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Finally, you can give the wonderful world of Minecraft the hug that it deserves thanks to a collection of Minecraft Plush Toys. If you have always wanted to give those blocky pigs and square-faced cows a good home, now is the time. Our stuffed Minecraft animals and plushy Endermen are waiting for you. Soon, you'll be able to live your Minecraft dreams without all of the pointy edges, too!
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Products 1 - 2 of 2

The amazing world of Minecraft has drawn all of our attention for over ten years, now. Just about everyone has taken an opportunity to clear away some extra rocks with their handy pickaxe or piled up several of the perfectly square-shaped blocks to create one heck of a tower. And, of course, anyone who has wandered around long enough to spot a shiny diamond in the rough has heard the hissing terror of the Creepers or cried out to the endless skies, wondering why zombies are always invading their building zone. (Didn't they see all of the No Trespassing signs?) 

Whether you're the type who enjoys the adventure, loves building epic rollercoasters, or is still hoping to land their first diamond amidst the strange world below the surface of Minecraft, there is one thing that you're probably still waiting for... your very own cuddly Minecraft stuffed toys, right!? Those bouncing animals or even the creepy creatures of Minecraft might seem a little rough around the edges (or outright dangerous) but that doesn't stop us from wanting to corral a few around our base. 

Now you can do that thanks to our collection of Minecraft Plush toys. Bring a plushy Minecraft pig to your own home so you are never far from those adorable animals. Cows, cats, and even the llama are happy to join you, too! Bring them along when you head to MineCon and everyone will know that you're a genuine Builder! Of course, that's not all. Finally, you'll be able to get to know one of those Creepers without fear that they're going to get all grumpy and blow your building to bits! Thanks to a Plush Creeper from Minecraft, they're all fuzz and fun for once. (And we suspect they like it much better that way, too.) 

Scroll through our collection and find the Minecraft stuffed toys that you've been waiting for. (Believe us: collecting the cotton and figuring out the pattern on the workshop wasn't an easy task, but we're sure happy to share our findings.)