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Stranger Things Funko Pop! Figures

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Does your display case look like it could use a vacation? Do all the figures seem bored? Turn things upside down with Stranger Things Funko POP! figures from our selection! With everything from Eleven POP! figures to a terrifying Demogorgon Funko POP, you and all your Funko friends can relive each sweet or shocking moment from the Netflix phenomenon!
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Pop! TV: Stranger Things - Robin-1
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Pop! TV: Stranger Things- Will (the wise)
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Pop! TV: Stranger Things- Erica
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Pop! TV: Stranger Things- Eleven in Mall Outfit
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Pop! TV: Stranger Things- Dustin (At Camp)
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Pop! TV: Stranger Things- Max in Mall Outfit
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POP TV Stranger Things Season 4 Eleven
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Products 1 - 25 of 25

You probably didn’t stop here because you wanted to discuss genre-blending. But you did come here because of it! Combining the charms of coming-of-age stories with sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, Stranger Things is the series that unites fans of all genres—there’s something for everyone. The same rings true in this collection of Funko POP! figures!

Those smarties over at Funko are playing with some genre-blending of their own with these adorable collectibles. Taking some of the most terrifying scenes from Stranger Things and reimaging them as big-headed cuties, Funko helps you celebrate the series as a whole. After all, even with a bloody nose, Eleven looks pretty sweet with her box of Eggos and pink dress.

Start, expand, or complete your collection by shopping our available Stranger Things POP! figures. Not sure what you’re missing or which character you want to welcome home first? Stick with us to read about what we have in store!

Every fan has a favorite character. Or, at least, a ranked list of them all. It’s hard not to fall in love with even some of the villains. We mean, have you seen Billy as a lifeguard? Anyway… Build your Stranger Things collection starting with your favorites. Whether that’s Dustin coming straight from camp with a song to sing or Will the Wise rocking his wizard’s robes, our selection can help!

Carry the wild story from its humble but spooky beginnings to its expanded universe with newcomers turned scene-stealers like Erica and Robin. As captivating as they are on screen, their Funko POP! versions are sure to get all the attention when they join your shelves. Though, if you add an Alexei Funko POP! figure, even those strong-willed ladies might take a backseat. There’s just something about a grown man gleefully sipping a cherry Slurpee and staring at the world like a wide-eyed toddler at their first carnival that can’t be beaten.

Charm aside, there’s another character that can NOT be ignored. Hear us out. You’ll need a Demogorgon Funko POP! on your shelves as well. If you’re going to bring the entire kids’ crew together, it should be safe to offer a place to one or two of the Upside Down residents. And hey, they may prefer the shadowy corner to the front of the display. Better yet, a completely different spot in your chilly basement might work. But it’s only fair to include the monster from the series—they do help make it what it is.

As the series continues to thrill new and continuing audiences, our selection of Stranger Things Funko POP! figures will too. So, whether you want to buy everything you see here or wait for the next flashy outfit, spine-chilling creature, or exciting new character to start your collection, you know where to find us!