Massive Darkness Board Game

Massive Darkness Board Game Massive Darkness Board Game 2
Massive Darkness Board Game
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It's time to delve into the darkest of dungeons and conquer the threats from an unending supply of evil. Sounds like a grand tabletop roleplaying game! But, who is going to be the gamemaster? Well, for once, all the players get to join up on the same team and play against the board!


Join your fellowship and face down Massive Darkness. In this board game, 1-6 players can play a variety of different included or downloaded scenarios in either a single two-hour session or in a sequence of many scenarios for a campaign mode. Choose a character who has particular traits and specialties and then also choose a class. Will you pair a tough character with a melee-heavy class role for mastery in single combat or branch out into wizardry for a more versatile character? As you progress through the scenario, fight against monsters by rolling dice determined by your attributes, class, and equipment to bring ruin to the baddies, hopefully avoid damage yourself, and claim their treasure. Engage in careful, cooperative tactics to achieve the goal of the scenario and watch out for the unique Guardians, monsters that come equipped with treasure that could (and should) be yours! If you fall in combat, be restored by the limited strength of the Lightbringer, but take care that you don't depend on that too soon or the Boss Guardian will surely have the upper hand. Create new scenarios or acquire them online to continue the adventures!


Join with your party to conquer the threats that lay in wait in Massive Darkness. Combine your might in near countless ways to ensure every session is a brand new experience, then level up to face down the next big boss! 

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Items Included
  • 75 Miniatures
  • 9 Game Tiles
  • 6 Hero Dashboards
  • 6 Hero Classes Sheet Pads
  • 6 Colored Bases
  • 12 Dice
  • 18 Color Pegs
  • 299 Cards
  • 106 Tokens
  • Rulebook
Product Highlights
  • Massive Darkness Board Game
  • Miniatures include: 6 heroes, 63 enemies, 6 roaming monsters
  • Game tiles are made of heavy duty card board, are double-sided, and have detailed artwork
  • Hero dashboards are made of hard plastic w/ spots for pegs and cards
  • Hero sheet pads are printed in full color
  • Colored bases attach to hero miniatures
  • Custom dice are made of molded plastic w/ painted surfaces
  • Colored pegs are plastic and fit into holes on the hero dashboards
  • Cards are made of laminated card stock w/ detailed artwork on both sides
  • Tokens are made of heavy duty card board w/ printed surfaces
  • Rulebook is printed in full color w/ included quests
  • For 2 to 6 players ages 14+
Size Chart
Size Measurement Standard Metric
Standard One Size For players age 14+ For players age 14+
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