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Fun for the family: Outdoor games, toys, and activities

Outdoor Activities and Games for Kids

By: FUN Monster

There are so many different and exciting ways to have fun outdoors, no matter the season. Get the family together today and enjoy some quality fun and games outdoors. Enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and time together. Outdoor games are a great way to connect with each other and with the world around us. These games can be tailored to many different families, ages, and abilities and we encourage you to tweak them into your own fun adaptation. Run, jump, skip, toss, and play your way to a healthy, active day out as a family.

  • How to Play Dodgeball - Dodgeball is a great game to play with a large group of family and friends. Make sure everyone knows the rules and you have enough equipment to really enjoy this fun game.
  • How to Play Hopscotch - Hopscotch may be one of the first outside games we learn to play as kids. It's easy to learn and great for kids or all ages. It can also be adapted to fit many different themes and learning objectives.
  • Red Rover, Red Rover - Send the whole family over to "break through" the opposing team's line in this old school outside game.
  • Organize a Family Baseball Game - Learn the basics of baseball and organize a game at your next family gathering.
  • How to Play Speedball - Needing 11 players, this would be a great game to play with older siblings and cousins, maybe even older kids against the parents?
  • Chinese Freeze Tag - This game needs no equipment. All it requires is some space and your own healthy, active bodies.
  • Freeze Tag and Skills Training - Freeze tag can also double as a skills training. This version of the game may help to teach young athletes how to dribble and focus on a goal or target.
  • Hide and Seek - Hide and seek can be fun for a small group or a large group. Play today and see who you can find.
  • Hide and Seek Variations - There are many different variations of the classic hide and seek game. Try them all with your family and see which you all like best.
  • Sardines - Sardines is the opposite of the classic hide and seek game. When a seeker finds the person hiding, they must stay and hide with them and wait for the rest of the seekers to find and join them.
  • The Official Rules of Ladder Ball - Ladder ball is great fun for a family of two or four. You'll get some equipment and space to enjoy. This game is also called ladder golf.
  • Take Twister Outside - Make your own outdoor twister board and take the fun outside.
  • DIY Cornhole - Build your own cornhole game for the yard and enjoy a bit of casual fun with the whole family.
  • Build Your Own Outdoor Dominoes Set - Making your own giant dominoes is easy with the right materials. Make them and enjoy a larger version of this classic game.
  • Group Games for School-age Kids - It's important to many different aspects of children's' development to get outside together and play as a group. These outdoor games are perfect to get them up and moving and interacting.
  • It is Important for Kids to Play Outside - There are so many benefits to outside play and there are equally as many different ways to bring that fun into your backyard.
  • Nobody Know Outdoor Games Better than Campers - Use any of these different games depending on your group and goals.
  • Great Outdoor Games for the Whole Family - American Girl helps make summer happen with these fun and easy games to make your time outside memorable.
  • Outdoor Games for Happy, Healthy Kids - This resource breaks down several outdoor games by group size and provides instructions for each.
  • How to Play Volleyball - Learn the basics behind volleyball and get the family together just to volley or for a full game.
  • Capture the Flag - Here is everything you need to know about capture the flag. Play family against family for a fun game for all.
  • Foursquare - Needing only a ball and a gridded-off space, Foursquare can be fun and fiercely intense.
  • Geocaching - This GPS-enabled treasure hunting game can be done all over and motivates kids to get up and moving in order to find the treasure that waits for them.
  • Engaging Outdoor Activities for Kids - With any of these games you can engage your children with their surroundings and use it as an opportunity to teach and have fun at the same time.
  • Take Neuroscience Outside - This is an awesome idea for a science-minded family looking to bring neuroscience to life.
  • Outdoor Games for Children - Playing outside helps children to hone their gross motor skills, listening skills, and so much more.
  • Outdoor Games - No Equipment Required - When you forget to bring the ball to the park, these outdoor games might come to your rescue and allow your family to enjoy their time outside without any equipment.
  • Ten Outdoor Education Activities for Teenagers - Get your older kids outside and enjoy learning something together.
  • Simple Activities for Recess - Recess doesn't have to only take place at school. Enjoy a recess break at home today.
  • Nature Games - Whether you're spending a day out in the wilderness or doing a weekend camping trip, there are so many fun nature games to engage kids with the great outdoors.
  • 5 Fun Camping Games to be Played Outside - Glow bowling and hula hooping are only a few of the fun things you can do not just when you're camping as a family but any time you are playing in the backyard.
  • Field Day Fun for Families - Create a family field day and play any of these fun outdoor games with kids of all ages.
  • 13 Tips to Hosting a Fun Family Field Day - Family field days are full of fun and hosting outdoor games for family and friends in your area is a great way to get together.
  • 30 Classic Outdoor Games - Mom and Dad can share with their kids some of the classic outdoor games that have been enjoyed by generations.
  • Backyard Party Games - Make your next family BBQ or backyard party memorable with these ten tremendously fun party games.
  • Children's Activities - Kick it old school, 1840s old school, by learning more about some of the different outdoor games that kids played before TVs and video games were available.
  • Capture the Flag - Play capture the flag and pit family against family for bragging rights.
  • The Importance of Outdoor Play - Being outdoors isn't all fun and games, the brain is doing important work when children play in nature.
  • Cooperative Games for Young Students - Games are important tools for teaching young children important lessons.
  • Quick Games and Icebreakers - This collection of quick and simple games are great to break up a busy day and fit in a bit of fun in between errands and chores, or to introduce children to new groups and friends.