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Batman Collectibles

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Who do you think of when you hear someone talk about DC Comics? Wonder Woman? Superman? Those are some good choices, but Batman is another beloved DC character that everyone knows. You probably also know someone in your life that could use some Batman collectibles, whether they're just starting out or they already have an extensive collection. Or, perhaps that someone is you. Shop our selection of the best Batman collectibles!
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Is he an ace detective? Is he a superhero? At times it may feel like Batman falls into a gray area that's somewhere in between, but we love him all the same. Whether he's ordering an orange juice at the bar and dancing the batusi or interrogating the Joker in a poorly lit room, Batman has prevailed. (Thankfully the rainbow batsuit stunt didn't stunt his career!)

If you or your loved ones are fans of the caped crusader, you just might be looking for some Batman collectibles. You can find retro 1966 Batman collectibles, Batman the Animated Series merch and even The Dark Night collectibles. Bats has been around for some time, so there's a Batman perfect for everyone! You can find everything from higher-end Batman statues to more affordable Batman collectibles for kids and adults, like Funko Pops.

Batman Collectibles

Batman has had a long career! His humble beginnings started in 1939 in Detective Comics, but now he’s the subject of countless comic books, a plethora of blockbuster movies, and even some critically acclaimed video game series. He’s certainly come a long way, hasn’t he? It seems that the DC Comics character is no longer hiding in the shadows, but is a common household name these days. Kids, adults, and everyone in between can find something about Batman’s story that appeals to them, which is precisely the reason that Batman collectibles have become quite the hot item in the last few decades!

Batman Collectibles

It’s never too late to start your collection! The real problem is deciding just where to start. There are so many great Batman collectibles out there, so selecting your first piece might seem a bit daunting. The good news is that we’ve spent plenty of time researching the coolest Batman memorabilia that the world has to offer! We’ve found figures based on the Dark Knight and some totally menacing Bane figures. So, hang with us and we’ll introduce you to some of the most incredible DC collectibles to add to your collection. And if you’re an avid Batman collector already, then buckle up, because we have a ton of great Batman products for experienced collectors too!

Batman Statues

Gotham City has a pretty ambivalent attitude towards Batman. Some days they love him, since he’s been defeating bad guys for as long as anyone can remember. Other days they view him as an outlaw, since he’s dishing out vigilante justice outside the confines of due process. It’s safe to say that Gotham City won’t be erecting any Batman statues in honor of the Caped Crusader any time soon. Of course, the villains of Gotham would rather see the city sporting statues of themselves instead of ol’ Bats! We think they’d be quite happy to see you sporting a tribute to them on your mantel. Here a few DC collectibles of our favorite members of the Batman rogues gallery.

Batman Animated Joker Statue

Joker Statue

The Joker is the crème de la crème when it comes to villainy. He’s gone through plenty of transformations through the years, from goofy slapstick character to merciless criminal. We’ve seen him clash wits with the Dark Knight on countless occasions, but perhaps his most well-known incarnation comes from Batman: The Animated Series. Voiced by the talented Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, he walks the line between a psychotic killer clown and wacky cartoon character with such skill, that it’s almost hard to imagine The Joker in any other form! For those who can appreciate his performance, this Batman Animated Joker Statue represents the pinnacle of Batman collectible statues.

1966 Batman Catwoman Statue

Catwoman Statue

Catwoman represents a special kind of dangerous when it comes to Batman. Against most villains, it’s simply a matter of unraveling their plan and letting the law deal with their crimes. That’s a little more difficult when there are feelings involved! Batman and Catwoman have always found themselves drawn to one another, perhaps both desiring a taste of what lies on the other side of the law! While fate often keeps her and Batman from one another, you should add this Catwoman statue to your collection! She’s based on the 1966 iteration of the iconic villain. The level detail on this collectible statue might just have you falling in love with Catwoman, just like Bruce Wayne.

Batman POP! Vinyls

Funko is a company that has become synonymous with collectibles. They’ve made collecting your favorite things both fun and affordable. Their line of Pop vinyl Batman figures are natural choices for anyone trying to dip their toes into the realm of collectibles. They’re cute, they can fit on your desk at work, and they come in a variety of styles, so you can find exactly the version of Batman that fits your style. Just check out some of the best of the best that we have lined up below!

Batman: The Animated Series POP! Vinyl

Funko POP! Batman

Batman: The Animated Series is legendary. The Bruce Timm and Paul Dini show defined the Dark Knight for a whole generation of fans, so it’s no surprise that many consider this version of Batman to be the quintessential incarnation of the character. That’s the type of fan that will enjoy this Batman: The Animated Series POP! Vinyl figure! For devoted fans of the animated series, no other Funko POP! will suffice!

Batman Joker POP! Vinyl

Funko POP! Joker

A hero can only be as valiant as his villain allows him to be! Perhaps that’s why Batman seems so heroic—he has the perfect villain to challenge him. The Joker always has an ace up his sleeve, so Batman truly has to be the best of the best. So his status as the premiere DC hero is thanks to The Joker… although you’ll never catch Batman giving The Joker any thanks! Maybe you can show appreciation the baddie by adding this Joker POP! vinyl to your collection.

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures

Can you tell that we’re big fans of the animated series? Well, it’s hard not to be! We’ve gathered up a pretty good selection of Funko figures from the series. We’ve highlighted the ultimate Rogues Gallery here, including Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Clayface, and The Phantasm. You can mix and match your favorite villains to create your own perfect team of supervillains to round out your Funko collection.

