Adult Western Sunglasses with Monocle

Western Sunglasses with Monocle
Western Sunglasses with Monocle
Product Description

Oh, hello there old bean! You must be a person of the utmost character if you’ve found yourself here, looking at this particular article of interest. Now, this item isn’t your run of mill sundry item. No, no, no! Why it combines so many elements of elegance into one magnificent accessory that you’d be quite the fool to let its decisive charm pass you by.

These extraordinary sunglasses have not one, not two, but three remarkable features that should appease your requirements for items of sheer excellence. First off, good chap, it comes with a tiny little top hat attached to the top of the frame. Why, I cannot recount the number of times where a brisk gale has sent my choice of headwear toppling to the ground, forcing me to scamper along the avenue just to retrieve it! This feature will help you avoid such tomfoolery. Second, these sunglasses come with a monocle attached to it. Every distinguished man or woman should never leave home without their monocle! Lastly, this item comes with a handlebar mustache attached to the bottom, for those days when you are unable to locate your mustache. Opportunity knocks but once, old bean. Don’t pass up your chance at these brilliant sunglasses.


Bertram Pennyfeather Barrington Dandaloons III, Fancy-Pants Extraordinaire

There you have it, folks. These sunglasses have the official endorsement of Bertram Pennyfeather Barrington Dandaloons III. We're not sure who that is exactly, but he sounds pretty important, so you should probably listen to him!

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Items Included
  • Sunglasses
Product Highlights
  • Black plastic frames
  • Black plastic handlebar mustache attached with metal chain
  • Pink monocle attached at lense
  • Mini bowler hat attached to top of frames
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