Scary Joker Kids Mask with Hair

Scary Joker Kids Mask with Hair
Scary Joker Kids Mask with Hair
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Everyone loves a good practical joke and that means everyone loves a great practical jokester, right!?  Well, that is true to a degree, though things can get a little spooky when we’re talking about the kinds of tricks that the Joker likes to play on the citizens of Gotham City.  Many have tried their hardest to understand what is going on in that brain of that guy.  But, the last one who got really close just ended up wearing a weird costume, herself, and changed her name to Harlequin. 

So, if your kiddo has a solid sense of humor and enjoys pulling pranks on everyone around them, perhaps they’re walking the same path that a certain maniacal villain was, too!  We probably recommend watching just how far they go, but they might also give some insight into how that Joker started off.  (Don’t worry too much.  After all, even Mr. J ended joining up with the heroes to help save the world… eventually.)  In the mean time, this Scary Joker Kids Mask with Hair will do a lot to make life interesting.  After all, who wants things serious all the time? 

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  • Vinyl Mask w/ Wig
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