Batman Figurines Collectibles

Funko POP! vinyl figures represent the entry level of collecting. If you’re a collector who’s ready to take the next step up, then it might be time to branch out into new types of collectible figures. You have some great options to explore! Do you want something cute to match your Pop Vinyl figures? Maybe adorable is the LAST word you want to be uttered when describing your collection. Then perhaps you need a more serious Batman figurine. Maybe you just want something with a little more of an Adam West vibe to it. Well, these figures come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s simply about finding the style that best represents your ideal vision of The Batman!

Funko 5 Star Batman Figure

Batman Statue

Let’s start with something classic! This Funko 5 Star Batman Figure comes from the Caped Crusader’s past. This is how the Batman looked during his very first entries into the domain of comic books, albeit a little cuter than his on page counterpart. This particular version comes with a tiny Bat-signal and a Batarang to help your little figure look ready for a fight!

Funko VYNL Batman & Wonder Woman Figures

Batman Memorabilia

Can you imagine it? A date between Wonder Woman and Batman? That would be a real riot! They both seem so serious most of the time, they would probably spend the entire evening glowering at super villains! Well, this Funko VINYL Batman and Wonder Woman figure set captures what that might look like in a super adorable way that you can easily add to your collection. Each figure has a unique style and a serious, yet cute look on their face.

Batman Animated Girls Night Out Figure Pack

Batman Statues

Everyone who followed The New Adventures of Batman series remembers the “Girl’s Night Out” episode. Batgirl and Supergirl team up to take down the villainess trio of Livewire, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. It turns into a battle of DC’s finest superheroines vs. DC’s finest supervillainesses. You can recreate that iconic episode with thisGirl’s Night Out Figure Pack. It comes with all the major players in the episode, in a highly detailed style based on the cartoon.

DC New 52 Batman Figure

Batman New 52 Figure

The New 52 brought us a brand new set of stories for all of DC’s heroes. It reimagined many heroes for a new age and set up the groundwork for the ongoing DC universe. Batman even got a snazzy makeover for the whole event too! They combined some classic elements of his costume with some more contemporary style to craft a Batman for the new age! This New 52 Batman action figure does a great job of capturing his new look, and it’ll look exceptional standing stoically in your collection.

DC Batman Collectibles

So, we’ve covered some of the most common collectible types, like statues and figurines, but now we need to get into the really unique stuff! The world of DC Batman collectibles is so diverse that it’d be a shame to stop at the classic figures. From replica weapons to the ever-popular Batmobile, there are plenty of exciting options to add to your collection.

Batman Batarangs

Batman Batarang

It’s the ultimate Bat-gadget. The Batarang has made its appearance in just about every version of Batman media since his beginnings. Sometimes, it’s just a simple throwing weapon. Other times, it’s a high-tech gadget with a video camera and remote control steering. If you’re planning on putting together the ultimate Batman collection, then you’re going to need a Batarang at the center of it. This version is made of a die-cast zinc alloy and comes with a display base to help you showcase the iconic piece of Batman legend.

Two-Face Coin Replica

Batman Two-Face Coin Replica

Next up in our list of special items comes from one of our favorite movies of all time, The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s take on the struggle between Batman and the Joker culminates in the creation of Two-Face. With the flip of a coin, he becomes one of the cruelest villains that Gotham City has ever seen. This DC Two-Face coin is a prop replica that’s designed to look just like one flipped by Harvey Dent in the tense scenes of the movie. If you’re a huge fan of the film, or are obsessed with all things Two-Face, then this coin makes for the perfect collectible to pick up!

Batmobile Collectible

DC Collectibles

No one has a cooler car than Batman. That’s just a fact. Superman certainly isn’t riding around in an awesome car, now is he? His Batmobile has evolved many times over the years, turning from a tuned up race-car, into a full-on command center for fighting crime. The particular Batmobile comes from the Batman Forever movie. It even includes with a small Batman figure so you can fondly remember the Val Kilmer days of Batman.

DC Collectibles Batman V Superman

Batman Figurines Collectibles

They’re the original odd couple in comics. Batman is a serious vigilante, who bends the rules to get the bad guys. He doesn’t have any powers and uses only his wits to defeat villains. Superman is a stickler for following orders and has more powers than you can shake a stick at. He defeats his enemies with laser vision! In comics, movies, and TV, these two superheroes have been the best of buds… and they’ve been the worst of enemies. In Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, they were a little bit of both! This collectible Batman v Superman figure set helps you commemorate their little meeting with die-cast figures!

Batman Metal Earth

Metal Earth is a brand dedicated to providing some of the most stunning metal miniature replicas out there. They craft everything from real-life architecture to Lord of the Rings models and Back to the Future swag. Of course, they didn’t hesitate to create some cool Batman replicas and they began their creations with the iconic Batmobile. Just check out these two classic styles below!

Metal Earth 1989 Batmobile Kit

Batmobile Model Kit

Here, we have the Batmobile from the classic 1989 film. Tim Burton truly had an eye for Bat-style, since this version of the Batmobile defined the look of the vehicle for years to come. This small collectible has exquisite details that are sure to stand out in your collection. Some assembly is required, but you know what they say! If it was easy, then it wasn’t worth doing!

Metal Earth Classic Batmobile Kit

Classic Batmobile Kit

Next up, we have the classic Batmobile. Bat-fans that have been following the Caped Crusader will remember this stylish vehicle from the Adam West days of Batman back in the 1960s. It features a sleek convertible style that’s just as suited to an afternoon cruise as it is for chasing down the bad guys. This metal Batmobile kit is definitely for the die-hard fans of the superhero.