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STEM Toys and Games

STEM Toys and Games

By: FUN Monster

You probably hear a lot at school about STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. These four subjects are really important to get good at because they're tied to a lot of jobs you might want to have someday. Of course, you'll be learning plenty about these subjects in school, but you can also learn while you play games, do puzzles, and try out some cool experiments and activities at home.

Ten Days of Perfect Vacation-Ready Simple STEM Activities

The great thing about many STEM activities is that they are simple, only requiring things you probably already have at home, like pencils and marshmallows.

A Really Long Straw

Find out what it would take to build the world's longest straw that would make it possible to drink from a long distance away.

Amazing Area (PDF)

This activity will help you learn how to calculate area and practice your math skills.

Breakfast Proteins

Learn all about molecular biology by building models of proteins with breakfast cereal. You'll need round cereal pieces, chenille stems, string, and a few other supplies.

Make a Neuron

Use clay, food, or Styrofoam to make a model of a neuron to learn about the shape and structure of these important cells in our bodies.

STEM Activities for Middle School Students (PDF)

Choose from many different STEM activities included in this workbook, such as doing candy math and having an edible car contest.

How to Make Magnetic Slime

Slime is really popular and fun to play with, but when you make it magnetic, you can do lots of cool stuff with it that looks almost like magic, and you'll learn about magnetism while you play!

Hot Ice Science Experiment

Ice can't be hot ... can it? Find out with the help of a parent and this neat experiment that uses vinegar and baking soda.

Building With Jelly Beans

The best part about using candy to try out your engineering skills is that when you're all done, you can eat the results!

Exploring Density Marble Race

With different household liquids, you can explore density and have fun with some marbles.

Mystery Grid Art Challenge

This activity mixes art and math. You'll need at least two players: one who will draw something on the grid and cut it into pieces and another who will try to re-create the picture using the pieces.

How to Make Math Painted Coasters

Plan math patterns on cork coasters and then paint the patterns onto the surface. When you finish, you'll have a great gift for someone.

Hexbug Habitat Engineering Challenge

Hexbugs are tiny robotic bugs that crawl around vibrating and bouncing off of obstacles. Make a habitat for your hexbugs with this STEM challenge.

How to Make a Bubble-Blower Machine

Engineer and build a machine that will blow soap bubbles for outdoor fun that tests your creativity and scientific skills.

STEAM Challenge: Build a Structure You Can Balance on One Finger

Start with materials like straws and beads and see if you can build a structure that you can balance on a finger or on your nose.

Inflate a Balloon

This science activity involves using dry ice and a glass bottle to inflate a balloon. Be careful with dry ice: Have an adult help you, and always wear gloves and eye protection.

Force and Motion STEAM Lab

Using force and motion, you can create beautiful works of art with paint.

How to Make a Windmill Model With a Printable Pattern

Print out the template and use it to build a windmill that will really move!

Make a Light-Up Paper Circuit Thaumatrope

A thaumatrope is a toy that spins, flipping between two pictures to make them seem like they blend into one picture. Make your own thaumatrope by following these directions.

Animal Tracks Measuring Activity

Practice measuring animal tracks on printable worksheets. Then, go outside and hunt for real tracks to measure.

Easy Anemometer

Make an anemometer out of cupcake papers and straws, then measure the wind outside.

Homemade Pan Flutes for Kids

If you like music, try making your own pan flute with cardboard, straws, and tape.

Wood-Bending Bracelet Craft: Magic or Science?

You can use science to soften craft sticks and reshape them into bracelets, which you can then decorate with art supplies.

Creating the Olympic Flame in a Bottle

Follow the steps of this science activity to make what looks like flames in a plastic water bottle.