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In Disney’s Moana the adventurous leading lady has an undeniable urge to travel the endless sea. On her journey, she runs into a wild assortment of friends and foes. Our favorite is that giant decoupaged decapod, Tamatoa. His zest for hoarding all things shiny really has no comparison. Except for maybe you. Among our Tamatoa sized assortment of Moana gifts, you’ll find something worthy of your sparkling collection!
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Funko POP Disney Ultimate Princess Moana
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Toddler Disney Princess Short Sleep Set
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Disney Traditions Moana Figure
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Disney POP Moana Maui Figure
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Kids Moana 16" Backpack
Kids Moana Headphones
Moana Tunic & Legging Set
Toddler Moana Girls Knit Dress
Moana Girl's Swimsuit
Products 1 - 31 of 31

If you’ve stumbled upon this collection of Moana gifts looking for something to give the Moana fan in your life, you may not know why they’re so taken with the Disney princess. Don’t worry, we do! And we can help you find something that they’ll love. We might even be able to get you wrapped up in the young adventurer’s story too.

Moana is a teenager from the Polynesian village of Motunui. She is destined to become chief but feels the call of the sea like her ancestors. A sense of security and fear has kept the village from venturing past their shores for a long time, but when Moana is given a quest from the sea itself, she takes up an oar and finds herself off on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way she meets a charismatic Demi-God, a bunch of coconut-clad mini-pirates, a giant, singing crab, and the creators of her world. It’s a story inspired by legend and brought to life with the music, colors, and animation of Disney and it continues to entertain new and original fans.

While your quest may not be a journey to return the Heart of Te Fiti like Moana’s, but we think picking the perfect gift is worthy of the same fierce dedication. Instead of sending you out into the ocean though, we have a wide assortment of Moana gifts fit for the superfan in your life.

Maybe you want your Moana fan to show off the awesome gift they’re given. If that’s the case, you’ll find bags for every need and clothing options for both adults and children. With one of our Moana totes you or a loved one will be able to pack all the essentials for a day at the beach. Or get a young fan ready for school with a Moana backpack, fit for all their daily adventures, and a Moana-print T-shirt that’s exactly what they want to wear for their first day back in the classroom.

Giving someone a way to keep their favorite characters close is always a great option. With one of the Moana stuffed animals in our collection playtime, and even bedtime will be a more exciting event. Young fans can snuggle up with a plush toy or under some brand new Moana themed blankets. For adult fans, they can show off their love with one of the available Moana figurines. If you’ve caught them singing about all their accomplishments, Maui might be the best choice. While a Tamatoa figure would be great for any Moana collector.

We have so many options, that we can’t mention them all here, but we know you’ll find something that speaks to you and will please any Moana fan. So, take a look through the collectibles, toys, games, and so much more, for the perfect Moana gift!