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Minecraft Diamond Mine
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Minecraft Alex Figuirine
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Products 1 - 35 of 35

Is your kiddo a part of the Minecraft generation? Alright, that’s a good thing! As far as video games go, Minecraft has a ton of benefits. It’s great for creativity, critical thinking skills, and cooperation. And it’s a lot of fun, too! So, we’re not surprised at all when kids would like to take some of the action off the screen. And, of course, we’ve got the way to do that right here, with our selection Minecraft toys. Our Minecraft toys for kids are officially licensed and they make great gifts for young block builders!




Our selection of Minecraft toys is sure to impress any kiddo who has spent a few hours crafting in the Minecraft world. There’s virtually no limit to the possibilities in the game, and there’s no limit to the fun that can be had at home with some of our Minecraft gear!

We have a wide selection of Minecraft mini figures from Mattel. These figures are a ton of fun, and they come in 3 packs so they’re super collectible. They do, of course, cover all the most popular characters and animals from the video game franchise, so your kiddo will have no trouble recreating the action and building their own tabletop scene. That’s sure to be a ton of fun! There’s also regular sized action figures, like the Minecraft Steve action figure. This 5” figure is articulated at hips, shoulders, and neck for creative play. It even comes with a pickaxe for playtime crafting. Officially licensed it’s recommended for kids age 6 and up.

Kids of any age are sure to love our plush toys, too. The various animals depicted in the game are a big part of the Minecraft world, so you can bet that we have the entire selection available in plush form! Be it a horse, polar bear, chicken, pig, or ocelot, we have them each as a perfect plush. Our selection of Minecraft plush toys comes from Jinx Apparel, and they’re super collectible. They’re constructed with 100% polyester fleece, and are soft and totally huggable. Except maybe for the Zombie Plush or Creeper Plush. Those are perhaps a little frightening!

When it’s time for active play, we have some of the tools of the trade form the Minecraft world, too! Our Minecraft Sword and Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow are made of plastic and foam, and they’re fun for role-playing in the living room. If we’ve learned anything from watching kid’s playing this game, it’s that the world of Minecraft is one crazy place.  But, with our selection of toys and accessories, we have an awesome to bring a love of the video game into real life. Start them out with an action figure, plushies, or even a Minecraft Creeper, and they’ll be set up for hours and hours of fun and imaginative play.