Luna's Spectre Specs

Luna's Spectre Specs
Luna's Spectre Specs
Product Description
Are you sick of Wrackspurts floating through your ears, making your brain go all fuzzy? If so, you definitely need a pair of these Luna Spectre Specs!

It's safe to say that Luna is eccentric but her eccentricity is what makes her so helpful to Harry and the rest of Dumbledore's Army. First of all, she's able to sense Wrackspurts, she's a wiz when it comes to spotting Nargles, and she also helped lead Harry to find one of the last Horcruxes. Yup, if you've forgotten, it was Luna Lovegood who told Harry about the lost diadem of Ravenclaw. If we've convinced you that seeing the world through Luna's eyes would be pretty delightful, amusing, and very thought-provoking, then you'll love wearing these spectre specs!

Fans of the nonconformist blonde Ravenclaw witch will love sporting these officially licensed glasses, featuring a uniquely shaped frame and wacky purple lenses. Wear them with your Ravenclaw robe or just wear them while you're out and about so you can always see when a Wrackspurt is close by.

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Items Included
  • Pair of Luna Lovegood's Spectre Specs
Product Highlights
  • Plastic glasses w/ pink frame & purple lens
  • Circular patterns around lenses
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