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When it comes to finding gifts for true horror fans, it can be tricky to find something that really piques their interest as thoroughly as a gift from Trick or Treat Studios. Here, you'll find a Chucky Doll that looks like it could spring to life and a Freddy Krueger glove that'll make you want to stay awake, and a Michael Myers action figure that's perfect for recreating your favorite horror scenes!
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Halloween 2018 Adult Michael Myers Coveralls
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Products 1 - 20 of 20

It's impossible to return to the first time you were introduced to Pennywise the clown or heard Chucky's iconic chuckle. But you can get a little piece of that unique brand of horror to display in your home! If you choose, you can even bring your favorite horror character to life with one of our mask replicas! The hardest part is picking out which high-quality horror replica you want to add to your collection next. 

If you're looking for a Halloween mask that you can wear again and again through the years and even display when you're not dressing up, then a mask from Trick or Treat Studios is a great option. The sculptors from these studios are FX industry professionals and artists that respect the nature of the golden age of horror. They're not cutting any corners because they know a good mask replica is all about those little details that'll send shivers of fear and recognition from everyone from horror novices to fans that have seen it all.

Now that we're talking high-quality masks, we'd better go into details. Let's take the Michael Myers masks, for instance. The artists from Trick or Treat Studios have taken the time to make different interpretations for each Halloween movie. The Halloween 2018 Mask of Michael Meyers shows his face with the slashes and blood from his struggle with Laurie Strode. That's the kind of commitment a modern, high-quality Michael Myers Costume deserves!

While we love what Trick or Treat Studios can do with a mask, and even prosthetic teeth for that matter (take a look at the Pennywise teeth if you get the chance), they're not only about quality costume accessories. Those who are looking for unique gifts will find that they also make horror collectibles that any movie fan could display all year long! The Chucky Good Guy Doll that we mentioned in the introduction is a great example of this! It comes in a box that looks like it's straight out of the movie, has an unnerving lifelike look, and can be posed in a variety of situations so that he'll fit right in with the rest of your horror collectibles. Looking for something more subdued? The Umbrella Academy mask is a colorful and intricate look that's instantly loved by fans. 

WWE fans will love dressing up as their favorite WWE masked wrestlers with an official WWE mask. Are the Game of Thrones fans in your life thinking of the icy power of the White Walkers or the power or the Mountain. Choose a Game of Thrones mask for an amazing gift for any fan! 

A good Trick or Treat mask is a wonderful thing. The American Horror Story mask representing Twisty the Clown is uber spine-chilling! And if you're looking for a classic, the Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers mask will make sure you can break out a look every single Halloween. Don't get us wrong, Trick or Treat Studio Masks aren't just for the hardcore horror fans. The younger set with love the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark mask! Rock fans will like the Ghost Nameless Ghoul mask! And while the Clockwork Orange mask might be considered a horror-based mask, we like to think it's a little more high-brow. Basically, Trick of Treat Studios masks make great gifts for all fandoms, as long as you like high-quality products.

Trick or Treat props are always high-quality and well-detailed, created by horror fans for horror fans. Fan favorites include the Trick or Treat Studios Chucky Doll, the Annabelle Doll, and even a Necronomicon. Check out all of our amazing masks and props to expand your horror fandom!