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The future is now! Everyone wants the best for their kids. That's why it's no wonder that stem toys for kids are such a hit! There's no need to beg your child to study when math, technology, and science can simply be worked into play time. Future engineers will have great times building aircraft and cars. Magic School Bus fans can take one of those wild field trips that Ms. Frizzle's class has always enjoyed. Kid's can even code their own robots. Hmm, maybe flying cars aren't that far off after all!



We all strive to give our kids a leg up in the world. That might include sitting down and going over flashcards or helping them out with their science fair project. But if we really want our children to get interested in the all-important realm of science, technology, engineering, and math we have to make it interesting. Make learning a hands-on activity by choosing toys from this catalog. Science projects have moved far beyond the classic volcano project, we might as well take advantage of the futuristic toys at hand!

There's no need to wait until your children are in middle school to get the learning started. We have STEM toys for girls and boys that are appropriate for children as young as four! sure, they won't be ready to solder together a robot for a few years, but there's no reason a well-meaning aunt, uncle, or parents can't invest in STEM toys for toddlers. The sooner kids start, the more integrated this type of play will become in their life!

Then there are the types of toys that you might wish you had when you were a kid. In fact, we won't judge if you play with these once your kid has gone to sleep. Who wouldn't want to play around with the pocket-sized Ozobot? Combining cute tech and kids have gotten loads of children into learning all about coding. 

And while robots might be the future Stem toys for boys and girls aren't only about engineering! Future foods scientists will love the edible results of Geek&Co's chocolate science lab that entices kids as young as eight to learn about physical science with sweet treats. 

Are you looking for something the whole family can enjoy together? The best STEM toys do just that. Invest in the three-dimensional star theater projector and adults and kids can take in the wonders of space, side by side without taking a field trip to the planetarium. If that's not an awesome way to learn about the universe before bedtime, we don't know what is!

Don't get us wrong, becoming an expert in science, technology, engineering, and math takes plenty of hard work along the way. We're sure studying will be part of the plan sooner or later. In the meantime, there's no need to sweat. Give your kid a fun head start with these amazing toys! Whether they're diving into the mysteries of chemistry or they're embracing the future by the magic of coding, learning STEM will become a favorite with your family once kids get their hands and heads around these toys!