entries over the years. And we sell some of the newest Black and White statues right here at FUN! The Batman Black and White by Brian Bollard recalls the Dark Knight from Batman: The Killing Joke and stands 7' tall. Another great choice is the Batmonster Black and White Statue that's based on the New 52 Batman #6 cover. Each of these statues was produced in a limited edition run and feature a hand-numbered base.