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PJ Masks Costumes

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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Assemble the crew, it's PJ Masks to the rescue! If your youngster loves watching Catboy, Amaya, and Gekko spring into action whenever Romeo or Luna Girl are up to their usual villainous antics, then browsing through our selection of PJ Masks costumes is a great idea. All these officially licensed PJ Masks costumes are officially licensed from Disney and come with some form of a half-mask and gloves. Some even glow-in-the-dark! For extra warmth, pair the costume with a matching costume hoodie which easily zips up in the front and features a fold-down mesh eye mask and printed character details on the front and back.           

PJ Masks Halloween Costumes

PJ Masks Halloween Costumes

Consider this your warm welcome to the heroic world of PJ Masks, where pajamas become super suits and nighttime is the right time to fight crime! From the thrill of watching a favorite episode to a Halloween night—filled rewards in the shape of candy for a hero’s job well-done and your kid finally shining as their favorite hero in a PJ Masks costume—our PJ Masks gift collection is here for every fan.

But PJ Masks costumes are where it’s at! With kid sizes and adult sizes, fans of any age can enjoy the fun together. Meanwhile, styles for both hero crew and villains keep the excitement stirring! Especially when episodes leap from TV to playsets and then to life-sized adventures, you and yours wearing the masks! Whether going into the night to trick-or-treat or saving the day with PJ Masks Halloween costumes for dress-up games, our selection promises adventure!

Owlette Costume

Playtimes have never flown so high than with an Owlette costume! Picture your child, costume wings open at their sides, racing through the yard. It’s a classic playtime moment and it takes the fun of the clever Owlette from playroom adventures to new heights! Owlette costumes available in our selection let toddlers, adults, and even pets don the empowering style. Perfect if your kiddo prefers another PJ Mask costume but insists on working with the full team.

Catboy Costume

Fans are ready to leap into action with Catboy costumes! From leading a team trick-or-treat that ensures each candy pail overflows with sweets to keeping energetic fans as agile as Catboy, the costumes in our selection are must-haves! The familiar blue suit, with standout markings, is made for easy wearing and comfort. So, whether picking a Catboy suit for Halloween or playtime, the superhero escapades are sure to be enjoyed for a long time!

PJ Masks Gekko Costume

The power of camouflage and super Gekko muscles are any fan’s, with a Gekko costume in their wardrobe. Or at least, they’ll look ready to unleash powers like Gekko from games of dress-up to birthday parties and trick-or-treating. Choose Gekko's classic super pajamas for toddler, kid, or adult fans, or upgrade to Gekko Gen 2 with a Gekko Megasuit kid’s costume perfect for bringing the extra heroic PJ Masks team together with Owlette and Catboy costumes to match!

PJ Masks Villains Costumes

PJ Masks Villains Costumes

No hero's story is complete without a challenge. Our collection of PJ Masks Villains costumes ensures the excitement of a playful confrontation between Catboy, Night Ninja, and his Ninjalinos or the PJ team and Romeo with his bumbling robots, comes home!

Stir up a thrilling game with exclusive costumes or standalone costume accessories that promise easy impromptu romps. Whether it’s your kiddo asking you to explore the other side of the story as the stealthy Night Ninja, inventive Romeo, or mysterious Luna Girl, we’ve got what you need to comfortably become the loveable mischief-makers.

Night Ninja Costume

Friend or foe of sticky splat, our Night Ninja costume is a must-have! Delight your child as the wielder of the silliest toy weapon: slime. Or spur on their heroism by channeling your inner Night Ninja and throwing their own version of Mystery Mountain into disarray. Whatever story is up to tell, our adult Night Ninja costume can bring it to life with an easy-to-wear and comfortable design. Just don’t forget some blue costume makeup to complete your new blue ‘do!

Romeo PJ Masks Costume

Playing all those STEM toys with your kiddo has definitely paid off. Because if they ask you to be the Romeo to their PJ Mask you’ll likely feel the classic mad scientist chuckle begin to shake your voice. Our exclusive Romeo PJ Masks costume for adults lets you step into the shoes of the precocious inventor for even more fun. You’ll just want to consider adding our Romeo wig to ensure your quirky style and the familiar PJ villain’s match, at least, for the day!

Luna Girl PJ Masks Costume

We’ve got to admit. As fun as ninja stealth and a genius mind sound, moon magic has us all clambering to see what a day in the life of Luna Girl could be! Luckily, we’ve got an exclusive adult Luna Girl costume just for that! Become the enigmatic commander of moths and magnets for cosplay, playtime, or trick-or-treat. Polished with the separately sold layered-dye wig and your best Luna Girl giggle and every fan is sure to admire the glow of your performance!